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Southern Baptist practices-concerns

Discussion in 'Baptists' started by SeventhValley, Jan 1, 2013.

  1. SeventhValley

    SeventhValley Guest

    My wife started going to a Southern Baptist church. I was brought up in a non-denominational and stopped going to church years ago.

    Anyways I am interested in traditional liturgical Christianity(Catholic,Orthodox,Anglican etc..) my wife is not. So she started going to a Southern Baptist Conservatives church with the kids. I went along just to see what was going on and I liked the preacher he was interesting a good speaker and his philosophy was "Love the sinner hate my own sin" which is good.

    My problem is I like communal fasting and ancient history. Not many protestants know the western canon of the Bible was set at the Council of Carthage for instance.

    What I do like about Baptist history is that they are big on the separation of church and state. I dislike how in some countries the church is a arm of the government which leads to Christians confusing nationalism and religion.

    Anyways are their any Baptist theologians who would be equal in depth to the historical Saints or Baptist communal fasting?

    How would Baptists react to me bring up historical facts such as the council of Carthage that directly impacted the 66 canon Bible?
  2. SeventhValley

    SeventhValley Guest

    I also think the The Priesthood of Believers Baptist idea is a good thing since we are all equal before God.
  3. MrJim

    MrJim Legend 3/17/05

    I frequently attend an SBC and for the majority this kind of stuff won't sink in--only real opportunity to bring up stuff would be Sunday School. If you want a real challenge find a Reformed Baptist congregation they'll take you on just be sure to pack a lunch 'cause those boys will give you an all-day whoopin' :D. I've been part of both baptist groups and there is no comparison to the depth of knowledge between the two YMMV.
  4. christianmuscle

    christianmuscle Guest

    I wanna say coming from a small church with hymn books to sing from and a slower pace of worship. That its okay. I've been to a big church and it was still people worshiping God. Really it was about Jesus! That being said find a church that works for u and love Jesus and His ways.
  5. Striver

    Striver "There is still hope."

    Baptists operate a little differently - something you may or may not be aware of when it comes to matters like the early church.

    To the poster who said that Baptists reject the Councils - that is complete and utter nonsense. If you are a traditional, evangelical, or whatever Christian at all associated with the main currents of the faith, then you by very definition hold to many of the councils. It's more complicated than black-and-white disagreement or agreement, but to say that the councils are rejected is erroneous.

    But returning to the full subject at hand, Baptists are quite diverse. It is simply the nature of Baptist faith and a result of the particulars of Baptist church government. (This arrangement has its negatives and positives.)

    There are strands of the Baptist faith that do pay attention to the church fathers and early church. You might see this in some Reformed Baptist circles and potentially in some mainline Baptist areas (of which I am less familiar with). Unfortunately, the SBC (of which I am a member) does suffer from being a bit overly anti-traditional. However, I do believe that this is slowly changing. I myself became somewhat frustrated with the neglect of the early church, but it has awakened me to people who feel the same. I also don't believe in the total rejection of liturgy.

    To be very honest with you, the diversity of the SBC is a strong-point in the sense that it becomes time for people to step up when they have a particular path or passion that God has placed on their hearts. Maybe this is an opportunity.

    As far as notable theologians and/or preachers, Charles Haddon Spurgeon would probably be number one. The Wikipedia article outlines a number of others, and is a decent place to begin: List of Baptists - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

    (There are obviously some names there that I would not place within the Baptist fold, but that's another discussion for another day.)
  6. ThePottersVessel

    ThePottersVessel Junior Member

    This may not be the "Sunday School" baptist answer - but I think it's a good one.

    As long as you are convinced that true and sincere worship is taking place, that truth is being taught, and that God is being honored - stick with it.

    On the other hand, if you feel like a more liturgical service is where you can worship God then by all means, don't feel wrong about it!

    A quick word about church history: Don't make the mistake of thinking that the SBC pastor is ignorant of such things. In fact, he probably extremely knowledgeable! It's not like that pastor popped out of an SBC factory. He studied things for himself and made is own informed decision about his capacity in which to serve God.

    A last thought about church history and how it applies to our lives: just because something is older (or even perhaps more "historical") doesn't make it Biblical. I use the term Biblical in its literal sense but also in the sense that "how things were supposed to be."

    I can almost guarantee you that if God was to open a church, it wouldn't look anything like what we read about it the history books. (exception to the early church we read about in Acts)
  7. SeventhValley

    SeventhValley Guest

    Thanks everyone all of the advice helps!
  8. joseph10

    joseph10 Newbie

    Let me pose a question to you. Do you think that you way is the only way to worship God. King David in the bible dances with such force he became exposed while dancing in the street. God received it as worship. is wife Got cursed because she offended God. The lesson here is that the matter of how people worship and what is the correct way, Is strictly Gods business.
    I do not recommend exposing yourself, and not in a baptist church unless you want to Jesus sooner then later. Simple said worship comes in many forms. God receives all worship that is offered in spirit and truth.
    I desire the best for you so if i will give you a exercise that will help you. But it is your call weather you desire to grow in Christ. Every day find 3 things to thank God for. One for each nail. And thank God for the three things. Spend 6 min. on this.
    Find one person in your New Church family ( not related ) to you., to Pray for. 3 Min.
    Ask God to show you him in one different person at your church each week.
    Then ask God to give you a heart of understanding and of wisdom. To see all the blessings in your life and the Goodness that he has surrounded you with. He answers prayer.
  9. grandma dolittle

    grandma dolittle Newbie

    It doesn't matter what label is on the church's door as long as it follows the scriptures. However, if they are accepting unrepented homosexuals as members and pastors; approve of abortions,praying to images or saints etc. then I would find another church. We need to pay attention to what the Bible says about whatever the church is teaching.
  10. SeventhValley

    SeventhValley Guest

    I find it funny that people spend so much time worrying about abortion and homosexuality.

    The NT was much more clear that remarriage after a divorce for any reason was a sin(exception when a spouse dies).

    I guess allowing remarried people is a good thing as to give them a fresh start but it still is a sin.