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Terrorist Arafat murdered by illuminati: easy to predict plutonium after body exhumed

Discussion in 'International Politics' started by MattMarriott, Nov 25, 2012.

  1. MattMarriott

    MattMarriott Active Member

    It is easy to predict that in two days time the illuminati will "discover" that "plutonium did it", to prove that "Israel did it".
    Nov 25, Sunday: Arafat's Remains to Be Exhumed Tuesday
    Arafat's Body to Be Exhumed Tuesday - WSJ.com

    Terrorist Arafat murdered by THE illuminati BEAST - the two basic FACTS
    Facts about Arafat
    #1 Arafat was a Terrorist.
    #2 Arafat was murdered.
    So why do you get nothing but the words of Last Prophet when you add 1 +1, while not even mentioning the fact of who murdered Arafat (1)?
    Hint: For the same reason that Last Prophet was the only one in 1998 to expose the act "Pinochet arrested in London", in what was the first act of the agenda "Justice rewriten as Global Terror" (2).

    Facts about Arafat's murder
    Arafat, the terrorist used by the illuminati for decades in the "Destruction of Israel" agenda, was murdered 2004 by the illuminati in a Paris hospital, for two main reasons:
    - he was no longer useful, as the illuminati had agent Abbas ready to lead;
    - to claim that "Israel did it" (3), as iranian, arab and turkish illuminati agents ordered to launch full scale war against Israel. (4)

    To mark his death as an illuminati murder, the illuminati script has now Arafat ALSO "poisoned by plutonium".
    Reminder: the first time the illuminati used this package was when they murdered in 2001 russian agent Alexander Litvinenko in a London hospital, to claim that "Putin did it".

    (1) "Terrorist Arafat murdered by" returns only the words of Last Prophet

    (2) "Pinochet arrested in London 1998" and the cognitive dissociation psy technique that prevents people from adding 1 + 1, if both ones are perceived in opposite colors.
    "Pinochet = dictator" so I will not admit that illuminati used him to create a precedent for breaking a principle of international law by illegally arresting him.
    Legalize Terror Agenda: Transition to nazi global state and "Pinochet arrested" technique

    (3) Search for "Putin did it" to get the type of murder of Litvinenko, from the Typology perspective that really matters.
    As for Arafat, it belongs to a slightly different type.
    Illuminati Murders - Typology
    Illuminati Murders: Types of Murders or murder attempts executed by the Illuminati

    (4) Fresh Shipment of Iranian-Made Rockets Reportedly Already En Route to Gaza.
    Less than a week after the conclusion of Operation Pillar of Defense, and with Hamas boasting of an imminent increase in military aid from Iran, Israeli satellites have spotted a ship at the Iranian port of Bandar Abbas being loaded with rockets and other military supplies ostensibly bound for Gaza, the British Sunday Times reported.
    ... the cargo may include Fajr-5 rockets of the likes already fired by Hamas during the recent conflict, and whose stocks were reportedly depleted by Israeli bombings. Also possibly included: components of Shahab-3 ballistic missiles, which could be stationed in Sudan and used as a direct threat to Israel.

    Fresh shipment of Iranian-made rockets reportedly already en route to Gaza | The Times of Israel

    === Last Prophet's words from 2004: ===

    Although the murder was immediately obvious, the illuminati knew there would be no problem having the palestinian supporters of Arafat swallowing the "natural cause": agent Abbas would play his role to silence questions.

    Why did the illuminati finish euthanising Arafat in Paris, Nov. 2 to Nov. 11

    The illuminati celebrated the ultimate satanic trilogy, which started October 3 in St. Peters's Square, Rome, and was concluded with the US "elections".
    It included the sealing of the EU constitution, October 29, as for the first time in history, not only two but 25 (TWENTY FIVE) nations accepted to give up their sovereignty - in ONE day, in ONE hour.

    Just as giving the Peace Nobel Prize to the father of modern terrorism was among the highly symbolic satanic cerimonies paving the way for the trilogy ...
    ... letting the media in Europe turn Arafat's 10-days death cerimony (as he was "euthanised") (1) and burial into a celebration of terror and (planned to come soon) destruction of Israel would be a perfect way to post-celebrate the trilogy.

    Of course it was also a perfect timing for keeping the muslim masses quiet: the arabian mass media used the 10 days euthanasia period with Arafat "illness" headlines to conveniently forget that Fallujah, the city of 1000 mosques, was being turned to ashes.

    (1) Staging it, so everyone was able to understand it, included the images of Arafat boarding the plane to Paris, distributing kisses non stop after having been reported to be dying or in coma.

    Why did the illuminati start euthanising Arafat in Paris, Nov. 2, page 1
    Back in 2004 webarchive.org did the job within days, unlike now, when it takes so long to archive pages that almost all of Last Prophet's threads are deleted before.
    Archived first 12 days after illuminati disposed of "good" old Yassir Arafat
    Above Top Secret - Website-Related Discussion - Why did the illuminati start euthanising Arafat in Paris, Nov. 2
  2. changewithgrace

    changewithgrace Newbie

    might want to start reading things from credible sources
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    Dave Ellis Contributor

    In Relationship
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    mindlight See in the dark Supporter