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spiritual vs literal understanding of the Bible

Discussion in 'Eschatology - Endtimes & Prophecy Forum' started by Zafana, Dec 21, 2001.

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  1. Zafana

    Zafana New Member

    Jesus said the time is coming (and for those who have eyes and ears and a spiritual tongue, that time is EVEN NOW) where people will not worship God anywhere but in spirit and truth.

    I had my "spiritual regeneration" 9 years ago, and 26 years after I accepted Jesus as my Savior, for a total of 35 years in the WORD.

    I understand now what I could never have understood before I had spiritual ears, eyes and mouth;

    Jesus is the WORD and his FIRST coming is the "LETTER" which kills; (I didnt come to bring peace, but a sword and that sword is double-edged, ie the WORD of God), which DIVIDES soul from spirit;

    when the sword, ie Gods word, has completed his separation work, the SPIRIT will be "caught up" with the "COMING OF CHRIST" which is the SECOND coming, or SPIRIT OF THE WORD.

    So Jesus Christ comes twice to everyone; first as the letter which kills the SIN nature in experience, ie DESTROYS the works of Satan

    the second coming, after the "DAILY SACRIFICE" is CUT off (Daniel 12) or the atonment is cut off, or the apokolypse happens, which means "TAKING off the KAPHAR" or cover or atonment", Jesus CHRIST is now revealed, which is the spirit of the word and not just the LETTER.

    now listen............

    while you are seeking, knocking, asking through the letter, you will not have the "MIND OF CHRIST" but you still come in YOUR NAME, not in his name, even though you think you are in his name; Jesus said many will come in his name but he never knew them;

    if you are IN HIS NAME you no longer come in your name, ie your opinion of the SCRIPTURES dont matter anymore for they are not of any private interpretation, but subject to the PROPHETS; what does that mean????

    it means you and the prophets have the same experience with God and here I will try to show more how this is true.

    When the five virgins who didnt have the oil realize they have to get their oil, it is the Messiah they are talking about.

    Of course the left hand or side won't make it into the regeneration, only the right, or the spiritual man as new man points out. The spiritual meaning or understanding of the scriptures.

    the foolish virgins are the ones who are still MUTE or dumb when you look up the word in Greek, so I decided to post my little "whatever" that I wrote quickly this morning, here as well.

    Romans 5:14 tells us death reigned from ADAM to MOSES (hmmm) and continues....even in those who didnt sin, but just came in the LIKENESS OF ADAM, who is the FIGURE of him to come.

    Many people don't realize Jesus Christ is the fulfillment of Adam and Moses, Jesus=Adam, Moses=Messiah.

    Jews say it will be Moses who returns as Messiah to them when he appears, and I validate this through my experience when I realize it was MOSES who lifted up the serpent in the wilderness, although this is somewhat hidden.

    Jesus validated this by saying when you see the serpent lifted up just as Moses held him up in the wilderness........

    Death reigned from Adam to Moses

    when we have our "witness" of Jesus (Revelation 19:10) tells us we have the spirit of prophecy and this spirit is poured out on the "daughters" according to Joel.

    if you understand kabbalah, the daughter is Malkut or the Kingdom of God below, while the mother is Zion above and the son is the NEW MAN or CHARACTER-(new name) of the person, who lives off of what he hears and sees "his" father doing, who is the "ANCIENT of DAYS" that STANDS up in us at the coming of Messiah/Christ.

    who is the ancient of days? He who always was and always will be and he is the FATHER within us that appears when the SON is revealed, and the son pours out the spirit of prophecy, ie HIS TONGUE and knowledge from the father and mother to his bride the daughter or kingdom below.

    In Judaism Rachel who represents Malkut-the kingdom below, is Mute, dumb, unable to speak the truth of Gods Shekinah/mother above or understand the language of heaven.

    Rachel is in exile with her children or Gods son Israel.

    When Israel the prodical son returns through the rebirth of the son via father and mother, Rachel will no longer be mute and the word of prophecy will explain the truth and all those who have ears and eyes will understand

    Rachel is the one who weeps in Ramah (high seat of idolatry) because her children are no more

    God said Israel would be gone

    but yet Israel will be as the sands of the sea and stars, so many without number

    new man would easily see that these are two different parts of Israel, the natural and the spiritual

    Rachel will not be comforted, because she knows her new children will be better off than the first
  2. Bass

    Bass Bassist

    Zafana, that is a deep post! Thanks for sharing!
  3. gospel

    gospel Missionary to the Masses

    Another way of approaching the literal/ spiritual aspect of the Bible:

    The Old Testament = a literal account of the power of God happening in the physical - hence the Law, the Commandments, the Wars and Battles, the need for Circumcision and Sacrifice and Feasts etc.

    The New Testament = the translation of the physical into the spiritual - the commencement of a new covenant of grace and mercy - no more legalistic and basing things on the physical
  4. Yauming

    Yauming Member

    Hello Zafana,

    Interesting post. But it was rather incoherent and side tracked and waffled in several places. Can you please be so considerate and kind as to edit your post and make it more readable for other readers please?

  5. Yauming

    Yauming Member

    Hello Zafana,

    I think you are mistaken. Jews never said that Moses would return as the messiah.
    And Christians do not acknowledge or consider Moses as a messiah. Moses however, in his actions pointed toward the coming of our Lord Jesus. Jesus is the Messiah. he was killed by the Law, and ended the curse of the law to all Christians.

    "Jews say it will be Moses who returns as Messiah to them when he appears, and I validate this through my experience...
    Jesus validated this by saying when you see the serpent lifted up"

    I am unclear as to your references to "daughters" - please explain using acceptable bibical text.

    As for your references to Rachael, I did not know that Rachel in Judaism represents a under world kingdom. ???

    IIRC, Rachel represents the mother of the tribe of Benjamin. "She" wept when Herod's troops killed all the male babies in Jesus' town.

    She will not be comforted not because "she knows her children will be in a better place" but because they are *dead*- killed by the servants of Satan. Literally in the latter example.

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