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Teens and young adults with no underlying health issues can get critically ill and die from COVID-19

Discussion in 'Young Adults' started by SaintCody777, Mar 28, 2020.

  1. SaintCody777

    SaintCody777 The young, curious Berean

    United States
    I'm 25 and have no health conditions that my make me more suspectible to COVID-19. But, remember, even a regular, seasonal flu can kill healthy teens and young adults with no pre-existing health conditions
    Shannon Zwanziger: Flu Epidemic Horrors Showcased In Teen's Sudden Death
    'She passed away in my arms': Mother tells how healthy teen who died from virulant mutated flu was struck down by the strain sweeping America | Daily Mail Online
    If the regular, seasonal flu can do this, then certainly so can COVID-19. There was a South Korean teen, who was also 17, who died from the coronavirus
    South Korea teen dies after testing negative for COVID-19
    Indeed, a teen from California, who was also 17-year old, died from COVID-19 in the US. And a healthy 21-year old girl with no pre-exsiting conditions in the UK also died from COVID-19
    Heartbreak as healthy 21-year-old dies from coronavirus – 'It's not just a virus'
    Unfortunately, I would not be surprised to hear of more tragic stories like this of young lives being literally cut short by this virus in the US and around the world in the days to come. We are not even at the peak of this pandemic in this country yet.
    So don't take any unnecessary chances. As NY Gov. Andrew Cumuno said, we are not superman or superwomen. A lot of ungodly spring breakers, with drunk males and immodestly dressed bikini clads, and flubros are not taking this pandemic seriously.
    PolitiFact - Young people are being hospitalized for COVID-19, too. Let’s look at the numbers

    spring breaker vs social distancing.png
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  2. theoneandonlypencil

    theoneandonlypencil Partial preterist, dispensationalist molinist

    United States
    "A lot of ungodly spring breakers, with drunk males and immodestly dressed bikini clads, and flubros are not taking this pandemic seriously."

    LOL that's the most hilariously accurate description I've heard so far.
  3. Sketcher

    Sketcher Born Imperishable

    So many in their early twenties never would have guessed the medical issues they will have developed by the time they're 30. That's without the coronavirus.