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The Antichrist

Discussion in 'Eschatology - Endtimes & Prophecy Forum' started by john316, Nov 25, 2001.

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  1. john316

    john316 Member

    Who do you think the antichrist is going to be? Is he around now?

    Could he be Osama bin Laden?
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  2. Erwin

    Erwin Well-Known Member

    I don't think it's bin Laden at all.

    The Antichrist is supposed to seduce the world, and unite it under a one world government.
  3. SOS

    SOS Member


    bin Laden the antichrist? NO!
  4. MAX

    MAX MAXimum POWER!

    He's going to be a Russian or an Arab I think.
  5. CHR!$T!@N

    [email protected] Follower of Christ

    He will be someone who will seduce the world, and cause people to worship his idol. Watch out, Christians, for many will be deceived by him.
  6. Gregg

    Gregg New Member

    The antichrist is satan himself. If you go to the book of 1 John, John speaks of the antichrist being in the world at that time. The book of 1 John was written more than 1900 years ago. Therefore satan being a spirit being was alive then and is still alive at this time deceiving people. Also in the book of 1 John, John speaks of many antichrists. The antichrists he speaks of here are those who are not saved and who are serving satan. THE TRUE BORN AGAIN CHRISTIAN
    has no reason to fear the antichrist (satan).
    He was defeated at the cross by THE LORD JESUS CHRIST.
  7. nigel123

    nigel123 New Member

    Isn't the Antichrist an actual person who is being manipulated by Satan?
  8. Yauming

    Yauming Member

    Anti-Christ as the name suggest is a person who is not only the opposite of Christ and is against everything Jesus stood for - ie humility, love, godliness, peace, selflessness etc.. and is the wilful agent for Satan. He's not just being manipulated - he is Satan's front man or his very embodiment in human form.
  9. kikid

    kikid New Member

  10. SOS

    SOS Member

    Who is this Maitreya person? He is obviously a cult leader like L. Ron Hubbard or Sai Baba - I doubt that he is going to be THE Antichrist - more like a charlatan. I've never even heard about him until the links you posted.

    I would be more concern of someone who has a far-reaching influence through an already established religion.

  11. kikid

    kikid New Member

    No, I don't think he is necessarily the anti-christ, but it gives you an idea about the one world religion and the form it could take.....

    It has the spirit of the anti-christ
  12. SOS

    SOS Member

    I agree with you kikid. It will be a mixture of New Age and contemporary organized religion.
  13. mer

    mer New Member

    No it isn't Osama bin Laden, look in our back yard Europe and the USA. We are the lost Roman Empire, just look at the UN's symbol it has caesars head wear. Did you no Bushes father new bin ladens dad and why do you think we want afganastan country is for to get the OIL. Why do you think we went over to rescue Kawait OIL, OIL, OIL, OIL. What do you think Bushes family and Cheney are all about OIL, OIL. I'm not worried about the terrist from other countries I'm worried about my back side, and all these laws were changing, wake up America, look what happen to Germany with Hitler, when Hitler quoted as saying I am glad the people don't think for themselves. Listen to the actions of our leaders please. Warning, God bless everyone and Pray for our country.
  14. dancing_gurl

    dancing_gurl New Member

    The antichrist will be romanian. it says that in the Bible. just thought you all should know. [​IMG]

  15. SOS

    SOS Member

    Do you have any reference to the scripture that would imply that the antichrist would be romanian?
  16. kikid

    kikid New Member

    I repeat again that whoever this anti-christ will be will be loved by the world - a great and glorious religious leader bringing peace and harmony to a divided world.

    We as Christians will be persecuted for not believing and loving him (I believe in post-trib rapture of the Church)

    We will be the "terrorists" and "fundementalists" that are hunted down....and the world will not care if we are taken dead or alive.

    Bush's flip attitude about not caring if Bin Laden is caught and tried or just outright killed is very very frightening....., no matter the heinousness of the acts of Sept. 11, everyone accused should be given a trial and judged according to the evidence.

    But, this must come to pass - that the world must see all who do not have the mainstream beliefs of the "World" simply be killed and all democratic means be shunned when going after "religious zealots".

    Watch out Christians, our time is coming....don't be so fast to jump on the "just kill him" bandwagon.

    nough said
  17. Fr. Thomas Foley

    Fr. Thomas Foley New Member

    I personally feel that the Anti-Christ is already amongst us. I see him every day in the faces of drug dealers, murderers, drink drivers, and Taliban. These people who live their lives on the fringes of decent society are the Anti-Christ. However, as Christians we must love them, and take them into our homes (this is metaphorical - please do Not take any murderers into your homes - you could end up dead!!hehehe).
  18. kikid

    kikid New Member

    I disagree, because we know they are evil...there is no deceit

    the "anti-christ" will fool even the elect by seeming "godly" and good

  19. Worshipper

    Worshipper In Spirit and In Truth

    I never thought of it this way. You are correct, kikid. It is frightening!

  20. Caedmon

    Caedmon kawaii Supporter

    Who says that the antichrist will be a single person? Could it be an organization, like a new world-wide or continental government super-power?
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