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The Explosivly Popular P.O.D.

Discussion in 'News & Current Events' started by Warrior4Jah, Jun 26, 2002.

  1. Warrior4Jah

    Warrior4Jah Conservative on a mission

    The new hit band P.O.D. has gone platinum with their new CD's Fundamental Elements of Southtown and Satellite, on top music stations theyve hit number one, this new Chrsitian rock band has become one of the most powerful influences on teenagers and children WORLDWIDE, so heres the question! Wadda you think of em? Are they a good influence? Is P.O.D. truly Christian?
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  2. Chris†opher Paul

    Chris†opher Paul Based on a True Story


    They are truly Christian and I listen to them ALL DAY LONG.

    I'm sick. :D
  3. PrinceJeff

    PrinceJeff Well-Known Member

    Set your eyes to Zion.....Jah Jah people ride on! :)
  4. Mallory Knox

    Mallory Knox Active Member



    Last day of the rest of my life
    I wish I would've known
    Cause I didn't kiss my mama goodbye

    I didn't tell her that I loved her and how much I care
    Or thank my pops for all the talks
    And all the wisdom he shared

    Unaware, I just did what I always do
    Everyday, the same routine
    Before I skate off to school

    But who knew that this day wasn't like the rest
    Instead of taking a test
    I took two to the chest

    Call me blind, but I didn't see it coming
    Everybody was running
    But I couldn't hear nothing

    Except gun blasts, it happened so fast
    I don't really know this kid
    Even though I sit by him in class

    Maybe this kid was reaching out for love
    Or maybe for a moment
    He forgot who he was
    Or maybe this kid just wanted to be heard
    Whatever it was
    I know it's because

    We are, We are, the youth of the nation
  5. Warrior4Jah

    Warrior4Jah Conservative on a mission

    Thats exactly how I feel. Ive met many people who told me they were anti-christ! Its good to some Jah Warriors around who know the TRUTH!

    Lyrics to a song called Preach by P.O.D.

    Let it be know that you heard it from here
    When I'm on this microphone you know I make myself clear
    With the power, with the love with the boldness
    Look in my eyes and remember wo told you this
    Payable on Death gonna hit ya hit-man
    Talk all you want, I don't fear any man
    Cuz ya frontin' ain't nothin but words to me
    You never had the stuff and your butt ain't crazy enough
    To handle, we come step to me
    My King is He in the power of Three
    So what you want you ain't down with us
    You get so scared, so mad when I say the word Jesus
    I ain't down, you preach too much
    But if you ask me boy, I don't think I preach enough
    I tell you God is real, so don't miss the boat
    But since we come off hard, you say we shove it down your throats
    You wanna talk that talk, walk that walk
    I'm the only person you see, but it ain't me that you mock
    Man is nothing, but you think that you're bad
    Fool if it wasn't for my God, I would have already had you
    Deny His name are you willing to admit it
    And if so, are you willing to die for it
    Cuz I am, He is my life and I don't fear death
    Cuz he already paid the Price
    All your talk and are your threats ain't jack blaspheme my God
    Yo punk I'm not having that, turn away it's your own loss
    Cuz all I can do is just take them to the cross
  6. Mallory Knox

    Mallory Knox Active Member

    "Is that all you've got? I'll take your best shot.":D
  7. MatthewDiscipleofGod

    MatthewDiscipleofGod Senior Veteran

    Yeah I like P.O.D. I'm sure you all knew that already from my profile picture though. I'm glad we can agree on some things Mallory. :)
  8. jon1101

    jon1101 Well-Known Member

    *sighs* Pop music.

    I'd much prefer listening to Beethoven, Zao, or Saviour Machine than 'rapcore' but to each his own I suppose. I don't think I'm in much of a position to declare POD 'christian' or 'unchristian.' My objections tend to be more musical than lyrical. . . is lyrical a word?


  9. Warrior4Jah

    Warrior4Jah Conservative on a mission

    "My objections tend to be more musical than lyrical. "

    -Cancer to Iniquity

    What are your objections?
  10. AndOne

    AndOne Deliver me oh Lord, from evil men

    United States
    I have to honestly admit - I'm growing leary of POD. Don't get me wrong - I love their stuff - have all thier CD's - and have listened to them for years.

    When I heard that they signed on with Atlantic Records - is when I initially became concerned. Thankfully, they have stayed true to the gospel - but since signing with Atlantic their message has become more vague and they seem to be willing to compromise a little when it comes to godly standards.

    Before I go any further - let me say - I am not judging these guys - however I feel that as a Christian, discernment is vital - and what I'm stating here are simply observations.

    The video for "Alive" has absolutely nothing to do with the lyrics of the song. I find it very suggestive and someone watching it from the world's point of view would find no challenge from it at all. The suggestion of pre-marital sex acceptance seems to be strongly implied. As a Christian - I don't like that - and I disagree with the implications of the video.

    Another concern is that I have seen singles from POD on such movie soundtracks as "Blair Witch Project II," "On Any Given Sunday," "Little Nicky," "Rollerball," and there is a surfer flick coming out that will have "youth..." All of these flicks are rated R movies and to top it off both the "Blair Witch Project II" and "Little Nicky" make a mockery of the Faith.

    I absolutely hate the term "Jah!" Admitedly, I initially thought it was cool, but in my opinion it is a cheap way to get around saying the words "God" or "Jesus" on a CD produced by a secular company.

    Ok - I admit I may be sounding a little harsh. I honestly believe that POD is genuine in their efforts to get the gospel into some unlikely places and I realize that Jesus himself went into a lot of shady places to share His love - but Jesus never compromised His own standards and He was never afraid to speak the truth boldly. I feel POD is on shaky ground right now. The time has come - while they are at the top of their game - to reveal that they are in the world - but not of the world.

    We'll see what happens...
  11. Raging Atheist

    Raging Atheist god told me he doesnt exist


    As an atheist, I tend to get annoyed with so-called Christian bands such as Creed and POD that try to disguise their message with vague lyrics so everyone will listen to them.  I've considered the possibility that its an attempt to kinda sneak the holy word into places it normally wouldn't be permitted, but I find the idea of the band simply trying to make money a whole lot more plausable. 

    By selling out to movies, as you have pointed out, they make mucho bucks while at the same time calling themselves a Christian band so as to keep their Christian fanbase.  Chances are, 9 out of 10 times you ask, people won't know they're a Christian band so they got that fanbase too.  Its only among Christians that its widely known they're a Jesus-Band.  They got it all figured out, if you ask me.

    As for the music, I like it a lot (Creed, however, is awful).  You guys see that music video that POD Guitarist did?  I can't remember what its called... been on MTV a while... bunch of Hip-Hop country boys... bah... great feat

    "With them big fat wheels,
    With them dirty cow grill!
    And Oh! Oh! Oooh!"

    HAHAHAH! I had no idea what that meant up until now.

    Yes, we will
  12. lisa03wilson

    lisa03wilson Member

    I like their music, but I do agree that sometimes they seem like they're being intentionally vauge. I've met plenty of non Christians that like pod and had no idea they were Christian.
  13. Shane Roach

    Shane Roach Well-Known Member

    I like "vague lyrics" because I don't like any art that slaps me in the face too much. I wish groups like POD and Creed would stick to a Christian label and/or work together to build a powerful Christian label. If they use the money they get from going to a major label to do this, so much the better.

    I remember when Amy Grant went on a major label and I don't know but I think she pretty much just eventually ditched out on Christian music altogether. On the other hand, music/art is personal and sometimes an artist might feel stifled in the Christian music world.

    Blah blab blee sorry just kind of dribbling here. Just made me think a little about a few things
  14. Raging Atheist

    Raging Atheist god told me he doesnt exist

    What do you think defines Christian music? I always figured it was the lyrics and the fact that the artist(s) refers to themselves as a Christian band...

    I would rather be smacked in the face than have to sit there and ponder double meanings.
  15. Warchant Warrior

    Warchant Warrior Jah Jah Warrior

    first off...whats up Warrior4Jah...good to see we got some more warriors from the boards here :D

    now this is directed toward behe's boy...ill try and see if I can clear a few things up for you

    first off P.O.D. has not given up on any of their godly standards...every show they do they preach the word...if a girl is getting felt up he will stop the show and says that he will walk off the stage if i continues...they live, eat, and breathe God every single day...and under the circumstances that are in, that is an amazing job.

    And please, does Alive really promote pre-marital sex at all? Honestly...if so then we are watching 2 different videos...a guy and a girl kiss...so what? I do it everyday of my life...does that mean im having pre-marital sex...no, the video does not show them taking each others clothes off, or even being in a room together...they are outside by a train...please dont look into things that aren't there...that is one of the reasons you (and others) are having problems with P.O.D.

    And about the singles...I will use a direct quote from Sonny (in my own words cause i cant find the quote) "being asked to do the Blair Witch 2 Soundtrack is like Satan going up to the church and asking if he can put one of their hymns on his soundtrack......I do not promote this movie...I will not let my children, myself, or anyone in my family watch this movie" Look at it this way....say P.O.D.'s song gets put on a rated R soundtrack...someones going to pick that up and try and follow up on who P.O.D. is, then who knows, might come to know God through that....it's happened numerous time.

    The term Jah is not a way that they go around it...if you have all their albums u would know that hey have been using that word for years, way before they went mainstream..."Jah", which can be found in the King James Version in the bile in Psalms 68:4, is actually a transliteration of the Hebrew word Yah. It is simply a shortened form of the Hebrew word Yahweh which the KJV four times transliterates as "Jehovah" and elsewhere translates it as "the Lord

    and to close they aren't compromising their standards...in any way...they are at Ozzfest right now...spreading love instead of hate...they are being what most of couldnt do in a lifetime!
  16. coolhandluke

    coolhandluke *a princess*

    i can't say i'm a big fan of pod, their music isn't really my style. i didn't like them at all, though i had one of their cds, until i met this guy who i became good friends with, who absolutely loved them. then i began listening to my cd, and got a couple of others. i respect them for what they seem to be trying to do, though at points i question whether or not their intentions are as sincere as i hope. i realize all the big pod fans will defend them, but they seem to have gotten less "Christian" as time has went on. anyway, that's my observation on them.

  17. Racer X

    Racer X <b><font color="red">Searcher of Truth</font></b>

    They can't come out and directly glorify God because they will be shunned by society and lose their image, so they have to be vague, it's probably all in the name of Money anyway.
  18. Bleeding Memories

    Bleeding Memories New Member

    i love rock music... let me be the first to admit to that. i listen to pod, as well as many other not classified "Christian" bands. i believe that llistening to secular music is no different than watching secular television. however, i have a problem with pod calling themselves christian when like it was stated they have had a part to do with such films as little nicky... etc... and ive heard that they even signed to play ozzfest with ozzy osborne. that is definately a christian atmosphere. i like them... i think they have amazing music... but to consider themselves a christian band??.... im not sure...
  19. Warchant Warrior

    Warchant Warrior Jah Jah Warrior

    Well, this time I had time to read what everyone posted (i was in a hurry the first time) and if you think P.O.D.'s lyrics are vague then you haven't read a single word of any of their songs, i'll just use one, you want more I'll post more

    this is the chorus from "Portrait"

    You're not who they say you are
    They made you the enemy
    (CHRIST-Jah flesh; CHRIST-Light within; CHRIST- Beginning and the end)
    Taken something so beautiful
    Painted a new picture that makes me sick
    (CHRIST-Witness; CHRIST-Living one; CHRIST-First and the last)
    Feed our minds confusion
    Sweeten the taste of pollution.
    (CHRIST-Word life; CHRIST-Resurrect; CHRIST-Everlasting Jah)


    now if i wanted to be vague so i could sell albums i certainly would not put Christ in my lyrics...wouldn't really be doing a good job of being vague

    anyways pass that and onto this who money crap...if you go up and ask any of them what that they would give it all up and they will without even thinking about it say that they would...they're not in it for the money...if they were then they would have been making money (they are now)&nbsp;5 years ago

    and this is for the christians...not the raging athiests...if someone went through your life with a fine tooth comb would they see someone perfect who constantly lived for God every single day of your life...no, i know, for me, that they would see someone who screws up a lot and doesn't act as i should all the time...it's no different for P.O.D., they are humans...give them a break, they aren't perfect

    and Bleeding Memories...P.O.D. actually has made their own label now Called 3 Points Record..they just signed Blindside (who's video is going to premiere on MTV2)
  20. AndOne

    AndOne Deliver me oh Lord, from evil men

    United States
    Warchant Warrior -

    I'm just calling it like I see it. As I said in my origonal post - those were simply some observations. I do have all of their albums (except the live one) so I know what I am talking about.

    I said the lyrics became vague AFTER they signed with Atlantic - not before. They were right on the money before they switched labels.

    The "kiss" on "alive" is not just a kiss. It is quite an intimate one - and regardless of weather or not there is pre-marital sex actually involved - the implication is there. If you can't see it - then you must be blind.

    If you are going to write/play a song about being "born again" why do a video to it - that has nothing to do with the main topic? That is the real issue anyway. I know the reason - and you do to. Because if they did a video to portray what that song is really supposed to be about - MTV wouldn't play it - and that is a stupid reason to compromise your own music/standard. I could accept just a plain ole video of those guys rocking out (I think MTV would to) - but all the other garbage in it just draws you away from the intended message.

    I don't condemn them because their music pops up on anti-Christian movies from time to time - but I think I'm reasonable in expressing a little concern on "why."

    Hey look - I know these guys probably have the best intentions at heart - and I love them for it. We'll have to see how much fruit these guys produce.