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Discussion in 'Chronic Pain & Arthritis' started by peaches93, Jul 26, 2011.

  1. peaches93

    peaches93 Guest

    I recently have been diagnosed with scoliosis.
    The amount of pain it causes is crazy. I am going to a new massage therapist in a week. Not only does it effect my back- I'll start from top to bottom. It gives me headaches, I have TMJ (A really sore jaw), ear aches, swollen lymph nodes, sore shoulders and neck, upper and lower back pain, sore ribs, sore hips, and crooked, sore knees. It reminds me of that song with all the bones connecting.
    One thing that helps a lot is heat- One of those $15 ones you can get at drug stores. At all times I have pain in at least one area of my body- and I am only 18! Sometimes I think it's not fair. But hopefully the new massage therapist will help. I probably will have to go see a specialist for scoliosis 8 hours from where i live when I get back from Africa in ten months- I leave in September and there will be no time for an appointment.
    So hopefully there will be a lot less stress in Africa, and my back won't cause as many problems.
    I was also diagnosed with chronic depression, and I don't think it helps at all with my pain. Not only do I feel real physical pain, it makes that pain worse and also gives me emotional pain.
  2. alistair

    alistair Kiwi as.

    Hi peachy! I was diagnosed with scoliosis when i was 18 also, so i know how you feel with a few of those symptoms......Luckily i don't get a large amount of pain from the condition but it affects the way i walk, sit, sleep and is also disfiguring in how one shoulder blade sticks out etc. Good luck with your treatment....i know how much of a kick it can be to your self-esteem but you'll get through it! PM me if you want to talk some more on the subject...