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Strong! Prayer to remove demons and evil spirits!

Discussion in 'Christian Advice' started by ArchangelMxXx, Oct 10, 2008.

  1. ArchangelMxXx

    ArchangelMxXx New Member

    I am Christian for a long time now and suddenly, two weeks already, my mind is possessed and says it own things that I am having really hard time controlling it. Rarely it stops, only when I feel Jesus next to me, aka. great love, peace and happiness within. Please, name a STRONG prayer to remove that mind possession and defend. May God Forgive AND Bless Us All !
  2. hypostatic

    hypostatic Senior Veteran Supporter


    BAFRIEND Well-Known Member


    Let your Godfire surround and protect my life from all destruction,

    let power and might be released from your hand,

    destroy them in the name of Jesus,

    thunder upon the enemy, release your voice,

    In the name of Jesus,

  4. jesuslovesme54

    jesuslovesme54 Veteran

    Calvary Chapel
  5. Nilla

    Nilla No longer on staff

    In agreement! :prayer:

    QUALITYWOMAN Senior Member

  7. chosenpath

    chosenpath Senior Veteran

    Psalm 40
    I WAITED patiently for the LORD;
    And He inclined to me,
    And heard my cry.
    He also brought me up out of a horrible pit,Out of the miry clay,
    And set my feet upon a rock,
    And established my steps.
    He has put a new song in my mouth--
    Praise to our God;
    Many will see it and fear,
    And will trust in the LORD.

    Blessed is that man who makes the LORD his trust,
    And does not respect the proud, nor such as turn aside to lies.

    Many, O LORD my God, are Your wonderful worksWhich You have done;
    And Your thoughts toward us
    Cannot be recounted to You in order;
    If I would declare and speak of them,
    They are more than can be numbered.
    Sacrifice and offering You did not desire;My ears You have opened.
    Burnt offering and sin offering You did not require.
    Then I said, "Behold, I come;In the scroll of the book it is written of me.
    delight to do Your will, O my God,And Your law is within my heart."
    have proclaimed the good news of righteousnessIn the great assembly;
    Indeed, I do not restrain my lips,
    O LORD, You Yourself know.
    I have not hidden Your righteousness within my heart;
    I have declared Your faithfulness and Your salvation;
    I have not concealed Your lovingkindness and Your truth
    From the great assembly.
    Do not withhold Your tender mercies from me, O LORD;
    Let Your lovingkindness and Your truth continually preserve me.
    For innumerable evils have surrounded me;My iniquities have overtaken me, so that I am not able to look up;
    They are more than the hairs of my head;
    Therefore my heart fails me.
    Be pleased, O LORD, to deliver me;O LORD, make haste to help me!
    Let them be ashamed and brought to mutual confusionWho seek to destroy my life;
    Let them be driven backward and brought to dishonorWho wish me evil.
    Let them be confounded because of their shame,Who say to me, "Aha, aha!"
    Let all those who seek You rejoice and be glad in You;Let such as love Your salvation say continually,
    "The LORD be magnified!"
    But I am poor and needy;Yet the LORD thinks upon me.
    You are my help and my deliverer;
    Do not delay, O my God.

    Keeping you in my prayers.

    Last edited: Oct 10, 2008
  8. Elshevia

    Elshevia Regular Member

    Dear ArchangelMxXx, I would advise you to put on the whole armor of God, Eph 6:18.
    and to keep it on day and night that will protect you and especially your mind, as it is the mind the enemy goes for first, with whispers and pray this prayer,

    Holy Father I come to you in the Name of my Savior Jesus of Nazareth, you who are so rich in mercy and love, itis your desire to know that your Children will walk in freedom throughout this world we live on, Our Saviours words are if you call on me My Father in Heaven will hear and what you ask for will be done for you if you believe you have already recieved, Holy Father In Jesus Holy Name I command legions of Warrior Angels to protect this Child of yours from the wiles and darts of the enemy of our God, I ask for a hedge of Protection around Him, a Fiery Hedge that no thoughts of the enemies, will not interfere with his thought process.
    I thank you God for the honour of coming to You, We give you Praise and Glory, and our endearing love, I ask The Holy Spirit to move to come between this Child who is tormented by these Spirits and to use the whole armour of God, Amen
  9. Jpark

    Jpark Well-Known Member

    "Lord, I believe; help my unbelief!" (Mark 9:24)

    But deliver us from the evil one. (Matt. 6:13)

    But the Lord is faithful, who will establish you and guard you from the evil one. (2 Thess. 3:3)

    Be anxious for nothing, but in everything by prayer and supplication, with thanksgiving, let your requests be made known to God; and the peace of God, which surpasses all understanding, will guard your hearts and minds through Christ Jesus. (Phil. 4:6, 7)
  10. ursy_ten

    ursy_ten Junior Member

    Sending prayers and blessings.
  11. MamaHen

    MamaHen Member

  12. chosenpath

    chosenpath Senior Veteran

    Together in prayer!
  13. Snow Angel

    Snow Angel Senior Veteran

  14. D'Ann

    D'Ann Catholic... Faith, Hope and the greatest is LOVE Supporter

    Praying to Jesus and all of the Saints in heaven and Michael the Archangel to protect you and may you find peace in Christ.
  15. faithfulchild

    faithfulchild Senior Veteran

    Armor Prayer
    Heavenly Father,
    I ask You today for Your truth,
    As a belt tight around my waist.

    I put on the zeal,
    To announce Your good news of peace,
    As shoes for my feet.

    I put on Your righteousness,
    O Christ, as my breastplate.
    And the hope of salvation,
    As a helmet for my head.

    Father I take up faith,
    As a shield which is able to put out,
    All the fiery darts of the enemy.

    And the sword of the Spirit,
    Which is Your Word, O Lord.

    Father may the love,
    With which You have loved Jesus,
    Be in me and may Jesus be in me.

    I ask You for the grace,
    Of a servant heart.
  16. KIGS_Naïm

    KIGS_Naïm PURELY dedicated to the Lord, nothing but LOVE!!!

  17. Criada

    Criada Well-Known Member Supporter

    Christian Seeker
    Praying for protection and strength, brother.
    God will never leave you or forsake you!
  18. Alive4Evermore

    Alive4Evermore Guest

    Praying in agreement.
  19. Onlythingavailable

    Onlythingavailable Senior Veteran

  20. chosenpath

    chosenpath Senior Veteran