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Discussion in 'Friendship Court' started by futuresoldier, Jan 9, 2002.

  1. futuresoldier

    futuresoldier guided by Jesus

    Why is sex before marraige so bad? Who does it hurt? Yes I know that it says not to in the bible but we all know that not everything it says in the bible is the word of God- "The law of God? It's all a pack of lies from the lying pen of scribes."
  2. bgoh

    bgoh Groovy Moderator

    Hi futuresoldier,

    In 2Tim 3 : 16
    All scripture [is] given by inspiration of God, and [is] profitable for doctrine, for reproof, for correction, for instruction in righteousness: All scripture [is] given by inspiration of God, and [is] profitable for doctrine, for reproof, for correction, for instruction in righteousness:

    I think it's clear from 2Tim 3:16 that the bible is the word of God.
    In regards to 'sex before marriage', it hurts a lot more people than you think! The consequences of the unwanted pregnancy may lead to an abortion - a killing of an innocent live, the guilt that one carries & etc.
  3. revival

    revival Pray for Rain

    Absolutely! Sex should be kept for the marriage bed. Why? Because sex is very spiritual. It is what the bible refers to when "2 become 1". It is the joining of 2 spirits together. It should not be done lightly. Otherwise, there are serious spiritual consequences.
  4. girl4god

    girl4god New Member

    Absolutely sex is something for marraige and abused by too many. I found out that it is Truth when the Bible speaks of two "joining unto one flesh." When I was broken up with by my ex after a year long (only) relationship that was not holy, I suffered great loss and mourning and felt the pain of some one severing themselves from me. It was worse pain for me than when I found out my sister was killed.
    I also had a child from a man who did not and still does not care for me. It is a life long battle for me to deal with him in mine and my daughter's life-especially to try to always be a good Christian toward him.
    Pregnancy can be a tough addition, but even with out, the after effects of sexual relations hurt, and are deeply regretted again and again when you find the one you want to marry. Believe me.
  5. FFX

    FFX PS2 Chick with Passion

    well, what I think...

    just say... when you know your partner has had sex before your marriage to her/him wouldn't you feel a little mistrust... I don't know how you would feel. Anyway... it hurts both people in the end...
  6. FOMWatts<><

    FOMWatts<>< Follower of the Way

    I do not see how someone can call the Bible a pack of lies. God protects His Word, and it is far from a pack of lies. You can't show me one lie in the Bible. Man, it aggravtes me to hear the "word of God", and "Lie" in the same sentence.

    <>< Proverbs 16:9
  7. smiley

    smiley Smile, you're on camera!

    No no no, sex before marriage is VERY destructive, and causes untold amounts of spiritual damage and psychological problems that will affect your marriage!!! There are many books on this subject, I suggest you do look into it!
  8. futuresoldier

    futuresoldier guided by Jesus

    You want an untrue part of the bible? Here you go- "The world was created in seven days". I'll also do a post later about a TV programme showing that the story of the Israelites may not be completely true. FOMWatts, not all of the Bible is the word of God.
  9. Stevie

    Stevie New Member

    So, dear futuresoldier, what exactly is untrue about the world being created in seven days? Where you there?

    I think that you should consider something about God. Do you not realise that He is all-powerful? Why would God have His own book, and allow it to be filled with "a pack of lies"?

    Can I take the liberty to ask - do you believe any of the bible? And do you consider yourself a Christian?
  10. Nails&ThoRns

    Nails&ThoRns Member

    and it'a actually 6 days. he rested on the 7th day. and i believe i wondered into a debate on the whole 6 days thing on here befor and i have been in several from other forums. basicly both sides have good reason to believe what they do. but if your a christian then i dont see why your trying to deny the whole 6 day thing. is god not powerful to do it? or are you lacking faith, making room for evolution incase it happens to be right?

    how old are you? the way you presented your thoughts, lacking detail, seemed juvinile. dont state somthing as fact unless you are willing to back it up.

    :eek: tired.
  11. Nails&ThoRns

    Nails&ThoRns Member

    you know stevie, there was this one girl i used to like with the name stevie. she wasent a christian though, which sucked because we have the same personality types. since it is sorta on topic, what do you think about dating someone who isnt a christian? that question was for everyone, not just stevie.

    :confused: question
  12. girl4god

    girl4god New Member

    Dating non-Christians when you are one, is hard - not un- heard of, though. I have dated some very nice non- christians, but found that we were always on two different mind sets. My happiness really only came when some of them became Christians after we broke up, and that they weren't pushed away by me talking about God a lot. I just advise to be very careful about who you consider dating. No one wants to be un-equally yoked. ;)
  13. Randy

    Randy New Member


    For the sake of discussion, I'll concede. The Bible is a pack of lies. We'll start with that premise, and subsequently, toss it out. Fair enough?

    You're still left with two absolute and undeniable truths of life:

    1) People make choices.
    2) Actions have consequences.

    Now, why is sex before marriage a bad thing?

    The answer is "personal responsbility." You, and you alone, are responsible for the choices you make. You, and you alone, are responsible for the actions you take.

    In these days of state-mandated and legally enforceable child-support, a pre-marital affair "could" result in an unwanted pregancy. That "could" mean child-support payments for, oh, at least until the "child" is of age to have completed four years of college. (Yes, this is experience speaking--ex-wife, child-support, etc.)

    Then there's the possiblity of stalkers, psycho ex-lovers....

    Can you say STD? AIDS?

    I'm also certain I'm not the only remaining "old fogey" who still believes in shotgun weddings. My 16 year-old daughter will tell what's going to happen if she gets pregnant before she gets married. She WILL marry the father, period. What happens after that is NOT my concern. But THEY will start a life together, period.

    Failure to consider the possible ramifications of one's choices and actions, regardless of how small the chances are of the "unexpected" happening, is a sign of great immaturity. So, you may ridicule these folks all you wish for obeying a "commandment" which could "possibly" be a lie. They are, nonetheless, avoiding choices and actions which "possibly" could lead to a lifetime of regret. And considering that man is, by nature, a creature driven by seeking that which brings the most pleasure and happiness, avoiding the possiblity of pain, when possible to do so, just very well may be the greatest pleasure and happiness of all.

    Still, experience is the best teacher. You'll figure it out.
  14. pokey

    pokey New Member

    So, futuresoldier, how do YOU determine what part of the bible is lies and what part of the bible is truth? Would it not be fair to say that if part of it is a lie - then it all has to be? Maybe that is your argument - but I would like to know where you get this belief from.
  15. The Soulgirl

    The Soulgirl New Member

    Deary me... has no one ever heard of the term "try before you buy"?

    I am a well balanced, caring, thoughtful person who has never suffered by having sex before marriage... its all part of growing up and discovering your own sexuality!

    You say God has his own book... it was written merely as a book of morals by which to lead a happy, calm and fulfilled life!

    One question always crossess my mind though.... why are a lot of Vicars, Priests etc paedophiles (always in the news)? Seems a tad hypocritical to me!
  16. girl4god

    girl4god New Member


    I am terribly sorry you haven't felt even the conviction of having sex before marraige, but on the other hand am praising God that you haven't had terrible experiences, either. I hope and pray one day God will in His way show you why it is wrong, even though it says so in the Bible. I think STDs and such are enough to be careful about. It turns out almost 4 &1/2 yrs after I came to the Lord, I might have cervical cancer from my wonderful experiences.

    About all those priests- all I can say is maybe they could use some prayer. Maybe all those children, too, huh? "Judge not that you may not be judged" -Matt7:1.... God has His eye on us all, and the unjust shall recieve their due reward.Believe me.

    PS- I will keep you in prayer. :)
  17. marmaladePRO

    marmaladePRO Active Member

    "try before yo buy" thats great, i've heard it too, in regards to shoes and other forms of cheap possession. :)
    personally i have much more respect for women (all women) than to *use* someone for physical pleasure under the guise of "if this works we could get married".
    Love is so much more than sex, just like sex is so much less than love!
  18. The Soulgirl

    The Soulgirl New Member

    You right.. love is so much more than sex... but you fail to appreciate that you dont have to be married to experience love!

    As we all know, Jesus was in love with Mary and again, we all know that Mary was a prostitute... if Jesus could love someone, and have sex with that person without being married, so can anyone else!

    I failed to advise you all, that the "as marmaladePRO" and "fiel4god" point out.... I am now very happily married to my before marriage sex partner... and we still continue to have great sex... in fact its not sex, it is making love, but I did not have to wait until the ring was on my finger to figure that out... take my brother... he is so into God and the church, he met a girl, married her and refused to have sex before that act. Now, he is repulsed by the physical flaws on her body.... dont try and tell me that you dont look at peoples physical flaws and say "yuk", because we all do... to some its acceptable , to others not! We need to know absolutely EVERYTHING about somebody before comitting our whole lives to them... surely?

    Im open to arguement!!
  19. girl4god

    girl4god New Member

    Dear Soulgirl-
    Have you ever read the Bible? I would love for you to show me the passages where it says that Jesus ever slept with Mary or anyone else for that matter! Jesus did love her, as he does even the worst of sinners, but it does not say anywhere that Jesus would defile anyone like that. "Love worketh no ill to his neighbor, therefore love fulfilleth the law." Rom 13:10
    And why would Jesus himself say in Matthew 5:27-28 "Ye have heard that it was said of them of old time,'thou shalt not commit adultery: But I say unto you, That whosoever looketh on a woman to lust after her hath committed adultery with her already in his heart." 0
    Why would God himself go against his own laws?
    "And if a kingdom is divided against itself, that kingdom cannot stand."
    If your brother is repulsed by his wife's body, then maybe you should wonder who he is comparing her to. He is obviously not showing signs of loving her with the Holy Spirit of Christ- even you see it!
    By the way, no one is holding any thing against you. I have also been forgiven for sleeping with people before getting married. Remember what it says in Romans 3:23-24:" For all have sinned and fall short of the glory of God ; Being justified freely by his grace through the redemption that is in Christ Jesus."
    Jesus simply tells us to be Holy for our own good- to keep away from diseases and such.
    In Romans 14:21-It says;"It is neither good to eat food nor drink wine nor do anything by which your brother stumbles or is offended or is made weak."
    I hope this helps. I will pray for your brother and his poor wife, too. Godspeed.
  20. Westeez

    Westeez Member

    I believe God created sex to be between one man and one women for life. We can all love other people in different ways, but sex is the strongest expresion of love - in a sense it is a unique expression of love - thats why it is so powerful. God wanted a man and a women to bond together, to become incredibly deeply in love with each other - and sex was to be a big part in that. The physical 'melding' between 2 people enhances the love between 2 partners and helps create an emotional bond between them.

    I refuse to condem people for having sex before marriage. So many times us Christians can condem people for having it before marriage. But everyone has a free choice. God created us with free choice. Please don't get me wrong, I believe in absolutes, and I certainly think its the right thing to wait. But if someone chooses not to, we shouldn't yell "what you are doing is wrong." Rather, we should be loving and let them know there is another way. Just let them know of God's plan. But if they choose not to, then we must respect their decision. It's their choice. I for one, believe that Gods plan is to wait till marriage, and I choose to follow God's plan.