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Social Anxiety Disorder?

Discussion in 'Anxiety, Panic & Agoraphobia' started by Jesusfreak4life8629, Jun 6, 2008.

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  1. Jesusfreak4life8629

    Jesusfreak4life8629 New Member

    Hey everyone, I just wanted a little back up of a couple of things....I think I've been here a couple times before, but I've got a new diagnosis.

    SAD. Social Anxiety Disorder. Apparently I have it. Are these common symptoms of it?

    In public places where there is alot of people I get really scared. My hands shake and I feel like the walls are closing in. I feel like people are surrounding me. I can hear myself breathe. You know on horror movies when the person is looking around the corner and they are about to see something horrendous, and you hear the heavy breathing? Well, that's what I hear in situations like this. I have this horrible urge to cry, and when all these things happen, I get out. No matter where I am I get out. I run for my life.

    Are these common symptoms of it? I have a friend who has SAD and I told him all of this and he said,

    "I have SAD, too, but mine isn't that severe."

    Is it really that severe? Am I crazy?

    I've been put on Vistaril for it. It's a relative of Benadryl, but it works. I guess if the medication works, then I'm good to go, right? It's an on-call thing, so when I need it, I take it. I know all of that is about to happen when my hands start shaking. I've had a history of panic attacks, but nothing like this before.

    Should I be scared?

    Thanks for taking the time to read this. :)
  2. Amhacajo

    Amhacajo Turn worry into wonder...

    Social Anxiety disorder can vary from person to person. When you read about general symptoms that is just it they are general. Every person is different. For me I am relatively OK at the shops. The only time that I don't cope with shopping centres if it is really really busy and if I go to the food hall during lunch hours and things. The noise is a real problem for me. I can feel a certain sense of panic begin to rise. My biggest problems are when I have to go to more social interactive type places and for that biggest problem is church and anything involving church functions. My problems were quite extreme about a year ago and I was having panic attacks every Sunday usually resulting in me escaping and getting as far a way as possible. Now I have managed to overcome that to a certain degree but Sundays are usually my most anxious day of the week.

    You are not alone. The nature of SAD is that it makes you feel like you are 'crazy' in that you can't seem to do what other 'normal' people seem to be able to do with out even a second thought. Feel free to PM me if you like. Talking to people who can understand how you feel can be a big help.
  3. Jesusfreak4life8629

    Jesusfreak4life8629 New Member

    Noise is a big thing for me, too. I can't be in a room with lots of noise...it just freaks me out and I go crazy. I have panic attacks at church, too. Alot actually. I get nervous when people stare at me, it freaks me out and I get really nervous...so it's hard to talk to people. Now, I have certain friends I'm okay with, but other people....I get scared.

    And thank you for the offer, I might take that up sometime. :)
  4. plindboe

    plindboe Senior Member

    In Relationship
    Your symptoms sounds more like 'fear of crowds' (a.k.a. 'Enochlophobia'). Social anxiety has to do with socializing/talking with others. Though often the anxieties can overlap a little. For instance, people with social anxiety often report problems with standing in line in the super market, or eating in a public place.

    Anxieties are actually surprisingly common. They are defined as disorders, so they are not what we normally describe as insanity or craziness.

    Peter :)
    Last edited: Jun 8, 2008
  5. Jesusfreak4life8629

    Jesusfreak4life8629 New Member

    I often have to sit down on the benches and close my eyes while we're in the super market, especially while my mom is checking out, because I am really close to people I don't know, and it freaks me out.

    Eating doesn't bother me very much, because I can talk to my friend across from me.(which is normally my mother or brother) I sometimes have to walk outside because I get nervous and I need to walk outside before the anxiety gets too bad, but that's normal.

    Sometimes I just feel crazy, because only a few certain people I know struggle with this, and it's not like mine, except for one. I can relate to one person, and he's older, so I don't talk to him very much at all. :( It's just hard sometimes.
  6. Jev

    Jev Newbie

    Social anxiety has made me very dysfunctional person. It started about fifteen years ago while attending college. I was very nervous about giving presentations and speaking in front of class. I never had this in elementary, junior high, or high school. That shouldn't be the case because I did very well in college.

    I have no social anxiety in regards to going to stores, festivals, or public places. I have no problem standing in lines or being stuck in traffic. Where I do have a problem is where I need to be the most relaxed. I couldn't pass a job interview because I get too nervous and I come off woefully unprepared. So I've stayed in the same low paying job I'm curently in just to avoid situations where I'd have to face a tough interviewer. I literally sweat, shake, and get red in the face. It's sad, I've prayed about it so many times. I always thought maybe God was telling me that I chose a profession he didn't want me in.
  7. ironfistchamp

    ironfistchamp Newbie

    I have suffered greatly from SAD, mines pretty much under control. What everyone is saying is right, symptoms vary from person to person. Mine changed throughout my life (I had it from a young age up until very recently). One thing that I always had issues with was asking/buying something or walking past groups of people. My Doctor put me on Citalopram, and it was great! The first couple of days were mad, anxiety went through the roof, but once I settled down I was getting on buses, buying food from the canteen, I even managed to get to Uni! Now I just have to worry about getting a job.

    Basically, no you aren't crazy, problems with anxiety happen to lots of people at different times in their lives. It's very manageable, so I'm sure you'll be OK. I'd like to put you in my prayers if that's OK with you!

    God bless

  8. Sora'sFoxyCharm2

    Sora'sFoxyCharm2 Guest

    I can be in the middle of some place like at the extension office or someplace else and just pass out because of anxiety.
  9. eternalsleeper

    eternalsleeper Newbie


    i will make it very simple for you!

    anxiety is your fear that is hidden inside your mind, and is only thoughts....you have to remember that all of that stuff that causes you to get nervous is all in your head and can be avoided.

    i use to not be able to go into public malls when i was about 14 yrs old, because i had anxiety. i use to breath rapidly, think i was dying, etc. it was complete hellish agony, there is no words to describe such misery i was caused by this plague, anxiety......

    my first cure to this disease was a benzodiazapene (like valium) that medically calms your nerves by popping a pill which desolves under your tongue into your saliva.

    anyways, that worked but it wasnt healthy.

    the healthiest thing to do if confront your fear. anxiety comes from within *not from the outside* it is your thoughts and fears which you keep inside, you need to confront these fears......if you hold your finger under your neck where your pulse beats when you are having a panic attack- that helps! but if i could give you any advice it would be for you to understand and realize all these fears are in your head, and if you confront these fears head on you can beat it.......

    best wishes to you
  10. KTKat

    KTKat Regular Member

    I agree with eternalsleeper. I have found facing my fears the best thing to do. It's extremely hard and takes time (which I'm still working on) But it really does get better with each time you go out and fight it! Remember that all those strange 'sensations' you're feeling are just from the anxiety, it's adrenaline pumping through your system. That's why you feel so strange. It's horrible, Just remember God is ALWAYS with you, and ask him for strength.
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