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The Time is Nearing...

Discussion in 'One Bread, One Body - Catholic' started by ACatholicRose, Sep 17, 2020 at 1:48 AM.

  1. ACatholicRose

    ACatholicRose Pro Life = Pro Woman Supporter

    United States
    I was speaking to my sister again tonight and she used a slur against people who are homosexual. I told her that saying such a word was distasteful and she said it was alright for her to say it because she considers herself to be part of the population that can, apparently, use that word without it being a problem. I tried explaining to her that no one should be using such an unkind word to refer to people who are homosexual, and she went on to say that people who are not homosexual do not get an opinion on the matter. I asked if that meant her opinion also bore no weight, and she got mad at me for pointing out that she is not homosexual, but rather bisexual according to her own words. She tried to rationalize it for a second before getting defensive and saying to me, "Do you forget that I'm a trans guy?" Being a coward, I replied with a, "Sometimes..." instead of being honest with her, and she replied with a cold, "That explains a lot."

    Sometimes I look at her and I feel like I don't even know my sister anymore. She has always been defiant and getting into trouble where she shouldn't have been in the first place, but it gets worse and worse no matter what I do to try and help her. I have posted about this previously on this forum, and I apologize if anyone is tired of my harping on this situation, but I am stuck between a rock and a hard place. The reality is that I cannot bring myself to betray my sister to the point where I start referring to her as a male. To do so would be unloving of me, because it would support her doing things that will ultimately harm her body beyond repair. At the same time, however, I cannot depend on my family to do the right thing either if I were to tell them. I have already notified a few family members of this situation in hopes that they could help my sister; but they told me that if she decided she wanted to be a boy, then they would support her. And they didn't take me seriously when I said my sister wants to become a transgender male. They said it was just a phase, but I have been seeing all of this behind the scenes for YEARS now. No one has ever taken me seriously when I bring up dire matters like this, and then they all suffer the consequences of seeing chaos happen right before their eyes. It happens every single time. Perhaps that is the curse of being the oldest daughter, or being perceived as an immature child despite being in my mid-twenties already with bounds of experience above what most others will ever experience within their own lifetimes.

    As for the family members who would end up taking me seriously, they are absolutely abysmal at reacting lovingly to such situations and have, in the recent past, made this situation so much worse. My sister was confronted last year about dressing up as a boy for her online social media accounts, and they screamed at her for about an hour for that. She already didn't trust them, but after this, I saw a form on her desk where she applied to get her own post office mailbox, and she has informed me that she bought another chest binder in secret. I fear, at this point, that no matter what I may try to do, it is already too late for my sister, just like it was almost too late for me back when I was convinced that I was transgender too (what are the odds, right?).

    The thing is these awful social media sites and corporations that are parading people who are homosexual, bisexual, and "transgender" as something that is to be celebrated. I'm not saying that you can't love yourself as you are, but there is something sinister about the way that this agenda seems to be being pushed. There is much discord happening because of it, and I hate to see it happening within my own family, particularly with the younger generation.

    I absolutely despise much of social media these days because of this. There are pockets of it that are good, but I will swear on the Bible that these people have absolutely brainwashed and groomed my sister into becoming a radical leftist. She has even told me in the recent past that she would literally die for some radical leftist stances that she holds, and while giving your life for a good cause can be noble depending on what it is, she seems very reckless in nature and that really concerns me. And I know that she has been groomed into thinking that a lot of the degeneracy that happens on social media is okay because of things I have seen her say and do online.

    I have half a mind to say something about what has been going on for these past 10 years but, again, it's so well hidden (my sister is VERY sneaky) that no one would believe me until it was far too late and she had already cut "unsupportive" family out of her life. Unfortunately, I know that I am on the chopping block for this too in her eyes, because I am less than 100% supportive of her very risky, dangerous, and un-authentic lifestyle choices. For this reason, I think I have decided that when I leave the nest, I cannot take her with me. She will use it as an advantage to go crazy once she is "on her own." She has literally told me that she wants to shave her head, get into a polyamorous relationship, and do a lot of other things that I am really not comfortable letting happen under my roof, whether she is legally an adult or not. Besides, if I did tell on my sister, she would either attempt to run away from home (and because she is 18, the police can't do anything about it), or she would physically harm me again or attempt to kill me. And what sucks is that her new therapist is going to be working with her on "exploring her gender" and such in a positive way, so she's long gone in my opinion.

    The time is coming where I will need to come completely clean about my beliefs. I know that this will forever sever our sisterly friendship, and that's what I am absolutely dreading since I love my sister to death, but... After praying about this tonight, I'm beginning to think that perhaps God would rather me be true to myself and stop lying to my sister's face than me continue to support something so obviously sinful and harmful. Being put in a position like this isn't okay, but perhaps these are the kind of crosses that my sister and I were meant to bear.

    Parents, please heed my warning: Monitor your children when they are on the internet, and please be approachable for them to talk to. The entire reason my sister and I were so vulnerable to be preyed upon by people that would support these things are because our mom was abusive and the internet was our only escape from the hell that our home life was. And don't think that your child isn't at risk for this kind of stuff. They 1000% CAN be preyed upon, and this is coming from a girl who was preyed upon despite coming across as good as I could possibly manage in order to please my parents. To this day, they still don't know what I have done for most of my years online, and they would still be completely clueless as to what is happening at this very moment with my sister.

    My fellow brothers and sisters in Christ, whether or not you happen to be Catholic, please pray for my sister and my family. I beg of you. I don't want for my sister to have to suffer trials that she does not have to go through. I don't want for my sister to use her childhood trauma to motivate her to irreversibly alter her body (she told me this is a big part of why she wants to be a guy). Please pray with all of your heart, please. Only God can help us now.
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  2. thecolorsblend

    thecolorsblend If God is your Father, who is your Mother? Supporter

    United States
    Any society finds (or creates) an Other by which the majority can define themselves. The Other in any civilization represents identities, ideas, values or behaviors that the majority reject in order to maintain social conformity.

    One problem with "destigmatizing" everything that was once considered utterly taboo is that society now has no Other. Or, rather, maybe we do have an Other and today's Other is a group who never imagined they'd be alienated from their own society.

    In any case, I understand your objections to slurs against the LGBT community. There is nothing charitable about that. However, while condemning the usage of such slurs, I nevertheless recognize the utility those slurs were intended to serve as a method for the mainstream to separate itself from the Other of a different time.
  3. alllivesmatter

    alllivesmatter EL ROI

    United States
    Your sister is blessed to have you. It seems the only choice you have at this time is to pray for her, intently.
    Actions you might take in condemning her behavior is important but not to your detriment. Perhaps while praying you can continue to try and reach your parents as they should have more influence on her and wisdom in this situation.

    Under the circumstances I can see many negatives in you letting her live with you but that is your decision and you seem to be aware of the pitfalls in doing so.
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  4. pdudgeon

    pdudgeon Traditional Catholic Supporter

    United States
    I applaud your kind heart.

    But at the same time your sister is now considered an adult legally, and as such she has life-affecting decisions to make for herself.

    Even though you are her sister, you don't have the legal right to inhibit her from doing irreputable harm to her body. Only your parents have that right, and if they choose not to acknowledge or to act, then they bear the moral responsibility for not doing so.

    I also agree that you should not feel compelled to take your sister under your wing and provide living space for her. She needs the chance to grow up and become a responsible adult, and you can't teach her that while protecting her from her own mistakes. Again, that's your parent's responsibility to manage.

    What you can do is to keep on praying for her, that God will open her eyes to the whole situation.
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  5. Wolseley

    Wolseley Beaucoup-Diên-Cai-Dāu

    United States
    This is the total truth.

    I grew up in a household with two World War II veterans. It was a small, conservative village in the rural heartland, and we were all very much engrained in the love of our country. My father had absolutely no use whatsoever for the counterculture of the 1960's; he considered them to be something a little less than pigs. When I came of age, I enlisted in the Air Force, where I honorably served for years and came out with scars, but proud.

    But today? Today I don't even recognize this country. I could give you a laundry list, but we all know the changes that have taken place in the last quarter-century. To me, this society seems like it's heading straight to hell like a rocket sled on rails, and there doesn't seem to be anything we can do to turn it around.

    If I live to be as old as my father when he died, I have thirteen years left on this planet. I can't honestly say that I will be sad to go.
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  6. Stabat

    Stabat Stat Crux, dum volvitur orbis Supporter

    Traditional. Cath.
    In read one third of your post so bear with me if I somehow fail to comment in a fruitful manner. With that out of the way, I think its time you let her drift off wherever she like. You've done what you could, but ultimately it's her life and her choice. I weep at the fact that our society has moved away from treating such delusions in a proper manner. It's something that should've been dealt with in exorcism aswel as by psychiatrist's. To mutilate disturbed peoples bodies is highly, highly immoral, but that's where we're at thanks to Democrats and liberals across the globe. Rationalism has gone out the window and emotions and feelings are the only thing left.

    I understand that this is difficult for you and a sad situation all together. If she takes testosterone she'll both increase her risk of developing cancer aswel as a number of other side effects. I have a cousin who's lesbian partner has undergone such treatment and the result has been horrible all together. She is now an ugly looking woman with a bold head. It's kind of a Frankenstein thing to be frank.

    I understand your sorrow and I sympathize with you. Aside from referring to her as a women (as you should!) you should try to either spend time away from her or just love her. Ultimately the only weapon you have left in your arsenal is love and prayer. Pray for her, and do acts of repentance for her such as fasting etc. Spiritual exercise and love is all you can do. In the end she has as much a free will as you and I.

    In the love of Christ
    - Stabat
  7. RushMAN

    RushMAN Well-Known Member Supporter

    United States
    I agree all the PC rap, you can't even call a spade a spade without wrath coming done on you. Many times I wish I were born in a much earlier time when people could talk and think freely.