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The terminal decline of Christianity in New Zealand

Discussion in 'Australian & New Zealand' started by Sectio Aurea, Jan 11, 2014.

  1. TimeIsNotMuch

    TimeIsNotMuch Member

    Not me :) although I did not choose to answer that question on the sheet.
  2. Blessedj01

    Blessedj01 Guest

    Welcome to ignore.
  3. Sectio Aurea

    Sectio Aurea Guest

    Ignoring truth does not make it go away.
  4. tgg

    tgg Veteran

    If Christianity does not change and evolve with the times, it will die out.
  5. Sectio Aurea

    Sectio Aurea Guest

  6. Galilee63

    Galilee63 Newbie

    ...to the serious detriment of souls eternally for not having turned to Jesus Christ our Saviour while here on earth:

    + repenting sins from a genuine remorseful heart to Jesus Christ our Saviour/God/The Holy Spirit through Jesus in order to 'receive' Jesus' Divine Mercy at the hour of death, instead facing God's wrath in His judgement without mercy.

    + receiving Jesus' Blessed Holy Sacraments of Love which include Baptism, Holy Communion, doing Reconciliation in order to receive Jesus' Blessed Holy Eucharist of which Jesus gives His Blessings, Gifts and Graces to that soul/person here and eternally.

    + Fasting at least thrice weekly if healthy while praying and reading Jesus/God/The Holy Spirit's Holy Word - which enables us further to 'receive' Jesus/God/The Holy Spirit speaking to our hearts

    + Praying and talking to Jesus from hearts in order to come closer to Jesus, for Jesus/God/The Holy Spirit to then further open our heart (after we have asked Jesus/God) in order to more fully receive Him.

    + Focussing on Jesus' bitter Passion and His Sorrowful Stations of His Cross in order for Jesus/God/The Holy Spirit to further open our hearts (and after requesting this of Jesus/God) to more fully receive Jesus Christ our Saviour/God The Most High and The Holy Spirit.

    Praying the prayers The Our Father, The Hail Mary and The Glory Be to The Father from the heart focussing on Jesus and His Life, His bitter Passion and Sorrowful Stations of His Cross for new Christians interested.

    Followers of Jesus Christ our Saviour will never decline - believers in Jesus Christ our Saviour world wide has increased, particularly as the population grows, private Christian Education grows (and is doing so at an incredible rate), more Christian Churches and Christian Fellowship buildings are opening world wide, and the more Jesus/God/The Holy Spirit and our Blessed Virgin Mary Mother of God receive prayers from hearts world wide, and in particular all of the Holy Rosaries and Jesus' Divine Mercy Chaplets prayed, the more the conversion of all sinners world wide...of which is occurring as I post!

    Love and kindest wishes your Sister in Jesus Christ our Saviour
  7. Ariel Gavriel

    Ariel Gavriel Member

    Christianity will never die out as long as there are humans on earth without a savior or any hope of redemption. That is why Jesus came...
  8. dude99

    dude99 Newbie

    Christianity will never die out. No matter what is happening in this world or the changes are in place. That what the Bible states. Yes many will turn away, but also many people will turn to Jesus still.

    But NZ Churches do need prayer for wisdom and growth as well as have the tools to reach out to unbelievers.
    Last edited: Nov 15, 2014