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School Shooting

Discussion in 'One Bread, One Body - Catholic' started by Anhelyna, Dec 14, 2012.

  1. Starlightsobright

    Starlightsobright Jesus is Love

    :crossrc:It is too tragic for words :crossrc:
  2. Erose

    Erose Newbie

    It is not just this country, it is everywhere that man is. No place is safe from these acts of terror.

    The facts are that nothing could have been done to stop this. If something could have been done it probably would have. There will always people who have either evil tendencies or a psychiatric break that will go on a killing spree. If you take away guns they will find something else to use, especially someone as cold blooded as this man was. Think about it. This man went into a school with two 9mm pistols and killed that many children and teachers. He wasn't just shooting a gun. He was aiming and shooting each individual one at a time. At this point there was no humanity left in him, only evil. We should thank God Almighty that this man killed himself and/or he didn't bring anymore bullets, for he would have killed many more, before the police took him down.

    There is no more dangerous animal in the world than a man like this.
  3. StThomasMore

    StThomasMore Christian Democrat


    Yea but he had mental problems and medical issues like Aspergers. He might have not been in full control of himself. Which is why I ask what where the doctors doing ?

    If you haven't noticed. America is one country that seems to love to leave its mentally ill on the street without supervision or help. Do you know there are laws out there, like the "de-institutionalism" provision, that are pushing to keep mentally ill people out in the street because they don't wanna pay for them? Its crazy.

    The state Office of Mental Health says they can’t be treated until they [show they] are a danger to themselves or others

    Rather than prevent violence, the law requires it.

    ACLU successfully filed lawsuits to take the mentally ill out of hospitals, known as "deinstitutionalization." By the 1980s, most state-run mental health hospitals had closed. Now, most of the mentally ill are out on the streets or in prison. The laws have been changed to the state that the mentally ill cannot be hospitalized until they've already attacked someone. As a result, more mentally ill people are incarcerated than in hospitals, with the seriously mentally ill three times more likely to end up behind bars than hospitalized.

    More than half of all people in prison report that they have mental health problems, and more than 40% of the seriously mentally ill have been in jail or prison. A study at the University of South Florida found that the highest users of criminal justice and mental health services were 97 people who had been arrested 2,200 times. It is ludicrous that those 97 people are not contained for their safety and others in mental health hospitals.
  4. Erose

    Erose Newbie

    I made a similar comment somewhere else, that even though his parents thought that he was mentally unstable and needed help, there was nothing they could do, unless they could convience their son that he needed help and he went on his own accord for a psych evaluation.

    Blame just doesn't set with the ACLU though. I also blame the APA, who has become more liberal (not used as the political sense, so don't get you hackles up) on what they determine is within the realm of normal behavior.

    But your right. This is senseless and sad for a society that espouses itself as being compassionate, allows people who need serious help and don't know it because of their illness to walk the streets. Let us not forget also that many of the homeless out there are in this boat. They can't hold a job because they have serious enough issues, and no one can help them, so they are casted out of society to the streets.

    This also being said, it is not really known if this person was actually had a mental break. I think in our society today we just don't want to believe that there are people who are just plain evil. We live in a society that obviously no longer believes in the sanctity of life, via allowing the slaughter of all those babies, who never get the chance to see the light of day. Then you thown in all of the movies and video games that glamorise murder and killing, then what do you end up with? You end up with a powder keg is what you end up with.

    People want to blame guns, well the last time I looked guns normally require a person aiming them and pulling the trigger. It isn't the guns that are the problem, it is the society that is breeding these types of people who have obviously no respect for the life of others.

    In our society, and I admit it could be due to the globalization of news, it seems that every day you are hearing about murder/suicides. It is getting to the point that they are so common that unless there is something significant to the story you only hear about them in passing on the news. We need to just admit that there are many people out there, and it seems that their % in the population is growing rapidly, who believe that life is not something that should be protected.

    If anything this tells me that we as a society are loosing our souls. We are not doing a good enough job teaching our children the importance of respecting not just ourselves but other people's lives and property as well.