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This life is a one, big, giant mystery.

Discussion in 'Christian Philosophy & Ethics' started by lost999, Feb 14, 2014.

  1. lost999

    lost999 Member

    I'm halfway through this book by Henry Morris, called "The Genesis Record", and I must say I don't know how the guys at AIG, or CMI, can really take the flood story literally. I had an open mind going in, but there is just this feeling in my body that screams compromise (my intelligence) if I take that story literally.

    I still don't know what to do about my affiliation with Christianity, mostly because of Jesus. If you don't believe in the creation story, you essentially say Jesus is a liar (since he did reference to the flood/Adam/Eve). I just don't know what to make out of this life, the whole thing is one giant mystery.

    So far on my journey I still don't buy into evolution in the least. When it comes to the age of the Earth, I'm somewhere in the middle. I don't believe it's as old as evolutionists claim it to be, or as young as creationists make it out to be.

    I'm still 110% sure there is a god, or some higher power out there somewhere.

    I don't even know why I'm typing this, or if this is the right place for this post. I just feel kind of bad inside.

    Anyone else every have a problem like this? What did you do?
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  2. dhh712

    dhh712 Mrs. Calvinist Dark Lord

    United States
    I did, but I really didn't do anything about it--God gave me the ability to believe. What came with that is the realization that I was trusting the world when I was convinced that Adam and Eve and the flood was a myth. I was placing higher authority on worldly reasoning and the evidence science provides than what God writes in the Bible.

    Once I was able to believe though, it didn't matter that those "stories" sounded like myths to me. I wanted what God gave to me; nothing else mattered--I didn't care that I was looked like a fool to the world: the world hates God; and I didn't want to be a part of it any more. The realization which also came along with the faith is that the world and God are two separate things; and with the fall, this whole world fell too into a state of corruption in which things can not be seen the way in which God created them anymore--they will always appear skewed to us because of the entrance of sin into the world (thus the geologists find evidence of the world being billions of years old: of course they will! That is what the world will tell us. It doesn't matter though: who will you trust? The world, or God?)

    Will this sound like a bunch of contrived nonsense to the worldly? I wouldn't doubt it. If they find fulfillment in the world though, I can only pity them and wish so much that God will give them the gift of faith that He gave to me. Looking at the world through the eyes of faith, I realize how desolate and spiritually dead it is and how absolutely meaningless it is if one has the mindset that this is all there is: why in the world would someone want to go on living?

    There is absolutely no point in it if this world is it and there is nothing more: there is pain and hardship, sickness and twisted sick things that don't make any sense--perhaps a few of the "lucky" get nice things and get to miss most of the unpleasantness of life, but for what? What will they have after they are gone? Nothing. It all goes away. It is all nothing. It is all transient. How depressing to think that way. And I don't understand how people can desire to bring new life into such a miserable place if they don't have the hope which the Lord provides; a few spots of brightness perhaps in a sea of desolation, annoyance and misery. How horrible.
  3. MadamImAdaminChrist

    MadamImAdaminChrist Newbie


    I don't think that evolution and the Risen Lord Christ Jesus are incompatible. That is how I deal with it. I would be highly suspicious of disproving/proving a literal rendering of a Old Testament story and would reevaluate a faith that would hold tightly to a literal reading of the Old Testament (I would change that, by the way--hold tightly to Christ instead!)
  4. yeshuaslavejeff

    yeshuaslavejeff simple truth, martyr, disciple of Yahshua

    dhh was spot on... trust God, not man. He will watch over you and all who trust Him to live His Way, no matter what happens - even death.

    there is absolutely no chance, no grain of truth, in evolution theory. even darwin didn't think so !! and he (probably)repented before he died.

    God says clearly that every seed is made to reproduce after its own kind.

    True Christian Creation scientists and teachers are blackballed by society, governments, and even by some religious leaders.... but they still tell the truth, even though they lose their jobs, their positions, their 'prestige' if they had any.
    It is not worth it to them to 'sell their soul' to the devil to gain back any worldly claim to fame or even a job.

  5. Percivale

    Percivale Sam Supporter

    United States
    I've found the young earth creationist worldview to be quite coherent, and would probably still believe it except for radioisotope dating, which appears certain and mathematical, and hasn't been realistically refuted by YECs. Also, I disagree with how they generally equate the issue with whether to believe God or man--the Bible has also been transmitted to us through humans, so we have to trust some humans, just choose which. God wants it that way, it seems; otherwise he would talk to everyone individually, and wouldn't need the church. Atheistic evolution is so improbable and gives so poor an explanation of who we are that it can be rejected most certainly of any origins theory. God uses long processes sometimes, we know--Jesus said he would build his church, and 2000 years later he's still working at it.
  6. Trailltrader

    Trailltrader Senior Member

    Several years back I was listening to a sermon on the car radio and one of the things the preacher said was "If you encounter something you don't understand, go back until you reach the part you do understand then go forward". Life is indeed a mystery.

    Some of it also has to do with poor translation(s). Such as where in Genesis it uses "day" in the creation? The more correct word there would be "Epoch" as in "a great deal of time had passed". Going from the original ancient Hebrew it seems that God who is outside of time used both direct construction techniques and evolution together to create the world in such a way as to make way for humans.

    Sure, God could have created oil from scratch then stuffed it in the ground right? But consider all of the complex molecules that comes from oil? Aspirin, plastics, fertilizer, roofing materials, paving asphalt,,,,God realized that to make all of this in a consistent way is a lot of work just to be pumped out of the ground later by humans. So why not have the dinosaurs die off and be turned into oil? When time isn't an issue why not doing the long way so it's done correctly?

    Consider whiskey: fresh out of the still you have "white lightening". But if stored in oak casks for 20, 30, or 50 years (the longer the better) it has that nice amber look, a slight smokey taste, and when mixed with a sweet cola tastes awesome in small quantities. (10 parts cola: 1 part whiskey) One is good rocket fuel, the other for relaxing after a hard days work. One is good for cleaning out wound's to prevent infections, the other is for social occasions. *Shrugs*

    Always remember "KISS" Keep It Simple, Silly! :)
  7. 2PhiloVoid

    2PhiloVoid ****CAUTION***** Life is lived in the shape of a ? Supporter

    United States
    Yes, I have this problem. What I did to address it was to appropriate an approach in which I have given faith the benefit of 'the doubt' (i.e. given it a hope) while, at the same time, explored other explanations that are still within the purview of Christian faith. In other words, I still kept the Bible but assumed another epistemological structure which allowed me a better sense of coherence.
  8. Radagast

    Radagast comes and goes Supporter

    Well, there are two distinct questions: (1) was there a flood of some kind, and (2) did the flood cover the entire planet?
  9. Armistead14

    Armistead14 Newbie

    I certainly don't believe in the world flood, more likely a local flood or a spin on one of the previous flood stories. Science aside, if you use biblical times for the flood, 5 of the worlds greatest civilizations existed during that period. These civilizations had some very detailed written records before, during and after the flood years and make no mention of a flood. Obvious none of these civilizations were affected by a flood when the bible said it happened, so if there was a flood at all, it certainly was limited in scope.
  10. Trailltrader

    Trailltrader Senior Member

    Then may I suggest you look around and inquire why there's such things as seashells in Denver, Colorado, and how every culture on this planet has the flood story. EVERY culture- go ahead and look it up, don't take my word for it.
  11. dentonz

    dentonz Regular Member


    Yet there are giant sea clams in the Himalayas and a megaladon in the Rockies.
  12. ChristsSoldier115

    ChristsSoldier115 Mabaho na Kuya

    In Relationship
    Matthew 24:37-39:

    "As it was in the days of Noah, so it will be at the coming of the Son of Man. 38 For in the days before the flood, people were eating and drinking, marrying and giving in marriage, up to the day Noah entered the ark; 39 and they knew nothing about what would happen until the flood came and took them all away. That is how it will be at the coming of the Son of Man."

    Where does Jesus mention a worldwide flood? I think the flood was a local event, but then again.. that was the world to them so the scripture is not inaccurate at all for what it said. If all I have ever known is in ohio and I don't know there are places outside of ohio and ohio floods. Then the world just flooded.

    He talks about a flood with Noah, but the context behind the verses is implying how man will not know when He is coming back, and nothing to do with the flood really.