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The temporary pleasures....

Discussion in 'Discipleship: Following Jesus' started by Not me, Apr 11, 2021.

  1. Not me

    Not me Righteousness is right and not me.

    United States
    Hebrews 11:25 (NASB)
    choosing rather to endure ill-treatment with the people of God than to enjoy the temporary pleasures of sin,

    ‘the temporary pleasures of sin’

    If sin is evil why is it that evil has any pleasure in it at all? Shouldn’t evil be, dark, cruel and full of all sorts of unpleasant things with no redeeming qualities in it?

    It is quite true evil as it is in itself has no redeeming value in it, including pleasure.. But evil, in a creation that has both good and evil in it, for such is this creation... For when God added light to the darkness, light being the good, darkness being the evil, for it is not called iniquity till the law is manifested....

    Wherefore can evil wrongly use the things of good to manifest a degree of temporary pleasure until evil has used and consumed all the good it can act upon...

    This is the temporary pleasure scripture speaks of... For at the end of the age the judgment will come, which is a separating of the good from the evil... Each will be left to itself, the good will not be encumbered with evil and vise versa, evil will be left to its own devices with nothing to feed upon but itself.. Which then will be a exposing of what evil is by nature, which is a contrary to all things.. Even to itself it is contrary, which is an insanity beyond insanity... Which is what the very nature of evil is... A eternal contrary to all...

    (To be left up to the reader to bear witness or not)...

    Be blessed all, as we pursue Him, Not me
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  2. Cormack

    Cormack “I bet you're a real hulk on the internet...”

    United Kingdom
    Exactly. God made food for humanity to eat, but He didn’t make those foods for the sake of indulging human gluttony. Gluttony, sexual misadventure, they’re all sinful parasites of something that was good and can still be good today if we askew the misuse of those things.
  3. Simon D

    Simon D New Member

    United Kingdom
    I think doing good can feel pleasurable but doing evil can also feel pleasurable.

    However experience shows that the pleasure of doing good is more rewarding in the long term than the pleasure found in doing evil. In this regard it is true from experience to say that 'the wages of sin is death'
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  4. Not me

    Not me Righteousness is right and not me.

    United States
    For in the learning of Him is true freedom to be found...

    Be blessed in that freedom...

    A fellow believer, Not me