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So where were you guys born?

Discussion in 'United States Regional Forum' started by JacquelineDeane55, Dec 21, 2019.

  1. JacquelineDeane55

    JacquelineDeane55 Newbie

    United States
    Where did you come into this world?

    I was born in a hospital in Melbourne, Florida in 1987. I was a Floridian until I was 6. Was raised in the Baptist denomination practically. Discovered religion from a very early age.

    Recently trusted in Christ as savior. Felt his spirit moving in, around, and through me ever since.
    Last edited: Dec 21, 2019
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  2. Jord Simcha

    Jord Simcha Active Member

    Groningen, The Netherlands. Mid-size town of 200,000 or so. Still live there.

    I wasn't raised a believer. Found God on my own in my 30s.
  3. Tone

    Tone "Whenever Thou humblest me, Thou makest me great." Supporter

    United States
    Born in "The Valley" (If you're from the L.A. area you know which one). I was Born Again in Hawthorne, Ca. about 20 years ago!
    Last edited: Dec 21, 2019
  4. Lazarus Short

    Lazarus Short Well-Known Member

    I was born in a hospital in Kansas City (Missouri side) which has been torn down for several years (the hospital, not the city). I now live in nearby Independence.
  5. Lost4words

    Lost4words Jesus I Trust In You Supporter

    United Kingdom
    A little, unknown dogs home for strays. Nothing special. In the UK
  6. gym_class_hero

    gym_class_hero Well-Known Member

    Born in eastern Iowa. Accepted Christ at Camp LeJeune, NC
  7. PloverWing

    PloverWing Episcopalian

    United States
    I was born in Norfolk, Virginia, and grew up in that area. Since then, I've lived in Maryland, California, Illinois, North Carolina, and New Jersey.
  8. jacks

    jacks Er Victus Supporter

    I once made a car reservation in Melbourne Florida. Great rates and good terms on the car, unfortunately I was going to Australia...My wife caught the mistake on the plane somewhere over the pacific. Yes, I've been paying for it ever since.

    As for the question, I was born in San Francisco (the one in California.) :)
  9. Joyous Song

    Joyous Song Well-Known Member

    United States

    I was born in a hospital in West Seneca in NY and our house I was brought home to is now an on ramp for the 400. Only the willow tree my mom put us under while she worked outside is still there.
  10. OldWiseGuy

    OldWiseGuy Wake me when it's soup. Supporter

    United States
    Born in Madison, Wisconsin at Methodist Hospital (which no longer exists) on April 23, 1940, to the great joy of my later younger sister, and the chagrin of my older brother (my elementary school teachers weren't too happy with me either). ^_^