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The Hebrew letter QOPH/KOPH - "the back of the head"

Discussion in 'Messianic Judaism' started by yinonyavo, Oct 10, 2003.

  1. yinonyavo

    yinonyavo Member

    KOPH - the BACK of the HEAD (Jesus and the Hebrew Alphabet)
    HOLY! HOLY! HOLY! …………….Kadosh! Kadosh! Kadosh!

    That sums up the KOPH. The KOPH is the precurser of our letter Q. Its meaning is is a little obscure, but with a little effort, it comes into focus.

    The KOPH was original a picture of the BACK of a mans head. The idea being portrayed as that of "FOLLOWING" after or behind, or to follow in a circuit or cycle. As a word, it is only used in scriptures as the word for "ape". Apes are known for mimicking or "following" what you do. The root word "KOPH", which is used in scripture in the derivitive word "t'KOPHah is used of the CIRCUIT or cycle of the FEAST year. (Ex 34:22) The FEASTS are called HOLY convocations. They are based on many CYCLES of SEVENS. Now, the KOPH(also sp. KUF) is made up of the letters ZAYIN and KAF(also sp. CHOF). See:


    The ZAYIN has a value of SEVEN and the KAF is the bent hand that means to be bent into the likeness or "as", "like", so the KOPH made up of these two would be "bent to the seven" or "in likeness of the seven". The gematria of all seven FEASTS added together(3860) is the SAME* as the gematria of YESHUA(386). The word SEVEN in Greek (hepta) also has a gematria of 386. The feasts are ALL types of the work of YESHUA, and so it is fitting that they add up to the same. To be bent in the likeness of the seven is the same as being bent to the likeness of YESHUA!…………being bent into HOLINESS!

    KOPH is used for the number 100, the age (the "set time") of Abraham when Isaac was born.(Gen 17:21) The term "set time" used in this verse is the same Hebrew word used for FEAST!

    The KOPH is the 19th letter, and corresponds to the 19th time that the word "mystery" occurs in the NT which is in Rev. 1:20……….all about SEVENS!
  2. koilias

    koilias Ancient Hassid in the making

    Yinonyavo, where've you gone? :cry: I'm missing your posts!;)