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The widow, the unjust judge (Luke 18) and our call to conspiring prayer

Discussion in 'General Theology' started by mcarans, Oct 21, 2019.

  1. mcarans

    mcarans Well-Known Member Supporter

    The widow and the unjust judge (Luke 18:1-8) might not seem a particularly disturbing parable, but it raises an important issue of why the answer to "Will he (God) delay long in helping them?", a question that Jesus asks rhetorically, is on many occasions unfortunately a yes.

    What are your thought on it? What did your pastor preach if it was your sermon text this Sunday or if you can recall from previously?

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    The widow, the unjust judge (Luke 18) and our call to conspiring prayer : cruciformity
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  2. timewerx

    timewerx the village i--o--t--

    Christian Seeker
    Is not really a call to conspiring prayer.

    We were called to pray unceasingly BUT (and but and but....)...

    Helping our less fortunate Brothers and Sisters is all about actions and using our resources (may it be our tangible efforts, free time, and even money or things we have)

    See: 1 John 3:16-18

  3. Anguspure

    Anguspure Kaitiaki Peacemakers NZ Supporter

    New Zealand
    I also am disturbed by this.
    If I am asked for something by one of my crew, it may take a few requests for me to put my oar in the water. This is because I'm not just going to respond to everything of little importance to the person requesting it, I simply havn't got the time or resources. I understand this part, after all God has bigger fish to fry in this world than my requests, and granting my request may have negative ramifications elsewhere that i know nothing about.

    But if I have promised to do something that I have been asked, subsequent nagging hardens my heart against the person and I am more likely to delay my promise in favor of somebody else who humbly leaves their request with me.

    Not that I am unjust, but because the person who nags me clearly thinks their request is more important than the requests of others and so they might need to learn otherwise.

    So when God tells me to nag Him I baulk. I have been praying for a few people for over 30 years now and a few others for a bit less. Knocking on His door for the ones I have been praying for. They are now retired and one of them is in his 80s in poor health.

    There are also a couple of other issues I have been praying about for nearly half that time, with no response (in fact the result I've had pushes me in the opposite direction). So what gives?
  4. mcarans

    mcarans Well-Known Member Supporter

    What you describe is what conspiring prayer is all about (actions not just prayer).
  5. ~Zao~

    ~Zao~ Wisdom’s child Supporter

    It may be that God, knowing the way of mankind only too well, wished to give all (weak and strong) a fighting chance to survival in this world. In delaying judgement He had left the oppressed with His church, Good Samaritan style. He will repay anything left at His return which are rewards in themselves.

    What strikes me odd is that amount of oppression inflicted to bring someone before the judge time and again must represent that where she was, was not a place likely to find what she was looking for (justification) so as a supposedly Christian meaning I’m at a loss.

    The other thing about it is that she seemed to be one who had already paid in full for all that she had been accused of so now she is the one who seems to be saying …. ya so… now what?