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The Seventh Seal of Revelation - The Meaning of 'Silence in Heaven'

Discussion in 'Eschatology - Endtimes & Prophecy Forum' started by NJBeliever, Feb 17, 2014.

  1. NJBeliever

    NJBeliever Newbie

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  2. SG9

    SG9 Guest

    My dear friend, thank you for bringing this up. Nothing personal intended but I had to stop reading the article when I saw a red flag in the first paragraph.

    I myself have noticed that when ever there is a hidden agenda with the intention to steer a person's mind off course it is like an LED light within the circuit of events. In this case of the Seven Seals there are many misinterpretations in our world as to what is what. One slip and the whole house of cards fall.

    The steering comes either at the beginning or the ending in such articles, and other papers written by man. I, imagining that all minds are in a reversed polarity of Law in the Cross and in the soul, the mind thinks likewise, upside down, and just as the scriptures address in context to each incidental event,

    The Seven is also an image, and it proposes a sequence that also comes before the Eighth day, which is a transformation from the old wine skin to the new Glorified body. Now, I'm having thoughts that the Glorified Body might even be ALL ONE in Spirit, and no physical bodies, et al. But besides that, I believe that's the second resurrection into a new dimension, as well as the 4th Temple, etc.

    But, before the Fourth dimension, which is the entering into the 4th corner of mind, we are in the third, which can be further explained with Quantum-X.

    This involves more than the mind can imagine, and also how the mind works in the spirit realm, and let alone, the natural?

    To drop a hint for you to think on, if you choose to, here's my thought in a cup, so to speak: the upside down mind sees and believes things in reverse, and the holy is profaned, etc. therefore, I have made observations that have revealed how to read their mind in reverse, and this is just one attribute of the key that I found in the Image of the Cross, as looking into the Image of YHWH, and in this calculus I use the Law to see Him in the Cross, which also shows me an Image of the Cross in the text of the first few sentences in the first chapter of Genesis.

    The Ending is always visible in the Beginning, and I'm illustrating just one of many ways to see Him in His Law, and know that if His Law is written in us then, we may also see Him with His Own Image, which vindicates His Law, and His existence. Now, if we are dead so is His Image until His Image is resurrected in us but we must first be born with His dead Spirit before we are Resurrected with Him.

    I see more in this, and it's not like what I've been taught in any church, and though I see all that I see alive more over in the Apocrypha and other denominational churches even, today. I used to wonder what the difference was in any of them until I realized what the prophecies are actually saying.

    I can differ by saying the Protestants are the one that stand apart but that isn't so because the prophecies say that our end-time events are global, and any past prophecy that was contemporary then, is playing out in other ways, and diverse in nature.

    Bottom line: the silence seems short in time, logically allowing for something such as a death, burial, and a resurrection to occur, and all likely in the space or image of 7, which says that it's identifying the Christ.

    There more to the story and it will take time to tell it. Because of the upside down effect, what seems to be an event far above the earth, it actually is another level, and lower than first thought. What goes up must come down, and the only way to accomplish that in a flash is to flip the 'X' in mind, like a twinkling. What was once 'up' is then 'down', and what was once 'down' is then 'up'.

    The Parousia then takes on a whole new Image, and exactly as the Image of YHWH, who is the Original Seed giving birth to a new Son at the Glorious event, and it's all Spiritual, and in the flesh on earth. This then said to me when I discovered this, that the Christ must come again just as He once did, reincarnate.

    He's not Coming from outer space but rather He comes in a man who was already born here on earth, and so that all things done in heaven may be done also here on earth again and only by the new Covenant to come with Him. A new Revelation must come with each Revealing, and to deny a new Revelation is to deny the Coming Messiah.

    I believe the prophecy is telling us of the time of His endurance here on earth that came as his awakening in a mature aged flesh that is as a new birth when enlightened-resurrected to His new Mind which came as the Holy Spirit but is actually a new brain, a heart of flesh, and He will give the same to all to eat, just as He once fed the multitudes. He has manna to feed to world.

    It's a lonnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnng story, and I cannot see the end of the beginning, never. :kiss:

    Many blessings to you, my friend. Thanks :)
  3. Achilles6129

    Achilles6129 Veteran

  4. SG9

    SG9 Guest

    Hello dear readers,

    I'm expounding on a paragraph from my previous post; it describes exactly what were the thoughts of the movie writer for 'CONTACT', and this is the conclusion of the event. The story is parallel to the close, end, space, and Revealing of the Seventh Seal, which is another parallel within many, (natural/supernatural) and each points to another part of prophecy. In this picture of the movie, all of the machine is as the mind of a man, and has four pillars as the four corners; the Christ, albeit that character is substituted with a female as part of the agenda to flip the mind, and they use the genders as in reversing the polarity in an electrical circuit as switching the pole, - and +. We use gender-changers today for computer cables, etc.

    The center of the machine is also parallel to the center filament of the light bulb, the center focal point of 'contact' of the base, and where, and when it makes 'contact' with the Light socket prongs inside of it, just like a bedroom ceiling light. In this picture of the prophecy, we are in a dark bedroom sometime after one of the bigger boys in the orphan house removed the bulb from the socket while all of the other boys and girls were playing around under the bed covers, and they had flashlights.

    The Master comes into the room the next morning very early while still dark, and flipped the switch, and found no light, and couldn't see inside the room, He couldn't find anyone to Judge on this matter, neither as they all hid under their beds.

    So the Master cries out in the dark room, to straighten up and get back in order, boys in their bed, and girls in their's, and they had better do it before He returns to screw in a replacement Light bulb.

    After more events in this parable, and to bring this to the point of Contact, the Master returns with another light bulb, He reaches up to the socket, (magnifies his 'word' above all his name) and places the base of it into the socket then, he begins to turn and twist it into the threaded socket.

    Please note this: the point and time of contact, which is the base of the light bulb touching with the center prong inside of the socket is where and when the Covenant is made. The Covenant is a parallel to a house having the electrical service turned on in their Name, and the authoritative representative from the electric company places a 'Seal' on the enclosure to insure that no tampering goes undetected at that same point where the CONTACT is established.

    In this picture, there is a need and a reason for the Covenant that is established each time that the service CONTACT is established. This said, I myself stand corrected on my previous upside down thinking when I thought that the First Covenant in Eden still is but I have later stated that I also detected breaks in the circuit and tampering, where another electrical source was made with a change in the wiring. This is told by using the chain, and broken links that were intentional and were patched with plastic links.

    It's the same as pulling the switch on the house's electrical service and changing the service to a temporary generator that runs on gasoline and must be maintained so to maintain the light. All of this accounts as a parallel to man's works to establish replacement light when the Master had turned off the bedroom Light. All of man's works are manifested in the natural realm so let's look for a parallel where we might see naughty boys and girls under their bed covers running generators that cause exhaust gasses, and lots of pollution under the covers. Hmmm, air pollution, global warming, etc., perhaps? I'm serious.

    All of these tiny descriptions are parallel to various events in the 'bulb's' life before it is illuminated, and glorified. The Bulb represents the flesh body of the Christ and how it entered into this world when the Master brought it into the room before installing it. The bulb enters into the third dimension, the third temple, which is of a physical form of speak as spirit, and is the Breath of YHWH.

    The parallel's seem endless when you look at the bigger pictures in the spiritual realm. The Contact, which is the point of Glorification is when it is illuminated albeit, it's still the same light bulb that the Master brought into the room (upper room of the orphan house) even before receiving it's glorification.
    Those who think that the Master will be millions of light bulbs, rather than one might help by gathering up all of the resources that you can, candles, batteries, flashlights, generators, and food, and anything that we might need to sustain us overnight while we camp under our bed covers with flashlights.

    What is done first in heaven is done last on earth. Then which is on earth must shine forth it's light, which means to make contact with the Master in the socket, which is the Mind. The picture says that our meeting place is mental and spiritual.

    "The Ending is always visible in the Beginning, and I'm illustrating just one of many ways to see Him in His Law, and know that if His Law is written in us then, we may also see Him with His Own Image, which vindicates His Law, and His existence. Now, if we are dead so is His Image until His Image is resurrected in us but we must first be born with His dead Spirit before we are Resurrected with Him."

    When replacing a light bulb, we first in order select the bulb, we see it, we touch it, we read the inked identification on it's top of the head, and we see the wattage, and voltage, and manufacturer. All of these attributes are parallel to an image of the human soul (head) that is like a light bulb, and it's first given identification; the ID in the prophecy is '666' and is an upside down '9' in all three image's, which also says that all three characters in this 666 are turned away backward by a flip in mind. 9 represents Judgment. There is no Judgment, [Isaiah 58:14] which is parallel to when the Master walked into the room and the light bulb was missing, for somebody had removed it and hid it.

    Could this be the Mystery of Iniquity? Who hid the Light bulb? Hiding the Bulb could delay the appointed time of Glorification in the future. I'm doing the math using objects in this analysis. I'm still not clear as to where it is written but the imagery suggests that the Body was taken away and hidden for a reason, only to fulfill in another parallel in prophecy, and still fulfill in the flesh. This might only then mean that Christ had a child with a woman, and the physical seed is what is being hidden in an unidentified flesh lineage. This would be a lineage of light bulbs (natural children) that never receive their glory until the time of the end when the Last Master plugs in the Real Christmas Tree Light strand to His Electrical power socket and makes CONTACT, and all of the bulbs in the strand will illuminate from the beginning and to the Ending. No more defective lighting circuits after all is finished, again.

    Christ is the light bulb so to illuminate the room so that the Father may pull your bed covers back and the Light will expose your nakedness, and what you had been doing under the covers while the Father was downstairs reading a very good Book, and looking at the list of the orphaned boys.

    The Father's literal position in this imagery is also lower than the upstairs level, so to simulate the earth. He's on the Ground floor, and neither in the basement where he may punish naughty boys for a spell. Some boys never come out by their choice not to repent.

    The false theories of the rapture, and where we are, who we are, and what is coming are all results of upside down reasoning and thinking. It's the same as the Master stood on His head to screw in the light bulb and millions, actually the entire world turned him in a spin so to screw the light bulb into the socket so to illuminate the room. But it can't work like this, the bulb never sees the socket because up became down, and the bulb gets screwed into the ground, meaning poverty in both earth, and heaven, Christ endures and suffers while in flesh and on earth as that non-illuminated Light bulb before it receives the Glory, as in Enoch, which another poster talked about recently.

    The Contact is made when the Master is upright, standing on His "TWO" Feet, not ten toes, and he uses his right arm to do it, not the whole body upside down. If you follow this closely you should see the parallel's and a lot more.

    It's as if YHWH was living in today's times as a real Father living in a home with a group of bad boys. Now, how many movies have we seen with similar stories? How many light bulb jokes are floating around about a moron screwing in a light bulb while standing on a ladder or stool? Elevation is another key element in imagery, and it illustrates exalted beings, and trodden ones, and shows violations in rank, such as the identity switching of YHWH and the adversary.

    Eschatology is man's upside method to rightly divide the Word, and man does it while not knowing that he's flipped. Man searches in all four corners of his mind, also parallel to earth-globe, and cannot find truth. Do you recall the scriptures that describe that?

    A time when they search for truth and cannot find it?

    It's because their minds are flipped upside down. They look every where but down. They think to look up because the text says to, that's the part they believe. They say: The sky is blue; which sky, I wonder?

    It's really so simple, the world is scuba diving and it's time to come up for air but for those who are deep, actually exalted in reverse, must come up slower than the ones who swim in shallow waters, which is 'lower than the lowest' in this metaphor. Them who swam in shallow water while upside down will remain close to the center (4th command) than those who swan deep in treacherous waters. Those who swan in treacherous waters and deep, shall they be dealt with also likewise. One extreme to the other, and it's all done with a simple flip as flipping a light switch, or Flipper doing a summer salt in the air above the waters. Flipper the dolphin does it in reverse parallel where the waters that he swims in are corruption, and the air represents heaven, and this plants seeds in our minds that we are in heaven, already, and then Christ comes from above? Not really, it says that He comes from hell, and because of the reversed thinking.

    This is the easiest way to bring all of the prophecies to Light, if this post makes 'CONTACT' then, you will have then crossed over, and you won't see any person from earth but rather the Father in His Image of Law, and in the Cross.

    The Cross is very powerful when used by the mind that knows it. Let this same mind be in you that was also in Christ Jesus. The Bible is true about that part or else YHWH be an ape. YHWH restores Himself in mind/spirit/strength, and all that we do UPright in mind; all that we do downright in mind does exalt Satan, and places the Godhead at the lowest end of the pit as the (un)-believer sees G-d in their upside down heaven.

    The upside down mind puts all of heaven into the hell pit, and the hell pit at the highest. When you consider all of those familiar sayings in context with the upside mind, you'll then see that it's so simple as the what happened first, and what happens last. And we can know when He is to return if we can closely measure ourselves, and our transgressions when we realize the reason for our behavior.

    If the light bulb be screwed into the ceiling light socket with the base pointing up, the head, is then pointing down. The ceiling represents the highest level, which is heaven. The Second law-Christ hangs on the First, and the Covenant is above him, which is the Fourth, and points to the Yoke, and the Neck of the Head. The Covenant was made because of the upside flip, which is parallel to this ceiling light imagery. If the Light be made into a table lamp, it then changes perspective of mind, and thinking. These have no natural affect on nature, but it does on our spirit which in turn does on our nature, and then the nature follows that which leads, that came before, and what it follows is then turned into face after the flip, and the beginning then, slaps the ending in the face.

    This is natures way of discipline, and it's all natural law that all points to the Center point of CONTACT, which actually takes place right in the Midst of the 4th day, and culminated on the Seventh when the bulb made contact inside of the light fixture's socket/womb. The Covenant story may be told and understood by comparing to all things in our world but we must know that the key to understanding our confusion for every single thing in this world is because we are standing on our head; this means our world leaders are all in the same ocean cruiser, and on the same voyage to hell. It's also a parallel to the story of the Titanic accident, and is all because of man's works, and violation in the Cross. The Titanic sailed with her cross upside down, and it flipped when she drifted into treacherous waters. They needed a prophet to tell them what was coming then, or did someone try to warn them?

    We don't have to believe the boy or girl in the next bed over that the light bulb is in the socket, nor believe that we don't need a light bulb to illuminate the room. The upside down theology says that NO light bulb is needed to bring Light to the room. Those who think upside down have been under the covers much too long and are oxygen starved. Somebody is tapping on the blanket!

    Nothing personal, just Thanks :)
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  5. SG9

    SG9 Guest

    Another way to see how the seed lives and travels time, space, and matter is to examine the common sound digital meter that you see when speaking into a microphone and watching the segmented bars illuminate in proportion to the strength of the Trumpet.

    This should give food for thought as feeding the multitude of prophecies, things that you've questioned, and recently in other threads, as well. This will span much time therefore, many prophecies will come to light like the bulbs in a light strand, and in this case, the digital sound meter. Below, I'll illustrate the bar graph for imagery:

    Yahweh's Voice and Volume Strength:

    When G-d spoke in the beginning His voice can be heard in the Ending if He shouts loud enough. When G-d spoke in the beginning He spoke to all times and all prophets in the entire realm. When He spoke His voice traveled the entire span of the spectrum, and it went through each and every city/segment in between the two ends, which is the first and the last.

    When the Light was removed from the room the world went dark in that particular episode in the Master's House. This voice was silent for a space of time, which means it's not seen on the meter. When He speaks, and each time in the beginning it's as if He speaks for all times, and each time that one of His mouth's/trumpets makes sound, and each being a prophet, or as His Son born of man.

    There's a difference when the term 'Son of Man' is used, and it's because the title gives the man his identity and classification as a man in flesh and born again of the heavenly Father, albeit the man is born of flesh. The woman's womb is not regarded in the prophecy because it's regarded as a womb for the flesh, and while the womb of the man be his mind, and as an Image of the Father's Bosom, which is His Heart and Spirit, and which is His Mind.

    Yahweh sees significance in Spirit and mind, and only first in order before the flesh and it's reproductive system. The Spirit is first in priority and then all of the body will be in good health because when the First commander, and His Commandment is in the Beginning where it originated we then will hear HIs voice in the Ending.

    If our mind be flipped upside down so will we hear the Voice come from the other end, which in this case is reversed and it will sound like odd sounds coming from outer space. Our hearing is backward, and the sound plays backward, and the meter illuminates from the opposite side in strength.

    It gives the upside down mind the illusion that it hears unidentified sounds from a distance unknown in outer space, and it comes through the reversed circuitry in their technology. They seek after the wrong source from the wrong end, and they create their own sounds that is undeniably from another realm.

    It's all an illusion, said Albert Einstein but he only saw so far.

    The Voice of Yahweh can sound with every resurrection from the beginning and to the ending, and all in the instance like flipping a light switch, or speaking so loud in a microphone that the signal meter peaks to the MAX, and it comes Alive where ever, and when ever the End of the signal is peaked in the graph. Each time, He may speak to another time, another mind, and all that is in between as the illuminated bars in the signal meter.

    Each time G-d spoke in the past, it will be heard in reverse timing because of the reversal in mind. This is a fail-safe system like a magnet when released from captivity it will correctly align itself with the Master Magnet by polarity, and not the marking on the outside of the magnets.

    We humans can only see the N & S on our body/magnet, and with no regard to the unseen pulling force that pulls our thoughts in another direction when we sin, and because we are polarized in mind, and law, and governed by the order of the law. When that same law is flipped it then has another order, which reverses everything and in all respects to ALL, the Almighty, and all that is Him.

    He spoke from the Beginning but we listen for His voice to come from the ending, which is man. This means that the nature of man in the end will be to seek one another for increase of knowledge. I can see all of these attributes in man's nature, and spirit, and by simply looking into the Cross, and then in any direction I desire in the twinkling of a thought.

    G-d has created His Seed to be perpetual and with a built-in genetic code that replicates itself, just like cloning a being from the past and into the present or the future, or any where He speaks loud enough for the Voice to be heard, as in the 'peak' of the signal on the meter.

    The things that men have made reveal the thoughts of the men who made them. It's elementary brain function for the upright mind to increase in knowledge without even trying. The upright mind attracts the Master magnet's spirit by natural attraction, and only when that man humbles himself so to stop resisting the force.

    Luke, (Skywalker) had his moments but he finally gave into Satan, and we can give into Yahweh by not turning towards other men or ourselves for understanding. All that we need to become the most intelligent race in history is in the air, the rain, and the wind as a voice from the past and from Eternity.

    When Yahweh spoke in the first day, He spoke in the last day, even at the same time. His Cross is the key to the universe.

    Thanks :)
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  6. Codger

    Codger Regular Member

    Revelation 8:1-5 (NIV2011)
    1 When he opened the seventh seal, there was silence in heaven for about half an hour.
    2 And I saw the seven angels who stand before God, and seven trumpets were given to them.
    3 Another angel, who had a golden censer, came and stood at the altar. He was given much incense to offer, with the prayers of all God’s people, on the golden altar in front of the throne.
    4 The smoke of the incense, together with the prayers of God’s people, went up before God from the angel’s hand.
    5 Then the angel took the censer, filled it with fire from the altar, and hurled it on the earth; and there came peals of thunder, rumblings, flashes of lightning and an earthquake.

    2.Golden censor
    3.Alter (of incense)
    4.Smoke (from the incense)
    5.Fire (from the alter)

    These are all of the elements of the standard incense ceremony.

    As I always say - the book of Revelation was primarily written to uneducated gentiles and slaves who lived at the end of the first century. They probably didn't know what this passage meant but the Jewish leadership of that day did.

    John here is encoding a message to the Church of that day by using the elements of the twice daily incense offering ceremony which followed the twice daily sacrifice of two one year old lambs. Both were performed every day of the year one in the morning and the second in the evening (2:30PM.)

    The incense ceremony began with the throwing of the "shovel" which was designed to be a very loud noisemaker. This symbolized that God was speaking to them. Anytime the phrase is mentioned about thunderings, lightning, and earthquakes you know that you are in the throne room of the Omnipotent God of the universe. This phrase is used several times in the book of Revelation.

    When the worshipers in the Temple heard the noise of the shovel they gathered at the steps of the Nicanor gate and fell into a total silence while the Incense ceremony was being conducted.

    Next, the officiating Priest would fill the golden censor with hot coals to be placed on top of the table of incense where the incense (about a half pound) was spread over the hot coals and the smoke from this rose up to heaven.

    There were three different fires maintained on the alter of sacrifice. One was for offerings, one was a back up in case one went out, and the third was used exclusively for the incense ceremony. In John's account the Priest had made the customary sacrifice but then returned a second time and refilled the censor and threw it to the earth.

    So what is the meaning of all of this? Jesus taught his disciples to pray for those who spitefully use them and much like today the prayers of the Saints like in those days contain petitions for God to save and heal people and give them mercy. These prayers all contain the will of God for mankind and are pleasing to Him.

    The book of revelation is primarily about the redemptive work of the revealed Jesus. If God simply wanted to judge evil people all he would have to do its allow them to die a natural death upon which they would go to everlasting punishment. But He doesn't do that instead he heaps troubles on them in an effort to get them to repent and to come into the kingdom of God. The coals of fire thrown down to the earth is the sanctifying and saving power of the Holy Spirit to bring forth the prayers of the Saints.

    And finally the following seven trumpets and the seven bowls of wrath are the means that the Holy Spirit works inside of to bring men and women to repentance. This seems to be a minority but God would do all of this to just save one I believe.

  7. SG9

    SG9 Guest

    I suppose that the revealing of the Seventh Seal is the Revealing of Christ, and in his Character and design so to reveal Him to babes. It would appear frightful to an upside down world, I know, and it's best relates with man's fears that are manifested in his works and through his thoughts. Man's fears are seen in his science fiction, and his visions in his inventions. All of which may be calculated in reverse, as in an expert who reverse engineers another's invention; in this case, any one of the seed in the Seed line of G-d may calculate any part of the whole body from whichever part he be in the circuit.

    All that we have invented came from what G-d designed in man before man reverse engineered what G-d first made. This said, all things in the circuit may be known, and be traced in any direction, and be studied by the resurrected mind as it learns from the Father who is already in all things by His Law.

    The intelligent mind learns the Law of G-d and uses it to discover the universe of all knowledge. Now, I can understand why man seeks after other men for knowledge, and it's because they don't know Yahweh. To know Yahweh is to learn of Him, and we will learn of ourselves and all of the universe, and we can do it with what is simply in nature, and our own human form, with the key of all Creation, which is Christ's law in the Cross.

    A story of the first Creation in a parable, and it came from above: Is it a Brain in a glass globe that is supported and carried about by it's servants after landing on planet earth? Is it Michael Landon the angel that came down the Highway to Heaven or is it Michael landing on Earth?

    In one of Michael Landon's TV episodes, he punched a man in the face and sinned so he tells his friend that he must go back to heaven because he committed a crime against God. He's saying that he sinned and then goes to heaven? Wait a minute, Pastor! No man may sin and then go straight back to heaven for punishment, or is he going to the hell which appears as heaven in his upside down, and delusional world? Yes, that's it, Pastor! I see the upside down nature of man in all things that he has made with his hands of flesh, and by this I may see what he has made in heaven, as well, and man is drowning in his well water.

    The Mind from Planet-X

    Told in such a manner so to make this more relevant and enjoyable for the intelligent imagination.

    In my own best words, I'll try to communicate the mind of Yahweh in context with what has been thus, posted. This is to describe the process of the mind of G-d and how he is able to see into the past, and future, and all directions in both the natural and supernatural realms, which are 4 dimensions of the human mind that the Father designed in the Beginning, and this design and pattern is self-replicating in either, and both the flesh and spirit, which must all be present in order to form a living being, such as the first Adam. Each Adam is a man, and is replicated by the Law that is written in the Seed.

    The Seed is the Image of the Father who is the First of all things, and in all things that exist throughout the universe. All of the universe, and all of the earth belongs to the Father and the Father has designed His Image in all a law in which all elements will return together to point back to the center of mental gravity, which is this law is the 4th. A diagram would be best to show this but is already readily available to each and everyone in the Cross. You'll have to rewind my posts so to see where I've already written about a great part of this.

    The center of mental gravity is on one of the four 'X' in the Quantum-X. Another 'X' holds the center of physical gravity of the earth; there are two sides of each 'X' as in a single coin. The 'X' is a parallel object to a coin, if need be to illustrate in other detail. The Four corners are each end of each plain in the 'X', and starting from the center, which is where He first 'Rested' with the Two, as in Two Witnesses, male and female. Each gender is to be a witness to each other through life.

    Each side is as the right and the left hand, and brain, and a host of more parallel parts of the body. When all of the four 'X''s are in order, that is, in their respective order to the Law of G-d then, they will function in their proportion of weight in all measures of all four dimensions, and in both natural and supernatural realms, in all elements of matter, space, time, and thought.

    The center of the mental gravity is where the spiritual-single eye is located, and it may calculate all things in all four of the plains of the human mind. This allows the intelligent mind to learn how to use these treasures that lay available to the first one to earn the worth in knowledge of Yahweh who is always in the Law, and Resting in His design and right in the center where He be the Key to all four compass directions. He comes from any four of these directions in thought, and from any point in time and space, and matter.

    To better imagine this, it's exactly as what man has designed from what was already in him, which is the law. The law is in everything, and in time, space, thought, and is without time, as it is perpetual in design so to endure all and anything that it may encounter in conflict as it always has any other of the multiple circuits to trace back through as escape, even. It an electrical circuit in spirit.

    Imagine G-d sending an electrical troubleshooter to fix earth. In this image it's best to take it to the time of the old west, and Will Penny is riding the range, and checking the fences. The Archangel does the same. He discovered a problem with planet earth as he traveled the field, and reported back through one of the portals that I described; the cry went up as prayers, and came back with instruction, and it reflected from all that is in the elements of the 'X'.

    The man not need to know all of these things in order to begin, as this is not a talent in full measure for all but just a few, and starting at the top. There is more knowledge available with each increase of level, and human intelligence may increasingly learn more as if a reversed China syndrome occurred in their intelligent brain, and the human race perked up to evolve into super-human intelligent beings.

    This truth is what Satan fears, and endeavors to push his expensive secular knowledge that is causing the earth to fail in all of the elements of the Quantum-x. The carnal mind sees only one single stream of one element in a single dimension, and focuses with two natural eyes as the two witnesses. In contrast, the Mind of Christ, which is FREE, BTW, is based on Center of all four of the Quantum 'X''s and synchronized.

    This is not an evil mind but is the mind that Christ promised to us, but the evil mind of Satan, which is the same in all his offspring cannot tolerate the sound of this because it means an invasion from outer space by 5 men in black leather jackets, and on motorcycles who come to terrorize the community.

    On another day, the deceived mind might see it in another one of any realm and element, and they be blind and totally helpless in life's spiritual battle. Man's end is by his own works, and it all comes from his past. G-d can see all things, past, present, and future in man's works, as man has created his own two witnesses.

    G-d has to come down to earth and learn of the nature of man, and examine him with His own knowledge that was seeded in human form, and resting until the appointed time that which is in the law that is here in us like an electrical schematic. G-d can read man's mind just as man reads an electrical blueprint. He can trace back, forward, lift a diode and check for proper polarity in gender, He can disassemble the mind of man and reassemble it in spirit because He knows of the authentic design, and the function but only after being taught, himself.

    No man may learn of all things but he may learn to each his own talent, his own potential in intelligence. All which requires a willingness just as one desires to attend college but G-d's curriculum isn't expensive but rather free by choice. One person tosses away that flyer found on their windshield, and another sits in their automobile a spell and reads it first before driving away. It is either later considered or immediately discarded. How does one regard a gift in a message from G-d? Who is really invading planet earth, aliens, G-d or man? Can the mind of Christ reveal the nature of sin, which then is the man of sin?

    Food for thought and something to whistle while you work. :kiss: in all four corners of mind :kiss:
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  8. SG9

    SG9 Guest

    Dear friends,

    Please, My interpretation of Eschatology:

    This is the calculus and rules for Bible-archaeologists to dissect the dead Body of the Creator who is examined by the human mind in a law of two witnesses. The two are many parallel's which make up all of the four corners in the Quantum-X image.

    Eschatology is as finding their two bodies and dissecting them to identify what it is, and they come in the form of all creation therefore, they may be seen in all of creation, even in man's own works but in order to make the connection between the two realms we must reverse man's works to see their relation.

    This spiritual phenomenon is present in all aspects of man's mind as all thoughts link to the center of the 'X' regardless of the pattern formed by it's position and relation to the natural law in all of creation. This then says that all of man's works do oppose the law of the Creator.

    To better illustrate this I will use something that some people should find relevant as a parallel. We are dealing with the mind so let's compare the mind to an electrical device of some form of intelligence within it's chip set's. An intelligent device requires an operating system such as the firmware in a DVD player, and each DVD has a region code embedded so to limit it's viewing in marketed areas; this same principal applies to the rules of Quantum-X, and any law in question, and each device having it's own firmware to operate. The firmware establishes everything in relation to the law of the printed circuitry in design, and identifies each of the electronic components in the chip set family.

    In this parallel we deal with another issue; G-d had designed and created all of the elements needed to construct a device called 'Man' and he was made exactly in the Image of the Master Main frame computer system. The device acts like a DSL modem in a circuit, and it processes and controls, and provides a series of communication protocols within itself. It has certain functions for certain purposes that were in the original design.

    Today, we have hobbyists who have redefined the ordinances that governed how one might use such devices in the open community of communications, and in particular to the World Wide Web in this parallel. The gist of this story is what the hobbyists are doing, and how their behavior mirrors that of the human spirit through the works of man's hands.

    In this case I look backward through the process in both the natural and the spiritual streams within the Quantum-X and I examine the works and how they came about, and their motive's. The electronic device such as a Router uses a specific firmware that is written by design and by the manufacturer, and when the firmware is modified in any way it also changes the behavior of the device. To say that the device will operate exactly the same with another party firmware installed is ridiculous and utterly ignorant.

    An auto mechanic cannot take the electronic control module from an 1996 Ford Taurus and install it into a 2012 Dodge Challenger and get any results; too many differences will not allow compatibility albeit, either one of the two control module perform the same basic functions in either automobile. Each module is the brain of the auto's electronic secondary system so to manage it's power, and performance that are all governed by a set law that reads all of the certain points of observation for calculation of the given feedbacks from each.

    In short, the firmware changes may reassign many areas and the set rules for each, and then demanding another order of functions and in different levels of performance requirements. The device then becomes another device that may do something entirely different, and to even be used to hack into other resident WiFi signals in it's proximity.

    This is exactly what Eschatology is in the religious arena of Bible scholars. Each scholar is a device, and each has been taught by today's bio-religious mindset that designed it's own firmware that identifies with all of it's own mental components in conscience.

    This ability to create an independent operating system for their mind is not unusual or a crazy idea but is factual, and it is exactly how the human mind was designed to function by the Internal code that is of the Master's design. Not all of the device's functions can be reassigned permissions or functions but only some, and the parts that it cannot are still of the original manufactured design which allow it to be restored to it's original operating system in case one desires to. In the event of these firmware changes there are usually two levels of upgrade, one is partial and the other is full, and the full upgrade changes are usually irreversible, and warning is given with a prompt to either stop or proceed, and this gives the user the right to exercise a choice.

    This practice is commonly known as 'Open source' marketing of third party softwares that offer any outside source to give forth it's fruit in this open source market, or arena of religion. I now making a transition into the spiritual repercussion of this parallel in comparison. The human mind operates just as the intelligent device does, and it's because our inventions come from what is written in us therefore it's no mystery.

    Eschatology is an open source market for hackers to offer their self-created firmware for changing the original design that is of a perpetual spiritual design that self-increases in the knowledge of Yahweh. G-d designed and Wrote a firmware that must not be changed to give our body another set of commands and permissions by changing the law.

    We practice open surgery on Christ with this and only because His body was one of the two witnesses left for us to have at the appointed time that is written in Yahweh's law and order. The internal commands of His firmware has control over the internal clock as well, and can execute a set of commands at any given internal preset written code.

    We copied His design, He did NOT copy ours so please don't pay homage to man for G-d's design that man has rewritten as open source firmware. The Liberation act in 1848 gave the nation this permission to practice such open surgery on religion, and this is four years after the 1844 great disappointment which was as each individual mind to become the operator and owner of their own body and make any changes in this open source market of religion and theology. The crowd went wild and all sorts of occult religions sprouted up instead of Yahweh's Seeds.

    The serpent's offspring became fruitful and multiplied very rapidly and soon after, all of the upright minds were flipped by this allowance. G-d allows it because it's already a built-in part of our operating system internal firmware, which is the part embedded that cannot be changed, and it's here as a fail-safe system for 'Backup'. We practice backup with our computer systems, and so did G-d in the original design.

    Man has learned by deception to break this code and make changes also in this embedded area of our mind, and it works as ripping the curtain in the Upper room, which is our Frontlets/mind/Two witnesses/Right&Left, etc.

    This Eschatology forum is equal to a forum on a Hacker's haven for a particular and popular device on the common market such as popular DSL routers used for hacking WiFi.
    Satan has taught us how to communicate with him in his language of technology which is fed back through our works, and it becomes perpetual in design and leads us over the cliff backwards to our destruction.

    Do you know what happens when any cloned device or modified device is later protected by the original designer's upgraded firmware? Today, the manufacturers are rewriting their firmware and changing their internal codes to use a "Clone killer" or a sort of internal code to render such modified devices useless after one might make other changes after a certain date as in the release date of the upgrade firmware. One might make haste without first learning of such changes made by the manufacturer to protect against future hacks and even to kill past violators.

    This same principal is seen in the plan of salvation, and all of man's works have a spiritual parallel in every fine detail and it takes time to learn how to interpret all of this that occurs in both realms in all four dimensions but it's possible and we practice it today even without the knowledge of what we do. Christ asked for our forgiveness because of this issue, for we cannot see backwards when flipped upside down in mind, rather we can only see forward as looking at our father of lies who turned us about to face him instead.

    We hackers stand in the rip tide facing the shore, and having to face the repercussion of our behavior without knowledge of our direction, and it's as standing there in the rip tide with our eyes closed because we don't want to know what is coming, rather we remain with that first dream that we had while upside down in mind.

    The Upright vision of heaven appears as hell to the world who are fallen, and only a few will be pulled out of the flood waters while the others drown. There is only a certain time allowed by the manufacturer for the owner of His device to restore the original firmware before the internal date code is executed to initialize the protection feature. This is parallel to the Sealing of the remnant who turn back to the original operating system.

    All hacked devices and cloned devices become as a doorstop and no better once the Killer Virus is released, and we have this mocked in movie themes, and they do it with a flip so to keep our minds flipped. They don't want anyone's Ark to be up-righted in the flood waters after the battle we go through. and the waters are filled with dead bodies, and many survivors floating about.

    Eschatology is a product of the New World Order that says, go ahead and cut up the body of Christ after you remove His body from the Cross, and cut the Cross up into pieces so that anyone might reform the ten commandments that are written in it. They made baby blocks out of wood and gave them to their children so to mock this violation, and teach their children to do so without any knowledge of their origins. Satan has washed away all previous knowledge with a change in our operating system.

    What we practice in the natural realm we also do in heaven. What we do to ourselves we also do to the Godhead. What we do to the least we even do to Christ, and so we do even the worst. We know not what we do until somebody tells us.

    Just talking out loud, again. Thanks :)
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    While SG9 clogs this thread with his rambling rubbish, there is no point in actually addressing the OP.
    However I would have people note that the Seventh Seal is 'about a half hour in heaven'[/I]... We are told twice that one day to God, in heaven, is as 1000 years on earth. Do the Math, you will see that it gives sufficient time for all that is prophesied to happen before the Return of Jesus.
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