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The Promise of Restoration and Marriage.

Discussion in 'Christian Philosophy & Ethics' started by GoldenKingGaze, Apr 17, 2021.

  1. GoldenKingGaze

    GoldenKingGaze Prevent Slavery, support the persecuted.

    I think of marriage with idealism and take into consideration the difficulty of the ideal and the actual meeting up. Ideally each spouse should be the other's first love and be without defilement, body and soul. First, foremost and only love, having the exclusive honour, even in regards to kissing.

    It normally does not happen to be this way. But instead of getting even or simply being lenient, we should keep ideals. This is the way I believe God is. He is compassionate and perfectionistic. That is why He died on the cross and prepared the powers in His body and blood. Not just to be merciful, but to restore us everywhere we fall short of perfect.

    As a Catholic, I came to appreciate the idea of confessing and regretting, all known sin, aiming never to fall short again. I am a Pentecostal now. And appreciate the powers in Christ Jesus' sacred blood, wounds and living water, fire and anointing oil.

    Living water offered to the woman at the well in Samaria. She had five husbands. Jesus's powerful blood, makes the heart clean, justifies, warms, restores lost honour. Jesus restores blood covenant in regards to virginity lost. Jesus's powerful blood breaks ties and claims parts of us to His self.

    The anointing breaks the yoke of bondage, such as soul ties and spirit welding ties.

    Jesus presses His wounds against ours to heal them. He heals abuse victims.

    The fire of God refines us and makes us zealous.

    It seems people do not want the ideal or perfect but the tolerant and lazy. They are passionate, live out there passion, may be a bit foul, don't want self discipline, or repentance, exclusive love and intimacy. They may pressure others to conform. They tolerate others like themselves, are lenient and just want to forget about past loves and not seek restoration, having gotten even by chances in times past anyway.
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  2. adderbolt

    adderbolt Active Member

    United States

    Often marry too young.

    Often marry out of our faith belief.

    Often tend to skip courtship and a formal engagement.

    Often have a casual regard for the wedding oath and promises made in the presence of God.