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Steven Curtis Chapman - American Music Awards

Discussion in 'Christian Music' started by onajourney87, Nov 14, 2003.

  1. onajourney87

    onajourney87 Contributor

    I'm quite sure where to post this, but seems a good place. ;)

    Steven Curtis Chapman has been nominated for Favorite Artist – Contemporary Inspirational Music. You can watch the American Music Awards this Sunday evening on ABC.

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  2. AngelAmidala

    AngelAmidala Legend

    I hope they show that award being given out!!

    The last music awards show I watched where they had cagetories for Christian music, they just showed brief pictures from winners...who were determined at an awards ceremony a few days before. So we didn't get to hear names announced...people cheering...or acceptance speeches. :sigh:

    I'll be watching with anticipation for this though!!! :) Thanks for the heads up osmaker! :)
  3. bluephi115

    bluephi115 Guest

    just to show the absolute total disrespect of the ama..when he won tonight they announed his name steven curtis thrashman or something like that. didnt even say his name right.

    i cant believe he won though....his music is so boring and plain. third day should have won easy!
  4. AngelAmidala

    AngelAmidala Legend

    And I did wind up missing it!!! :cry:


    I probably would've been mad though...mispronouncing his name. LOL
  5. Eve4000

    Eve4000 Senior Veteran

    Steven sings great!, But I missed it. who else was against him.
  6. Dawn Marie

    Dawn Marie Soda for Wine

    Third Day, and mercyme.
  7. Eve4000

    Eve4000 Senior Veteran

    ok, I can't choose between Third Day and MercyMe. But it should have been one of the 2.
  8. Hopeful

    Hopeful Active Member

  9. September

    September Regular Member

    I love all of them. I'm very proud of Steven for winning, and for representing all of Christian music so well.
  10. Michael.C.Hadley

    Michael.C.Hadley Regular Member

    I LOVE STEVEN CURTIS CHAPMAN in my opinion hes the best.His songs are so inspiring. I sing solos and at a Christmas program at our church i sang Christmas Is All In The Heart everyone usually sings secular songs but i always sing christian songs that was my fave one