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The Shadow of His Hand - a fantasy book with Christian themes

Discussion in 'Book Club' started by Ashley314, Jul 7, 2017.

  1. Ashley314

    Ashley314 New Member

    A friend of mine recently wrote his first book, The Shadow of His Hand (The Shadow of His Hand), and I wanted to share it with a wider Christian community.

    The book is low fantasy book (as the author would describe it) set in a medieval world about a reluctant, lazy hero who stumbles up adventure and is shortly catapulted into a quest to save "The Realm" and fulfil a 1000-year old prophecy about a foretold child.

    This book has action, romance and a good dose of humour, but the reason why I want tell other Christians about it, is that it contains many Christian themes throughout the book. This is a fictional, fantasy book that has a made up religion about the Unseen God, Elan, which parallels directly to God the Father. This book doesn't preach in anyway at the reader, but it reveals the different attitudes and feelings of the different characters towards the Unseen God in ways that many Christians and non Christians can relate to.

    There is one mother in the story who has drunk herself to death because she believes the Unseen God is cruel and has cursed her life with pain and misery. The high King of "The Realm" is a cynical, depressed king who feigns belief in the Unseen God, only in the public eye, but secretly despises God and has a hidden faith in a false god. The reluctant hero in the story is put through many trials and tribulations throughout the story and the author perfectly captures the worries and doubts that many Christians have in the way he describes the inner thoughts of the protagonist. Many times the hero faces life and death situations, and when he has run out of options, he turns to the Unseen God in prayer, to which his God saves him through a supernatural miracle of sorts.

    I have found The Shadow of His Hand to be a very interesting novel to read and find myself hook to the book as the plot thickens and takes unexpected twists and turns. I personally enjoy this book as although it doesn't explicitly talk about Jesus or the Bible, it has many Biblical themes in the story, that I have found myself relating to the same faith-struggles that some of the characters in the story faces.
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  2. Kerensa

    Kerensa Well-Known Member

    United Kingdom
    Thanks for letting us know, Ashley - that sounds really interesting and like the kind of book I've always enjoyed. It seems to have had a lot of very positive reviews on Goodreads, too, which is encouraging. I'd like to check it out. Thank you again!