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This is awkward, since even Anabaptists are not Anabaptists all the time....

Discussion in 'Anabaptists' started by yeshuaslavejeff, Jan 5, 2019.

  1. yeshuaslavejeff

    yeshuaslavejeff simple truth, martyr, disciple of Yahshua

    Several at least (by label Anabaptist) who have posted in various sections in the last year,
    are contrary to Anabaptist.
    Contrary to Scripture.
    Contrary to Jesus.

    Most threads in the forum ('all sections') would not be considered suitable topics for discussion even, let alone for debate or public viewing.

    Most posters, when confronted with the truth, back down. Evade the thread. Ignore the truth.

    Others fight against it in vainity, claiming some rule is broken, silence the truth ! ! !
    Like their feelings are hurt..... as if that is more important than saving their soul ?

    Who cares for them ?

    Jesus does. And all of Jesus obedient disciples , God Willing. (God says not to care for some of them - He has given them over)....... (still sorrowful for the loss, but nothing can be done when God gives up on someone perverse, someone continually opposed to Him)
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  2. SteveIndy

    SteveIndy IndyWatchman.com Supporter

    United States
    I noticed that you have not gotten any response to your thread yet. It may be because it is a little confusing.

    1. You mention that several (Anabaptist) have posted responses that are contrary to Anabaptist positions but give no examples of such responses.

    2. You mention that most threads would not be suitable for (Anabaptist) discussion, but here again, do not point out which type or kind you are referring to, or why they would not be suitable.

    3. You say, "Most posters, when confronted with the truth, back down."

    a. I have seen very little backing down on either side when truth is set forth. Mostly I see an argumentive spirit that is not backed-up by valid arguments or Scripture.

    b. When you say "Most posters" do you mean Anabaptist or others?

    4. You say "Others fight against it in vanity…" Who are the others? And, if it is in "vanity" then it is wrong, but if it is for the sake of truth then let truth prevail. I will admit that I too enter into debates on this forum, not so much for the sake of the one I am debating but for the sake of those who are on the sideline weighing the arguments. Most of the time the one I am debating will not be swayed in their belief, but others might. I wish there was some way to know how many are in the grandstand observing? If we knew then we would be more careful to tighten up our arguments. Truth, will prevail in the end but the immediate cost may be great as it was for our brothers in the early Anabaptist arena, Grebel, Mantz, Blurock etc. Thanks to their debating I am Anabaptist today.

    5. You say, "Who cares for them?" but do not indicate who the "Them" is.

    6. You said, " God says not to care for some of them - He has given them over". Is it possible that all of those who Paul debated were converted to Christ? Yet Paul reasoned with them with the hope of reaching a few. Peter says to "be ready always to give a reason for the hope that is in you."
    Salvation is the work of the Spirit of God it is our job to give a reason.

    So, the reason you put this on the forum was to correct some brothers and sisters, but we need more information. I think I am in agreement on most points and that our mission is the souls of men and not argumentation for the sake of argument. And, that the Anabaptist spirit is always kind and considerate yet anchored in truth for Christ's sake.

    The Anabaptist spirit is today losing its momentum in the area of debate. David Bercot and Dean Taylor, who are both latecomers to the Anabaptist cause have done wonders in the revival of the Anabaptist cause but more is needed. The Anabaptist who migrated to the United States have gone, pretty much, into seclusion but their message is still true and good, but it has lost its energy. Like Conrad Grebel the Anabaptist message needs to go to the streets and to compel others with good solid reasoning that what the Church has inherited from the Catholics and the Reformers needs to be reformed again. We need an end-time reformation by those who willing the pay the price like those early Anabaptist.
  3. yeshuaslavejeff

    yeshuaslavejeff simple truth, martyr, disciple of Yahshua

    They only took the label. The only one I asked about that responded well said it was just a random choice for them. Or something simple like that, not because they are Anabaptist nor think like or believe Anabaptist, etc.

    One of two others just made mute excuses and went on, ... (year or two ago; out of memory).

    It was an introductory comment, so readers can be aware that just because someone with the label "Anabaptist" posts, it doesn't mean, in any section of any forum, that they agree with Anabaptists , nor even that they agree with Scripture (i.e. do not assume anything on the forum(s) .

    Too many forum /site/ rules concerning this. Cannot freely and openly "call them out".
    Not without being quickly banned, that is. Then gone for one to three or even six months, without recourse usually. (it usually doesn't matter if a poster means what someone else reprts them for - and challenging can be challenging, at least. Sometimes it is worth it, sometimes... )
    On many forums this is true. When the truth is posted, and it is exposing or embarrassing someone, one or two or more can conspire if they want and get the poster banned/ silenced/ warned. Even trying to discuss this is or may be risky.
    Both? Yet there's not many Anabaptist I know of, and usually not anything they post is a concern (other than being mistaken for Anabaptist if they are not - but that's very minor and insignificant as far as I know or am aware) .....
    More to find (not to correct) some brothers and sisters. Little by little, it has been very slow, and must be, apparently, -- it is much much more difficult to find honesty today than 20 years ago, and on anonymous internet, very little over all is what it seems, eh?
  4. yeshuaslavejeff

    yeshuaslavejeff simple truth, martyr, disciple of Yahshua

    Follow up reply to further in the post:
    Yes, much the same - for "others' to realize the abominations of some of the posters, the ones who post daily sometimes, for years, in heresy openly, like ur and worse.... but there is no way to silence them on this forum. They can keep right on posting errors without accepting any limit or correction, UNLESS they admit they are not Christian - then there are some limits; but if they still claim they are Christian, though they cause many to stumble, there is no way to silence them - only to post replies to warn other who may care. There are hundreds of readers visiting daily, and that is just the ones signed in. There may be ten times as many reading the forums (which won't help them, either way, without a change of heart) who do not sign in - only reading ....

    No one has been saved in the decade plus I've been watching forums and asking if anyone has been saved. ONE , only ONE, reported back after seeing the errors exposed on the forum of the world beast, they went off site to investigate for themselves, and found the truth, and came back and said thank you to all us who made it known. There is too much confusion and deception on the forum for someone to learn from the forum.
    Some are posting really 'tight'/ good Scriptural posts against many errors, but that doesn't seem to help most people who post - almost no one ever changes their position ---- but remember, on the forum they only can get so much 'input' to their lives, and it is helter skelter here, so won't make much impact as it is. THEN , when they go offline , they have their own family, group, and so on, that they are with DAILY, sometimes all their life, whose "input" to them is more important than SCRIPTURE even, so also more important than here on the mixed up forum.... so unless they can escape their group and family, it's not likely they can escape the errors either. (when it is another religion or false teachings)

    "Them" is those above, the ones who Jesus came for - the lost and sick.
    The only hope the sick have is the Shepherd, that they will turn to Him, call on Him, LISTEN TO HIM, to be healed and saved.

    Referring to those God gives over to believe their own delusions, not just unbelievers, but those called "Christian" who on Judgment day are told bye. They won't listen to someone who rose from the dead, to Scripture rightly divided , or to God speaking from heaven ! So He , knowing their hearts perfectly, when He gives them over to believe their own delusions, their own 'beliefs', that's that for them.

    Like when Jesus PRAYED

    "I do not pray for the world, but for the disciples" .... "and for those who will be disciples after them"....
    that the disciples MAY BE ECHAD!!!
    As You Father are ECHAD with ME, and I with You, that the disciples You have given Me may all be ECHAD (ONE) with us" (now, today, in this life!)

    As written : "living in union with Jesus and the Father" ...DAILY
    "living in union with one another" ... DAILY
    "full of righteousness, peace and joy" .... DAILY
  5. SteveIndy

    SteveIndy IndyWatchman.com Supporter

    United States

    Thanks for taking the time to clarify your thoughts.