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Shorter Chritian Prayer

Discussion in 'The Catholic Bookshelf' started by ratchet30, Nov 18, 2011.

  1. ratchet30

    ratchet30 Wanderer In A Strange Land

    United States
    I recently purchased the shorter christian prayer. Could someone instruct me in using right? The book talks of antiphons and the like. HEEELLP!
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  2. Dylan Michael

    Dylan Michael Senior Veteran

    I know this is a little late, but here goes.
    I recomend starting off with compline, which is the simplest and doesn't really change.

    First, start off by making the cross by Saying:
    God, Come to my assistance.
    Lord, Make hast to help me.
    Glory to the Father, and the Son, and the Holy Spirit.
    As it was in the beginning is now and will be forever, Amen.

    After that, make an examination of conscience.
    (I generally use the prayer we use at mass.)

    Then say the antiphon.
    For example, todays antiphon is "Have mercy, Lord, and hear my prayer".
    Then recited the psalm.
    After the end of the psalm, Say "Glory to the Father... et c"
    Repeat the same antiphon.

    If there is a second psalm, then you do the same for it. (I think Saturday and Wednesday there are the ones that have two)

    Read the reading.
    You can have a moment of silence if you desire.
    Read the first line of the responsory. Repeat it.
    Read the second line, repeat the first,
    Say "Glory to the Father, and to the Sun and to the Holy Spirit"
    then repeat the first line.

    Say the antiphon for the Gospel Canticle.
    Read the Gospel canticle (Cross yourself at "Lord now you let...")
    Say the Glory Be
    And repeat the antiphon.

    Say the Closing prayer.

    And then the closing blessing
    "May the all-powerful..."
    Then say one of the antiphons of the Blessed Virgin on pp 352.
  3. servant of Merciful Love

    servant of Merciful Love Goodbye~God bless Supporter

    United States
    Here is a link for the General Instructions for the Divine Office

    You also should have gotten a guide with your book, which gives you the pages to follow for any given day.

    You can get new guides each year from the store you bought your prayer book, and it is also available by searching online (amazon.com etc)

    God bless you :crossrc: