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So that as Christ

Discussion in 'Deeper Fellowship' started by Not me, May 21, 2019.

  1. Not me

    Not me Righteousness is right and not me.

    United States
    Romans 6:4 (NASB)
    Therefore we have been buried with Him through baptism into death, so that as Christ was raised from the dead through the glory of the Father, so we too might walk in newness of life.

    “so that as Christ”

    These words “so that as Christ” are meant to connect, and bring to our attention, that which Christ went through to the obtaining of our salvation, to that process we are to go through for the manifestation of the salvation that Christ is to be in us.

    This death and resurrection, that was done outwardly on the cross, by Christ for us by the power of God. Is also to be done inwardly, in each and every heart of those that call upon His name, by that same power of God. There is but one salvation offered to all mankind and it is open to all that are willing, which is;

    “Christ in us.”

    For if this process of Christ being formed in us, is to be done, it is to be done in this life. For our eternal glory (rewards) depends on how much of Christ has been formed in us in the here and now. It is having His nature brought to birth in us, that is this new life. Whereby people can read Christ written in our hearts and lives. For they will see the manifestation of the righteousness of Christ expressed to all people at all times and occasions. For this is the natural outcome of the Divine Nature come to life in the disciple of Christ.

    “As Christ was raised from the dead through the glory (power) of the Father, so (that) we too might (if we would be willing) walk in newness of life (now)

    For our salvation is the new birth, being brought to birth in us. This is a real birth of the Divine Nature come to life in the life of the believer. It is this new birth/life that sins not. But for this new life to grow, the old life must die. Henceforth we are told to work out our own salvation with fear and trembling. For dying to sin and self is a fearful and wonderful thing. Fearful in that it is scary and painful thing to give up (die to) what ones desire after the life of this world would have, what one wants or doesn’t want. To not to do what is good in ones eyes, but to do what is good in God’s eyes. Which is, that we walk in all the righteousness we see before Him in each and every moment of each and every situation we find ourselves in. Wonderful when we see this is indeed God’s way to fulfill His promise to cause us to walk in His statutes. For He is wonderful in fulfilling His promises to those that by faith of the heart, grab onto His Divine promises. Which we come to know by experience, once we by faith reckon ourselves dead unto sin but alive unto God in all we see.

    Which it is than brought to manifestation and reality in the heart and life of the believer that would be willing to enter into death, (die to their own will), rather than sin. For only a believer that is willing to die rather than sin will be able to walk in all the righteousness they see. For being dead in Christ is that that frees a believer from the dictates of their old man, that they might walk in newness of life or all the righteousness they see.

    For this walking in newness of life, is walking in righteousness before Him to a ever increasing perfection. For this new life is to be always growing to the perfection of life.

    Through this process of what scripture calls “reckoning ourselves dead to sin and alive unto God”, is this process brought to the manifestation in the believers life.

    For the old life has to die, for the new life to grow.

    This being raised from the dead and walking in newness of life is a pure work of God in our lives. But for God to raise us out of the old life that we might walk in newness of life, one must first reckon themselves dead in Christ, to all that was born in Adam or in other words everything that is me, mine, I, self. The “us” that causes us all of our problems.

    This death that Christ died, once for all people, is the death with which He took us to death with Him. Than comes our part, of our working out our salvation, if we would want to be perfected in Christ. This is our part, to reckon and believe in this truth. For once this life is over, growing in Christ is over. To Him that has a lot of Christ formed in them. The higher the degree, for all eternity, can they manifest Christ. To those that have less of Christ formed in them, a lesser degree of Christ, will they be able to manifest for all eternity. Those with no Christ, eternal disorder is their eternal abode.

    So it behooves us to redeem the time we have in this world. By searching into this truth of Mystery of Christ living His life in and through us.

    Reckoning, believing, having faith in our being joined in His death. This becomes, manifests and grows the Divine Nature in us, this is the new birth growing, to the end we bear much fruit. For this was the Father’s will that many son’s would be brought to glory, for the purpose of the manifesting righteousness. For this purpose does the Father do all things, for the manifestation of righteousness.

    It is by faith we are told, we are to live by. Our deaths in Christ are to be accepted in faith. For being joined with Christ in His death is a act of faith of the heart of the believer. For this act of faith of the believer is the faith that glorifies the Father. For our salvation is all by faith, all growth in walking in newness of life is accessed by faith.

    For faith in our deaths in Christ is the faith that causes one to walk in newness of life. Faith in knowing what Christ did for us. Our faith is based on Christ’s death and resurrection, what He accomplished for us on the cross. Which is so that we might walk in newness of life in this age.

    This walking in newness of life is that oneness with Christ that every heart that would be totally His, cry’s out after. The glory is, this walking in newness of life, is for every heart that would want it. This walking in newness of life is and can only be accessed by the faith of the heart of the believer turned towards God continually. For consider how could one be guaranteed to never ever sin from now to all eternity. There is but one way, and that way is, if they were to die. This is the absolute completeness of the salvation we have in Christ;

    “when Christ died, we died”

    Having faith in being joined in His death is the faith that causes one to walk in newness of life.

    This faith of the heart that would grab unto God through Christ’s death, is a faith that will overcome all the old man and his deeds. For self, us, our fallen nature’s are that that needs to be set aside, if we are to walk in newness of life. Faith in what our salvation in Christ consists of, is what is called for. But before we can have faith in what Christ did for us on the cross we have to know what He did on the cross for us. And that was taking us to death with Him so that the law that says;

    “the soul that sins that soul shall die”.

    Might be fulfilled. This is how Christ become the fulfillment of the law, by taking us to death with Him, freeing us from the dictates and demands of the law. So that we might be made free to walk in newness of life.

    This walking in newness of life has but one enemy and that enemy is us. It is us that refuses to die, and give up our own will. This is what God is continually trying to work in the heart of each and every believer, a denial of self that this new life, that is ours by virtue of being joined with Christ in His death might become a living reality in our life’s, so that all might see the glory of God manifested in our life’s.

    For the work of God in the human heart, is that which overcomes the flesh and it’s indulgences. All else is but a fiction and building of one’s own righteousness.

    Blessed be all those that would be willing to search into these truths of;

    Christ our life.

    Much love in Christ, Not me
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