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The Unicorn Church

Discussion in 'Looking for a Church' started by WolfGate, Oct 13, 2021.

  1. WolfGate

    WolfGate Senior Member Supporter

    As we recently moved and have been searching for a church, I'm thinking we used to attend a Unicorn with regards to the bible as inerrant and infallible while also dealing with relevant topics in our world.

    First, we can find many churches that teach the bible but stay totally away from relating it to topics that have become political issues in our society. I think they see the difficulty, and even danger, in doing so and doing it accurately and well so they avoid it entirely. Second, I can find churches that are willing to direct their biblical teaching towards political issues, but do so in a way where partisan leanings one way or the other are clear. Meaning they either avoid topics that would support the "other" party's position or they cover the scripture but fail to discuss its relevance in today's world if it doesn't align with their bias.

    Finding a church that teaches the bible and covers its relevance to our world regardless of which party's position the scripture supports - now that is the Unicorn. Would love to find one in our new city since we had it before. I don't think it's a denominational issue. It's going to come down to the culture and beliefs of the particular church.
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  2. spiritfilledjm

    spiritfilledjm Well-Known Member Supporter

    United States
    That's the problem. The biggest issues in our world today that can be described as political (homosexuality, abortion et. al.) are issues where if you are for it you're on one side and if you're against it you're on the other side. The church taking a stance on one or the other would make it obvious, without them even saying it, where their party loyalties lie.

    Ultimately, a minister of the gospel should always teach the truth in love, the other problem with that is that if one doesn't agree with an opinion of the other, or gives the truth to what scripture says about particular issues, they are likely to label it as hate even if it's not coming from a sense of hate but just stating a fact like 1+1=2.
  3. WolfGate

    WolfGate Senior Member Supporter

    It will appear that way if you only pick certain issues, yes. I've seen that from both sides of the partisan church aisle. If you preach the whole bible and it's relevancy, it becomes apparent that both political parties are, well, secular and not biblical. How Christians choose to vote with two imperfect parties is a different topic altogether.
  4. spiritfilledjm

    spiritfilledjm Well-Known Member Supporter

    United States
    Most definitely, both are ungodly and very similar, it's just that with those 2 issues specifically, one can deduce where the pastor (and therefore the church by default) where their party loyalties lie.
  5. Albion

    Albion Facilitator

    I think you're right, WolfGate, about many congregations and denominations wearing their socio-political preferences on their sleeves and imparting it to all who will listen. But these churches are fairly easily identified.

    The real problem is in finding one that doesn't fit that profile.

    And the reason it's hard to do is because many churches which are not openly and famously oriented towards laying their political views onto every member nevertheless have some such views, maybe only a few.

    Because most denominations vary somewhat from congregation to congregation, about the only good way for you to proceed is to take the time to visit the churches which seem the most likely to meet your standards, read their literature, and listen to the sermons, etc.
  6. lismore

    lismore Maranatha

    United Kingdom
    It's a tough issue because I don't think any worldly political philosophy or movement sits at all well with the gospel. Jesus said his Kingdom is not of this world (John 18:36), Paul said that our citizenship is in heaven (Philippians 3:20), Peter said we are strangers in this world (1 Peter 1:17).

    Add to that there can be a wide variety of backgrounds and opinions on every issue in a church. I think however this is healthy in a church. If you look at the 12 apostles there was a wide variety of backgrounds there, from Fishermen, tax collectors to Zealots. A church based solely on one social group, one race, age, one class or political background is unhealthy. The whosoever must be able to come. A church is a family not a clique.

    God Bless :)
  7. timf

    timf Regular Member

    We always found conflict with denominational churches because our approach to bible study was to dig in and ask questions and denominational churches usually do not want their established doctrines questioned.

    There are contemporary churches that have more of an emphasis on feelings and experience usually at the expense of truth.

    We might feel more at home with a conservative church over a liberal one, but they often tend toward legalism and self-righteousness.

    We now house church as we have come to see that it is unlikely to find a church of Christians all eager to delve into the bible with the objective of growth and maturity.

    I am embarrassed by what I thought five years ago and I hope in five years to be embarrassed by what I think today. To me this defines learning and growth.

    The organizational or systems church structure attempts to achieve smooth operation by having its members (components) operate as a collective machine to process people efficiently. You would have a hard time finding a collection of Christians as inefficient and rough as a house church, but then relational Christianity can be messy.

    Give the political, social, and organizational direction of today's world, you may have to settle for finding individual Christians with whom you find fellowship. You may have to search Youtube or the Internet to find teaching that can help you progress outside of a formal church structure.

    Here is a link for a path of individual inquiry that may be of interest.

    Christian Pioneer