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Selling all you have...

Discussion in 'Deeper Fellowship' started by LittleDaughter, Mar 10, 2012.

  1. RickardoHolmes

    RickardoHolmes Guest

    It has to do with the triumph of the Spiritual over the Material, as taught by Christ, Buddha, Ghanda and a slew of others. What Jesus was possibly trying to communicate was that when we focus our attention on material gains, and then material gains, as they will, disappear, we are left with nothing.,
    Better to adopt a less material and more spiritual outlook.
    Proof of this should be to many, the recent economic crisis.

    Clearly, Jesus wanted to Warn against greed as well, which results from the uncontrolled attachment to material goods.
  2. Noxot

    Noxot OwO Supporter

    United States
    the spiritual is way better. it is liars that say that the material is what matters. the spiritual is higher than the material and so of course you can not place the material first and ignore or put the spiritual second.

    you can really tell how wicked your heart is when you have an overabundance and you see people suffering and you do not wish to help them. we being weak must do what we can and it is God who will make us be like He is. He will restore to us our true character and nature, which is to be as He is.

    to be married to Christ is to be on an entire new level of spiritual, please seek after Him will all and He will quickly show Himself to you. things like doubts, lies, fears. they are spirits of the earth and they are weak. but things like faith and love and charity, those are from above and are of great power.

    a big cockroach crawled on me just now, crawled up my leg and I freaked out and got it off me but it was injured. I asked God why God did this to me and He said because it wanted to be with its lord. I was thinking in my mind if I ought to kill it, even though I hate killing Gods creatures, even cockroaches... i feel bad when i do it... and God told me to kill it and that it is a similitude and that when it dies it goes on to a higher spiritual reality.

    i know I can not grasp what the cockroach means fully yet but from what i contemplate...we are as the cockroach (small, gross) but when we cling to God, who i was during the time the roach crawled on me, it really stirs Him up and He wounds you with the wound of love and then later on you are crushed by his foot because those that ascend in love end up getting killed and persecuted in this world, because they are not from this world. but how is it that when people kill you that it is said you are crushed by his foot? you are crushed by his own foot because God allows all things to work for good and you ascend to a higher spiritual reality when you are killed when you love. but also that God will not only wound you, but he will crush you in love and that is a wound incurable. I smashed that roach really good, he died and did not twitch. and see now how the spiritual is higher than the material? but the material often follows after the spiritual realities. both of earth and God. so pick God. so pick Love.

    the more spiritual we all become, the more light that comes to this world, and there is going to come a point very soon that this world gets transformed to a higher spiritual reality, only because we as sons of God first transform. the earth will follow. the material people of the earth are going to be very surprised and very frightened. so follow Christ and not the world. follow Christ because he is Love.
    Last edited: Mar 15, 2012