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Shopping Habits

Discussion in 'Singles (Only*)' started by NurseAbigail, Dec 14, 2017.

  1. NurseAbigail

    NurseAbigail Well-Known Member Supporter

    United States
    How do you shop?
    Any store you go to often?

    I can't shop by myself or else I'll end up buying nothing or buying unncessary things or food. I go into the store, walk around, probably a good hour, pick up items I need, compare prices online, ask myself if I really need them, most times "no" so I return them. Or there are times I'm just like, "Screw it!" but mostly food items. Hrrrmmm...I think I'm more of a unpredictable shopper...there are days I get in, get what I need, get out. Or days I get in, look around longer, pile up the cart with items that look "cute".
    I love online shopping, especially at Amazon.
    Offline lols, I enjoy going to Ross. I only go to high end clothing stores if I have friends with me which is super rare.
    Random ramblings...i know...sorry...it's 4ish AM, I'm still supposed to be sleeping lols.
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  2. Stancet

    Stancet Member

    United States
    Learning good stewardship is something I also struggled with. But here is a nice and easy five step plan to get you started with financial responsibility.

    Whenever you receive your paycheck, get a piece of paper and write the amount. Then, start subtracting money from your check in this order.

    1) Commit
    Give the money back to God, thank Him for it and ask Him for wisdom in spending it.

    2) Tithe
    Give God His 10% like you should.

    3) Repay
    Start taking money from your paycheck that is necessary for your livelihood, such as rent, gas and utilities.

    4) Save
    Have a fixed amount that you want to save every week.

    5) Enjoy
    Whatever you have leftover is for you to spend however you want. Just for some tips, however, try teaching yourself to make it last all week until your next check so you don't spend it all in one place.
  3. JAM2b

    JAM2b Newbie

    United States
    I've been up since 5 and don't need to be. The curse of being a morning person!

    I'm kind of an odd shopper. When I don't have money to spend I glance around at everything, want to get a lot of it, and make plans to. Then when I get the money, it's like I hit a stone wall or something. I feel like I don't need or deserve any of it. I have a hard time picking anything out. If I have my boys with me, I have a tendency to get them whatever they want if I can afford it. Fortunately they don't ask for much.

    Grocery shopping is different. As a single mom, I've gotten that developed into an artform. I can feed us for a week on 30.00 if they are in school, 40-50 dollars if they are out of school. I don't like doing that because it's not as healthy and our choices are limited, but I am able to and we don't go hungry. When I've got plenty of money, I go with meal planning and food groups in mind. Sometimes I can do it without a list. I go in and know what it is I like to put together with main dishes to make whole, balanced meals, and can eyeball the cart to know if I've got it all. Cleaning supplies (which is minimal now that I've learned a few basics are enough), toiletries, and paper products first, then room-temp foods second, and then cold item are grabbed last, especially ice cream. I always spend more when the boys are with me because they pick out extra stuff they want. They have reached a point where they don't want to go as often because "it's boring."
  4. Citanul

    Citanul Well, when exactly do you mean?

    South Africa
    I generally go shopping with a specific goal in mind. Wandering around stores looking at items isn't something I'm particularly interested in, so it's usually get there, pick up what I want, and get out.
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  5. PeachieKeen

    PeachieKeen Well-Known Member

    United States
    I'm terrible about shopping. I buy things online constantly and never return them. Amazon and Unique Vintage are my big offenders. I also have the too much gene where if there's any party I go to with even vaguely a theme I go all out and buy the perfect outfit to match. If I host a party, heaven forbid, I go all out as well. Last year I had an Oscars party with a red carpet, a paparazzi photo spot with a full on professional light and camera, a four course meal, a specialty drink, Oscars for each person, and full decor... Yeah, I try not to host often.
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  6. Take Heart

    Take Heart Be encouraged ♥ Supporter

    For grocery stores:
    I look up the flyers online, compare prices, & make a list! (I rarely deviate from said list)

    For mall shopping:
    I look up the actual website, scan through clothes I can see myself wearing at least..every day lol. Ask myself if it's worth the price [If I REALLY like it, I'm likely to buy it. I'm also SUPER picky with clothes so it's kind of a rare treat].
  7. Miss Spaulding

    Miss Spaulding Virtus semper viridis

    United States
    For general grocery shopping I go with what I need in mind and try to get in, get what I want/need, and get out.

    I'm not much of a shopper when it comes to shopping for clothes, shoes, unmentionables (I love this term for underwear. Cracks me up). I do this kind of shopping once every few weeks or so, and usually it's because I actually need a few new particulars, not because I just want to go shopping for the heck of it. I will take my time though to ensure that I find exactly what I need, this saves having to return it later.

    Most of my random essentials pertaining to vitamins and supplements, cat related things like litter, shampoo/conditioner, and other miscellaneous things I want or need, I buy online. Amazon is my best friend. ;)
  8. ImAllLikeOkWaitWat

    ImAllLikeOkWaitWat For who can resist his will?

    United States
    Thats my usual style too. In and out as soon as i can. No eye contact.
  9. CodyFaith

    CodyFaith Well-Known Member Supporter

    Ecclesiastes 9:8 Let thy garments be always white; and let thy head lack no ointment.

    That's pretty much my shopping motto naturally, although I obviously don't overdo it and I'm wise about it.
  10. Go Braves

    Go Braves I miss Senator McCain

    United States
    In Relationship
    I buy most things for myself online on account of how I really don't like being in shopping malls too much. I'm not a cheapskate but I try to be pretty reasonable about what I spend. My girl isn't crazy about shopping or anything but she likes it on occasion so if I go to the stores, it's almost always with her. I just look for a seat among all the other boyfriends / dads / husbands who are holding onto their female's shopping bags & playing around on their phones.
  11. YankeeGirl

    YankeeGirl Well-Known Member

    I rarely shop online. I have realized recently that I need to get with the times and look for some items online since a lot more selection is available, haha. The problem is that I love shopping and browsing for items and online shopping sort of takes the fun out of the experience. I enjoy spending time in big malls, but my preference is to shop in unique small boutiques or antique stores. I can happily spend hours shopping :D I am really hoping that markets and shopping centers don't become obsolete some day. I personally really like the social aspect of shopping and being able to try things on.

    I also never feel guilty about treating myself :D
  12. YankeeGirl

    YankeeGirl Well-Known Member

    I think I would enjoy one of your parties, haha. We probably would have fun shopping together too.
  13. LadyOfMystery

    LadyOfMystery Heart of Gold Supporter

    United States
    I'm not a big shopper. I only shop when I need to. :sorry: Even grocery shopping when I do it I never know what to get, haha. I get in there and I'm like "Okay I was suppose to get...something." lol
  14. Applekrate

    Applekrate Well-Known Member Supporter

    hmm Genrally, I am a spender vs a saver. That has gotten me into a few tight times but, am willing to sacrifice for a bit to get something I want. Since I like to buy things, have learned to buy some things at a low price when I find a good deal, then I can sell it later and make money doing it. I call that a smart purchase and I have way more than I deserve because of that.

    When needing to go to the stroe- Sure, I make lists and I often buy more than what is on the list, esp if it is on sale and I know I'll need it later. Still, that is not very disciplined. I can be a crappy shopper at times but, being single, it is not a big deal and it is always stuff I will need down the road.
    I will rarely splurge on something really pricey unless it is a good deal and I may be able to sell it later and make money on it. It is very uncommon I buy something I regret.
    Online shopping? sure, more than in the past. As an example, I did not know some things are cheaper on line than in the actual store sometimes ( walmart ).
    There are also special deals online like free shipping, etc.
    My primarily online shopping places are - Walmart, Autozone, Amazon, some ebay but, less than in years past. I find a lot of great deals on face book too when not even looking. Just bought an engine and some other cool parts in different parts of the country. Will be making a trip soon to Ca to pick it up. Some people give stuff away and you can profit if you buy it right.
    Also, I was taught at an early age that buying used really stretches the dollar so, buy many things used a save a bunch. Just bought another snowboard for $125 that sells for over $400 new ( plus tax ).
    I would never, ever buy a new car. Such a poor financial decision. Easy to do but, do expensive and you loose so much.