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So this semester of college started with my car's death.

Discussion in 'Prayer Wall' started by mindalan, Aug 17, 2009.

  1. mindalan

    mindalan Most Caring

    I hope it is not dead as in I have to buy a new one. I drove the shaking, stinking thing to college. Then it started coughing in addition to violent shaking and it died. NOT in a parking space of course.

    Security was nice and helped me move it. I don't know what the problem is. It has good gas. I get regular checkups.

    I am waiting for my mother to call me back so we can figure out how to get it back home to our reliable auto shop.

    And I have a semester to get going in--like I need anymore stress!
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  2. richterforest

    richterforest Psalms 23

    Praying for you, and the car!
  3. SplendidTree

    SplendidTree Legend

    Praying for you! Hope your car is not completely dead and you have a good semester.
  4. Stephanie7

    Stephanie7 Senior Veteran

    Father God, may the car's repairs be minor, In Jesus Name, Amen
  5. JCFantasy23

    JCFantasy23 In a Kingdom by the Sea. Supporter

    United States
  6. heavensangel1964

    heavensangel1964 Storming 'Heaven' For Souls

    In Relationship
    Heavenly, Eternal Father, please bless and take care of Mindalan and her car. :groupray:

    Please guide her to the right mechanic, and to show this mechanic what is wrong with her car, and that the repairs will be minimal....and cheap! :clap::thumbsup:

    And I claim this intention, In the Name Of The Father, Son, And Holy Spirit...:crossrc::crossrc::crossrc:

  7. Onlythingavailable

    Onlythingavailable Senior Veteran

  8. mindalan

    mindalan Most Caring

    Yesterday was a strain. My car is ok. It just needed heet in the tank to get rid of water. It has been raining without end here.

    One of my classes was canceled. I am trying to get into another class and have to tangle with schedule conflicts, special forms, unavailable deans (Who have to sign my form) and all this so I can graduate.

    I hope my week gets better.
  9. Wandofgamelon

    Wandofgamelon Junior Member

    god is there 4 everyone he is great!!
    he realy excists i know it i feel it some people dont belive in him but
    they are stupit