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The Science of Genesis

Discussion in 'General Theology' started by sinning machine, Jun 23, 2013.

  1. sinning machine

    sinning machine Guest


    Sonoluminescence is a little-understood phenomenon whereby light is emitted by tiny bubbles suspended in a liquid subjected to intense acoustic fields.
    Light Before Stars? – Stephen Caesar
    According to a careful reading of verse 3, light was created as the result of God’s voice: “And God said, Let there be light.” Modern science has demonstrated that light can be produced purely from sound, and not exclusively from light-giving sources such as stars. Physicists Keith Weninger, Seth J. Putterman, and Bradley P. Barber of the University of California at Los Angeles performed a remarkable experiment that has confirmed the existence of sonoluminescence – light that is created from sound. Science News reported: “Bombarded with an intense sound wave, a small gas bubble suspended in water can emit a string of extremely short, bright pulses of light. Known as sonoluminescence, this conversion of sound into light occurs during the rapid and violent contraction of the bubble as it oscillates in step with the sound wave” (Peterson 214 [emphasis added]).
    Discover magazine similarly stated: “In a process called sonoluminescence, sound waves cause an air bubble in water to pulsate 20,000 times a second. Each collapse can create a miniature pressure front inside the bubble, which emits a tiny white glow believed to be much hotter than the surface of the sun. Such temperatures could theoretically be harnessed to produce fusion” (Saunders 50).
    A later issue of the same journal reported on further developments in the science of sonoluminescence. The discovery on which it reported ties in with the formation of the Universe, which of course is what the first chapter of Genesis is all about. The magazine stated: “As strange as it may seem, cosmologists believe that before…light could travel unhindered through space, sound waves reverberated freely throughout the universe. The sound waves may have originated in the first instant of the universe’s life, when the cosmos underwent an extraordinary expansion” (Folger 48).
    This theory that sound existed at the exact moment of creation, and that it had a major role in the formation of the Cosmos, ties in wonderfully with the statement that God said, “Let there be light.” Before the discovery of sonoluminescence, theologians and Bible scholars could only offer guesses as to why God thought it necessary to “say” anything to create light. It now seems that His purpose was to use sound waves to create the light of Genesis 1:3. Once again, cutting-edge science clears up another alleged “error” in the Book of Genesis.
    Folger, T. (2000). “The Magnificent Mission.” Discover 21, no. 5.
    Peterson, I. (1996). “Glimpses inside a tiny, flashing bubble.” Science News 150, no. 14.
    Saunders, F. (1999). “Bubble, Bubble.” Discover 20, no. 8
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  2. granpa

    granpa Noahide/Rationalist

    Baryon acoustic oscillations - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

    In cosmology, baryon acoustic oscillations (BAO) refers to regular, periodic fluctuations in the density of the visible baryonic matter of the universe, caused by acoustic waves which existed in the early universe.[1] In the same way that supernova experiments provide a "standard candle" for astronomical observations,[2] BAO matter clustering provides a "standard ruler" for length scale in cosmology

    Imagine an overdense region of the primordial plasma. While this overdensity gravitationally attracts matter towards it, the heat of photon-matter interactions creates a large amount of outward pressure. These counteracting forces of gravity and pressure create oscillations, analogous to sound waves created in air by pressure differences.[3]
    Consider a single wave originating from this overdense region in the center of the plasma. This region contains dark matter, baryons and photons. The pressure results in a spherical sound wave of both baryons and photons moving with a speed slightly over half the speed of light[9][10] outwards from the overdensity. The dark matter only interacts gravitationally and so it stays at the center of the sound wave, the origin of the overdensity. Before decoupling, the photons and baryons move outwards together. After decoupling the photons are no longer interacting with the baryonic matter so they diffuse away. This relieves the pressure on the system, leaving a shell of baryonic matter at a fixed radius
  3. Rhamiel

    Rhamiel Member of the Round Table

    if one believes in the Big Bang theory
    then the "Light" that God spoke into being would be the explosion of the Big Bang.

    I am not a scientest and I am not saying that people HAVE to believe in the Big Bang Theory, I am just saying this goes along with it :)
  4. Kristos

    Kristos Servant

    Eastern Orthodox
    Seems like an attempt to materialize the metaphysical...