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Through The End Of February

Discussion in 'American Politics' started by mark46, Jan 19, 2021.

  1. mark46

    mark46 Well-Known Member Supporter

    What will happen through the end February?

    1) lots and lots of Executive Orders, reversing those of Trump.

    2) lots of new Executive Orders and policy changes

    3) getting in place all that is necessary to accelerate the delivery of vaccine, including
    any needed enactments of Defense Production Act, passing the peak in mid February

    4) hundreds of appointments, staffing up all the agencies

    5) approval of the vast majority of Biden's appointments

    6) whatever is going to be done with regard to impeachment

    7) perhaps a COVID/stimulus bill, perhaps not (the current bill has unemployment
    benefits though March 15th, so the end of February may be the right time for a bill

    8) introduction of a comprehensive immigration bill (Biden's #2 priority)
    I will note that I really hope for cooperation. However, none is needed. At most, a dozen
    senators would be needed to approve a stimulus package.

    Any cooperation would really be needed in March as legislation is considered. And even here,
    what is necessary in a group of a MINORITY of senate Republicans to work with Biden (a solid
    15 would be plenty.
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  2. JackRT

    JackRT Well-Known Member Supporter

    And sometime in March or April the traditional state visit to Canada, your closest ally. Something Trump couldn't fit in, ever.
  3. Aryeh Jay

    Aryeh Jay Veteran Supporter

    United States
    I can see Canada from my house.
  4. SimplyMe

    SimplyMe Senior Veteran

    I can see Mexico from mine -- at least in the Sarah Palin definition of it.
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  5. stevil

    stevil Godless and without morals

    New Zealand
    A covid-19 response plan
    getting those kids separated at the border back to their parents + apology + reparations
    A health plan to either fix or replace ACA
    Rejoin Paris Agreement
    Rejoin WHO
    Reinstate Environmental protections
  6. mark46

    mark46 Well-Known Member Supporter

    All of this will be done (much of it in an hour or so), except for a new health plan. Some minor fixes may be done by Executive Order or by policy changes, but a new law (really a good idea) will need to wait.