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The Use of “I AM” by Illuminati Entertainers

Discussion in 'Secular Music' started by NJBeliever, Mar 22, 2012.

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  1. NJBeliever

    NJBeliever Newbie

    The entertainment world, under influence of the occult and the Illuminati, has embraced and promoted the New Age, Luciferian idea that man can “become God.” The notion of humans acquiring divinity is reflected in the lyrics, imagery and symbols used in pop culture, including the repeated use of “I AM”, the name God uses in the Bible. The deception that man can now become God, which started in the Garden of Eden, has gone mainstream as many belief systems, New Age groups and religions promote the idea that a human can attain godhood or has hidden divinity within them that just needs to be released. And the proclamation of “I AM” is just another subtle means of communicating this idea to the public.

    Full Story:

    Taking God's Name in Vain: The Use of "I AM" by Illuminati Entertainers Today | Beginning And End
  2. MBAivory

    MBAivory God does not need money but a lamborghini does

    You sould like a hysterical conspiracy therist!
  3. Willing Spirit

    Willing Spirit Newbie

    There's some music that is satanic or trashy, but the Illuminati doesn't exist anymore. The modern day Illuminati theory is a lie and a lot of it stems from the lies of John Todd, who was a satanic liar.
  4. Hisbygrace

    Hisbygrace Carried On The Wings Of An Eagle



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