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The Human Body in the Afterlife

Discussion in 'Paterology, Christology & Pneumatology' started by Jahleel, Sep 22, 2012.

  1. Jahleel

    Jahleel Newbie

    I`m a bit weary of asking this as i don`t want to make people lose faith but, as it says in the bible, "question everything".
    So here goes.
    I was just wondering if Jesus did infact resurrect back in a fully functioning human body,and then ascended to the afterlife, that means either
    a) Jesus` body is somewhere in the earth
    b) the afterlife is a physical existence aswell
    c)the afterlife is a spirit world.
    and so what`s going to happen to our bodies when gods resurrects us? i mean do we go over to the other side in a human body? or do we stay on earth to be judge or is it just our spirit that carries on? and that`s something else that`s baffling me, where does god keep our spirit to be judge, it`s a living thing after all so it would have to go somewhere, and if you are "conscious" when your waiting to be judge that means that resurrection is false, and if you are infact unconscious then how do you remember what you did, god`ll have to store us somewhere.

    God Bless
  2. Simonline

    Simonline The Inquisitor

    Firstly, where does it say in the Bible that we must question everything? That is a post-modernist anti-Judeo-Christian attitude toward authority in general and Judeo-Christianity in particular (especially the belief in the Bible as the inerrant Word of God). I would agree with you that one should be wary of just blindly accepting anything and everything at face value. Such 'blind' faith is naive in the extreme and as such is contrary to Biblical faith that is based on Divine Revelation, sound historical evidence and testimony and human reason and logic. Whilst Biblical faith can and often does go beyond human reason and logic it does not go against human reason and logic. The naive belief of small children in Santa Claus, the tooth farie, leprauchauns, unicorns and the like is not the same as Biblical faith which believes in the actual physical and spiritual resurrection of the Messiah/Christ three days after He was crucified by the Romans on the basis of Biblical and extra-Biblical testimony and archiological evidence.

    Secondly, the testimony of the Biblical record is that the Messiah/Christ was resurrected from the dead by God Himself as a witness to the world of the authenticity both of His Person as the human incarnation of God Himself (Matt.1:23; Jn.1:1,14; 14:6) and of His ministry as the Lamb of God Who takes away the sin of the world (Jn.3:29; 1Jn.2:2; cf. Rom.1:4). In contrast to the Jewish Messiah/Christ no other religious leader around the world or throughout human history has ever been vindicated by God by being resurrected from the dead (which means only the Jewish Messiah/Christ is the true means of salvation/redemption for all mankind (Jn.14:6; Acts.4:12)). Every other religious founder has died as the result of sin and has remained dead until today and will remain so until the resurrection of the spiritually dead at the second resurrection to appear before the Messiah in order to give an account of their lives before being cast into the everlasting Lake of Fire also known as the second death (Jn.5:19-30;1Cor.15:12-34; Rev.19:11 -20:15). This is the testimony of the Bible as the Word of God and will remain so no matter how unpopular it is or further unpopular it becomes (Isa. 8:20; Isa.40:6-8).

    The Gospels [Matthew, Mark Luke and John] all testify that the Messiah was resurrected from the dead as a fully functioning authentic human creature, the same way as he was born, had lived for approximately 33 years bearing witness to the truth, was then crucified, died as the atoning sacrifice for our sins and was then buried. They testify that the Messiah was physically resurrected not just 'spiritually' resurrected as a 'ghost' without a corporeal body (Matt.28:1-20; Mk.16:1-20; Lk.24:36-49; Jn.20:24-21:25).

    The apostle Shaul [a.k.a. Paul] also speaks about the Resurrection and the sort of bodies that all people will possess post resurrection (1Cor.15:1-58; 1Thes.4:13-18). As a devout orthodox Jewish Pharisee until the day on which he died (Shaul was never a Gentile Christian) Shaul, like His belovéd Messiah, Yeshua was a thoroughbred Jew who held firm to the Hebraic/Jewish ethos of his faith and trusted in the absolute Jewishness of His God [YHWH, the God of Abraham, Isaac and Jacob [a.k.a. Israel] of His Messiah [Yeshua ha Meshiach] and of His faith that had been given to Abraham, Isaac, Jacob and all their descendants (both of the flesh and of the faith (i.e. Gentile Christians (Rom.11:11-24; Eph.2:11-22)) by YHWH Himself. Shaul believed, in accordance with the Scriptures (Isa.8:20), that the entire Creation had been brought into existence by the One true God and that when it was created, it was created as perfect rather than sinful (Gen.1:1,31).

    Unlike Helenistic Gnosticism (Col.2:8) that denies the essential unity of the spiritual and physical realms declaring instead that only the spiritual realm is essentially good whilst the physical realm is essentially evil, which is why God supposedly created a lesser demi-god and then commissioned the demi-god to then create the rest of the Creation, including the physical realm, as God considered this to be absolutely beneath His absolute Dignity and Perfection as pure Spirit (Jn.4:24(a)) Judeo-Christianity both declares and affirms the essential unity of both the spiritual and physical realms as they were before the Fall but also reveals that their essential unity was fractured as the result of the Fall (Gen.3) and that this is what is being restored through the Divinely ordained process of redemption (Rom.8:18-25).

    The authentic Biblical understanding of Salvation/Redemption is not about our etherial 'sinless' spirits being 'liberated' from their 'sinful' physical bodies to fly up to an etherial (i.e. non-physical) 'sinless Heaven'?! That is a false Helenistic (i.e. Greek) Gnostic understanding with which the Christian Church has been terminally infected. Instead, the Bible teaches that salvation/redemption is about spending forever in perfect fellowship with God in a restored Creation that is at the same time both spiritual and physical (just like the Messiah after His resurrection was able to instantaneously move from one place to another, move straight through solid objects without any problems and also allow his disciples to both physically examine Him to confirm that He was not a ghost and later share and injest food with Him as well). The fracture of the Spiritual/Physical unity brought about through sin will be removed and God will finally come and live forever amongst His people without having to shield His people from His absolute Holiness because of their sin (Rev.21:1-27 especially verse 3) This is what God has always wanted since the foundation of the world and God, being God always gets what He wants even whilst He and His Creation has had to travel by an extremely circuitous route in order to reach that final and glorious destination.

    For the answers to the rest of your questions I heartily recommend David Pawson's excellent book When Jesus Returns available online from www.goodseed.org (USA) or www.anchor-recordings.com (UK) or www.davidpawson.com or even www.davidpawson.org or from your local Christian book store or public lending library.

    Last edited: Oct 16, 2012
  3. LantanaAnna

    LantanaAnna Guest

    Jahleel, first of all, when Jesus was resurrected, his body was flesh and bone, no blood.
    Our mortal bodies are buried to be resurrected in like manner. Our spirit is in the spirit world until the resurrection. I think its like another dimension, where we reside and learn until the time we are reunited with our bodies. You must understand that in mortality, there are things beyond our understanding. Not because we can't but because it would interfere with our progression and education here on earth.

    Hard subject to explain in print. I wish we could sit down and talk.