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Serious writers???

Discussion in 'The Writers Guild' started by yeshuaskid, Sep 27, 2007.

  1. yeshuaskid

    yeshuaskid Warrior in God's Army

    I do a lot of writing and post much of it on http://www.writing.com for critiquing purposes. If anyone is interested, feel free to check it out. I love writing here but, am working on a book that is being edited on the other site. So, if you're looking for one place to sharpen your skills, you may find it there. You can also find tons of help and information on getting your writing published.
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  2. Cordelia

    Cordelia Temperamental Girl of God

    Christian Seeker
    That looks great, thanks! I hadn't heard of it before.
  3. MrBF1V3

    MrBF1V3 Regular Member

    I'm part of a critique group at sffworld.com. There are several places where one can find that kind of feedback--the trick is to find it and to a certain extent, make it happen.

  4. qa11

    qa11 Member

    hmm wow thank you.

    i appreciate you posting this friend.

    Have a great day

    QA11 :)

  5. Tariel

    Tariel Reader-Writer-Editor

    Maybe I'll look at it. I really like the critique I getting from my friends right now, though.
  6. yeshuaskid

    yeshuaskid Warrior in God's Army

    I'm just back here from a long reprieve and found you all. Does everyone here read each others work? I'm always looking for more critics of my work.