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The 7 Mirrors of the Essenes

Discussion in 'Controversial Christian Theology' started by Phaedron777, Apr 13, 2011.

  1. Phaedron777

    Phaedron777 Member

    The Essenes were around during the time of Herod, and the Sadducees and Pharisees. The Essenes kept the old testament very seriously, but opposed the sacrifices. Their order, like the early Christians and Jesus and his Apostles, was one where all possessions were shared equally among them. In fact the similarities between the Essences, Jesus, and the early Christians was so strong it was thought they themselves were of the Essences.

    Jesus An Essene: Jesus An Essene (Posted to show the similarities. Don't any of you think that Jesus was a mere teacher and not the son of God, for that he most certainly was.)

    YouTube - Gregg Braden - The 7 Essene Mirrors

    1) Mirror of the moment (that which is you reflected back at you)
    2) Mirror of that which is judged (that which you tend to most judge in others)
    3) Mirror of that which is lost, given away, or taken away
    4) Mirror of Most forgotten Love
    5) Mirror of Father and Mother (and relation to the Creator)
    6) Mirror of your quest into darkness
    7) Mirror of Perception
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  2. Son of Zadok

    Son of Zadok Traveler

    The similarities between the Ancient Eseens and early Christians is a myth and a modern fabrication. There may be connections but we do not have enough actual information to create anything close to realistic. If the Dead Sea Scrolls had anything to do with the Essens then since we have proof that they performed daily sacrifices at the temple we can say they really were not Essens For proof of daily sacrifices reference the following documents found among the Dead Sea Scrolls:

    Priestly Courses I (4Q321)
    Priestly Courses II (4Q320)
    Priestly Courses III (4Q323 - 324A-B)
    Priestly Courses IV (4Q325)

    There are a lot of doctrinal similarities in the DDS and early Christians - including that the Messiah would also be “The Son of G-d”. We can glean a lot of very important information about the ancient society by the Dead Sea that shows some evolution of thought between ancient Israel and the first Christians. For example the most quoted scripture by Jesus and his apostles is not part of our current Biblical canon. But it was part of the sacred scriptures saved among the Dead Sea Scrolls, even though Bible scripture identifies this source specifically as divine prophetic scripture. Those that argue authenticity and completeness of the Bible do so with ignorant bias and high prejudice of historical fact. It causes the honest seeker of truth to wonder if G-d saved the ancient Dead Sea Scrolls for a purpose - specifically to tell us something that up till the DDS was discovered, that we did not know from our Christian traditions that were passed down.

    There is not enough evidence in the DDS to demonstrate there was or was not any connection between Essens and the society of Damascus (the society of the Dead Sea Scrolls). Any assumptions are speculations because there is no connection that is provable and complete enough to say we know even one thing was unique between the two for sure and not part of any other group of the time. There may be or may not be some real and unique similarities. One thing for sure - the assumption and claim that the ancient Dead Sea Scroll society was Essen based on the presumption that there is not enough evidence that they were anything else as we understand is not evidence of anything. If they were Essen there is not one shred of evidence or even a single artifact that so indicates. There are many indications that the DSS was not Essen. It is like saying those that died from the Black Plague died because of demonic possessions - this is concluded because it was not any disease that any one at the time knew anything about therefore by default it must be demonic. When we do not know what something is the only valid conclusion is that we do not know what it is.

    Son of Zadok