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The Chronicles of Narnia

Discussion in 'The Box Office' started by kitty.lover, Nov 24, 2008.

The Chronicles of Narnia

  1. Fun Fantasy yarn

  2. Spiritual Parable

Multiple votes are allowed.
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  1. kitty.lover

    kitty.lover Guest

    I loved both "The Lion the Witch and the Wardrobe" and "Prince Caspian".

    My husband and I enjoyed them both but differently. He thinks it's ripping fantasy yarn and I think they are spiritual stories that teach children about God and battle of good vs evil.

    What do you guys think?
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  2. keith99

    keith99 sola dosis facit venenum

    I think they are overrated. But at least in the end Lewis does not pull his punches. Few today would have the guts to end things the way he did.
  3. lazor

    lazor Pew Pew

    They are great. I love reading them and the movies are pretty good.

    I'm leaning towards The Fun Fantasy Yarn, as beyond The Lion, The Witch, and The Wardrobe there isn't much of a comparison, and even in that case it's very loosely related.
  4. Flibbertigibbet

    Flibbertigibbet Guest

    While they are Christian allegory, it's not going to be interpreted that way by a kid unless the parallels are clearly explained to them.

    I read them as a child and had no clue that was what they were intended to be.
  5. soblessed53

    soblessed53 Well-Known Member

    In Relationship
    I think they are both! I love them. :clap::clap:
  6. peanutbutter12

    peanutbutter12 Senior Veteran

    Where is the "bored me to tears" option?
  7. HighwayMan

    HighwayMan Well-Known Member

    United States
    Actually I think the Christian-allegory is a bit too suffocating in the movies. "Why couldn't I see Aslan, Lucy?" "Well, maybe you weren't looking hard enough." etc. Aslan in pretty much Jesus in a lion's body. And the problem with that is that it's too obvious.

    But other than that, I like the films. They plot can be sharpened, but the visuals are stunning and the battles are the best sword&sorcery battle scenes I've seen since LoTR. They also manage to create a believable fantasy world that draws you in, and I think for this kind of movie that's the most important thing.
  8. mochagirl

    mochagirl Even so, it is well with my soul.

    United States
    A bit of both, I'd say. :) I love them--I can't wait to get Prince Caspian. And for Voyage of the Dawn Treader to hit theaters. :)
  9. Marie87

    Marie87 Junior Member

    Loved both of the 1st 2 movies can't wait tell the 3rd one comes out:):clap::pray:
  10. SparkyMaddie

    SparkyMaddie Luceat Lux Vestra

    In Relationship
    I agree with ya kitty and you get reps! Great thread!
  11. kitty.lover

    kitty.lover Guest

    Appreciated chuck :congrat:
  12. WhiteWillow

    WhiteWillow Busy motherhood takes priority!

    I also have to say a bit of both and really love the lesson of faith they give.