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Some clarification on 1 Cor 14:22-25 please?

Discussion in 'General Theology' started by plum, Aug 4, 2006.

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  1. plum

    plum my thoughts are free

    no kidding... this thread is truly not meant to start a debate. I would LOVE it if this stayed on topic. do me that favor, ok? :wave:

    now, on to my question...

    I was wondering what people's opinions were on this passage:
    because I am having this weird moment of not seeing how verse 22 works with verses 23-24. I am so confused all of a sudden!
    they seem to disagree with each other. What am I missing here?

    Here is how I read it:
    1a. Tongues: sign for unbelievers.
    1b. Tongues: unbelievers will think you're out of your mind if they hear it.

    2a. Prophesy: sign for believers.
    2b. Prophesy: unbelievers will be convinced, convicted, and repent.

    how do these work together??

    oh, when I read "sign for ___" I read that as saying it's a "sign meant for ___"is this not how I should be reading this?

    are there better translations out there that illustrate this more clearly?

    thanks folks.
  2. Edouard

    Edouard Regular Member

    Speaking in Tongues are a gift from God, not everyone posses' this. Prophecy is a gift from God not everyone has this. Paul tells us how we should worship in the manner of using Tongues. If there are non-believers among the congregation the "tongue" must be interpreted by one who has the gift of prophecy, so that you do not scare or frighten an unbeliever.

    Tongues is a gift to bring people to Christ a viewpoint on this would be Acts, day of Pentecost. The outcome and result should always be to bring unbelievers to God! :)

    your brother in christ
  3. plum

    plum my thoughts are free

    thanks... not sure that actually clears up my misunderstanding of what appears to be a contradiction....
    but my brain might be stuck
  4. Wigglesworth

    Wigglesworth Simple Chicken Farmer

    Paul is teaching a balanced lesson, and you are seeing the two sides of his lesson. This is clearer in the New Living Translation, and it is clearer in the context of the whole chapter.

    A key difference in the translations is the beginning of verse 23, "Even so."

    Tongues are a sign of God's supernatural power that unbelievers can witness. However, even so, the church must present tongues in an orderly manner, because disorderly tongues can appear to be crazy rather than Godly.

    Prophecy is used to exhort, admonish, and edify the church, but that doesn't mean an unbeliever cannot benefit from it. So, orderly prophecy benefits believers and unbelievers, and orderly tongues benefit believers and unbelievers. Either of them in disorder would be problematic.

  5. plum

    plum my thoughts are free

    that was very helpful. thanks for your time :)
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