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Satanists reveal themselves: 46664 Concert - For (4) 666

Discussion in 'Eschatology - Endtimes & Prophecy Forum' started by ICXC_NIKA, Nov 30, 2003.

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  1. Acrobat

    Acrobat Guest

    At least Bono is trying, did you know that some Celebrities are not Satanists? In fact Bono has confessed to have faith in Christ and uses many Scriptures in his songs.
    I think it’s good that some celebrities are promoting a worthy cause instead of promoting sex and drugs.
  2. Acrobat

    Acrobat Guest

    Your right, this is the most ridiculous thread i have ever seen!
  3. jhessel

    jhessel Senior Member

    hollywood loves to flaunt occult symbology and propaganda in their movies. This show with Bono and Mandela doesn't surprise me not 1 bit knowing the forces which control the music industry. (satanic forces)

    a thread of mine that is related to this thread

    http://www.christianforums.com/t55545 (satanic rooks of rock)
  4. water_ripple

    water_ripple Well-Known Member

    Yeah for the Oak Ridge Boys! I just finished watching their Christmas special that was rasing funds for the hungry kids in America, and they even read scripture from the bible in their show.:clap:
  5. water_ripple

    water_ripple Well-Known Member

    Play nice now..we have all seen what God thinks about spreading blame around..
  6. Acrobat

    Acrobat Guest

    And you think i spread blame.

    You people are crazy!
  7. Phileo

    Phileo Well-Known Member

    I hate misinformation, it breeds contempt

    The Concert: The initiative, called 46664 and spearheaded by Nelson Mandela, was launched in London on Tuesday. The five digits 46664 represented Mr Mandela's prison number for more than 18 years while he was kept prisoner in South Africa's Robben Island jail.

    The concert was not in Mandela's honor, but it was spearheaded by him and those who participated did so "TO BRING AIDS AWARENESS TO AFRICA".
    For more click here http://news.bbc.co.uk/2/hi/entertainment/3210518.stm

    Who is Mandela? (A Staunch Christian)

    Thirty years in jail as a political prisoner didn't embitter NELSON MANDELA. One of his greatest regrets, after being released from Robben Island Prison in 1990, was that he forgot to thank the prison guards. So it came as no surprise that, when he was elected president in South Africa's first all-race elections in 1994, he regularly consulted his former captors about his plans to construct a racially integrated, democratic society.
    The foster child of a Thembu chief, Mandela was groomed to rule the tribe. But like all nonwhite South Africans, Mandela was painfully aware of the grim realities of apartheid, the legal separation of races. The injustices he witnessed propelled him into politics and law. As a young college student he was suspended for joining a protest boycott. He moved to Johannesburg, where he finished his degree by correspondence, and joined the African National Congress, a black nationalist movement.

    He was subsequently convicted of sabotage and conspiracy to overthrow the government and sentenced to life imprisonment. During his 27 years behind bars, Mandela galvanized worldwide support for the fight against apartheid by becoming a symbol for equal rights and justice.
    After his release in 1990 he played a pivotal role as ANC president in negotiating the end of apartheid. In 1993 he shared the Nobel Peace Prize with South African President F.W. de Clerk and a year later, at age 75, was elected president himself. On Dec. 10, 1996 — amid chants of "Power to the people!" — Mandela signed the country's new constitution, which includes sweeping human-rights and antidiscrimination guarantees.

    Mandela stepped down a president in June 1999. He left behind a country still troubled by racial hatred, crushing poverty and staggering violent crime. But he remains the most revered man in the country, credited with a remarkable transition from tyranny to democracy, and a commitment to reconciliation that saved the country from a violent bloodbath.

    He should not be worshipped... but he deserves the admiration and respect that he receives.

    For more about Mandela click here http://publicpolicy.subr.edu/mandela.htm
  8. PastorFreud

    PastorFreud Lie back on the couch.

    Thank you, Phileo, for those words of information and wisdom.
  9. caley

    caley Christian Anarchist

    Don't forget to mention that 3 out 4 of U2's member's are Christian.
  10. rwl

    rwl Insert witty comment here

    There WAY to much mis information running through this thread. 46664 was Mandela's prison number for the more then 18 years he was in South Africa's Robben Island jail. What does selling songs, and weraing black have to do with Satan?

    Again I ask ... What?!?! How can you call out the "West" like that? Really now.

    Edit :: Yeah, what Philio posted too!
  11. Phileo

    Phileo Well-Known Member

    I am glad I was not the only one to catch that little chink in the poster's armor... because 666 is not a number at all

    Revelation 13:18
    [font=Verdana, Arial, Geneva]John Gill Exposition[/font]

    Here is wisdom…
    Not only in the above description of the two beasts, but in what follows as to the number of the beast, these two now coalescing in one, and have one and the same number; and to wrap it up, and conceal it in such an obscure manner, shows great wisdom in God, as it requires much in men, and serves greatly to exercise all his intellectual powers to find it out:

    let him that hath understanding count the number of, the beast;
    whoever has skill numbers, let him make use of it, that he may know the name and nature of the antichristian beast, and the numerical letters of his name, or the number of him, and of the time when he arose, and when he will expire: for it is the number of a man:
    either a number that may be reckoned by man, or which is in common use among men; see (Revelation 21:17) ; or that which is contained in the name of a man:

    Verse 18
    Here is wisdom. He that hath understanding, let him count the number of the beast; for it is the number of a man: and his number is Six hundred and sixty and six.

    The ancient science of numerology seems to have influenced a number of passages in this prophecy; and perhaps the most probable meaning relates to the symbolic value of the number itself. Seven is the number of perfection. Six is the number of imperfection, of falling short, of forever being below what is perfect. The number 777 is said to be "the number of God, Christ, grace and salvation for men." The number 666 is therefore the crowding out of perfection "in Christ," and the contradiction of all that is indicated in 777. Many scholars have stressed this line of thought. Our own conviction is that this "number" is not a literal number at all, but the symbol standing for a "spiritual likeness."
  12. prince didymus

    prince didymus Prince of Destiny

    Thanks for straightening things out Phileo. Interesting information you present there. I've always known that both 666 and 777 had to be more than just numeric figures and be of a more symbolic nature.
  13. Axver

    Axver Dreaming on a railway track

    In Relationship
    I'm glad some other people got here before I did to defend this and presented the real facts. To criticise and bash the 46664 concert is sheer daft idiocy. Bono has to be the most committed Christian in the musical world (anyone here ever actually read the lyrics to songs such as Acrobat, Until The End Of The World, Gloria, Tomorrow, 40, or Gone?), and this concert was for such a good cause that to ridicule it is ... beyond belief, really, and I honestly did not expect I'd see it. Artists who'll say they support a cause are one thing, but people like Bono who'll dedicate a good portion of their lives to improving the world are a completely different thing, and this concert was part of his dedication. Where does this dedication come from? His faith. Does the Bible not say to judge someone by their fruits? Bono's produced so many good fruits: Band Aid, DATA, Jubilee 2000, 46664 - I could go on and on. This is a man with a heart and a conscience, just like the many other people who performed at this concert.

    To come up with these ridiculous Satanic connections is just that - ridiculous. You have to be daft to believe it. Some Christians seem to want to find fault with EVERYTHING, and so they completely miss the point and come up with stuff like this. Get real, people. Is it too hard to support a good thing?
  14. The Fool

    The Fool New Member

    Amen to that!

    Bono reads the Message by Eugene Peterson The Bible in contemporary language.http://www.atu2.com/news/connections/peterson/

    After his mother died unexpectedly, Bono, David Evans (who is now known as U2's guitarist The Edge) and Larry Mullen Jr. (U2's drummer) were all involved in Shalom, a loose evangelical group that met for song, worship, and Bible study.
    "I just go where the life is, you know? Where I feel the Holy Spirit," Bono told Christianity Today. "If it's in the back of a Roman Catholic cathedral, in the quietness and the incense, which suggest the mystery of God, of God's presence, or in the bright lights of the revival tent, I just go where I find life. I don't see denomination. I generally think religion gets in the way of God.
    "I am just trying to figure it out. Everybody wants to make an impact with their life, whether it's small scale with friends or family—that's really big, is the truth—or whether it's on a grand scale, in changing their communities and beyond. I just want to realize my potential." He recalled one pastor's recent advice: Stop asking God to bless what you're doing. Find out what God's doing. It's already blessed. "That's what I want," Bono said. "I want to align my life with that. http://www.christianitytoday.com/ct/2003/003/2.38.html

    I could go on on to prove Bono is a believer just go to google, but like everyone he falls short sometimes.
  15. Axver

    Axver Dreaming on a railway track

    In Relationship
    Yes, I'm sick of people expecting Bono and other stars to perfect. Well sorry, but he's not God, and neither are YOU. But he never compromises his faith and he's a genius because he's one of the few musicians who is skilled enough to write lyrics that appeal to both sides of the secular/Christian fence; even Gloria, one of the most blatantly Christian songs he's written ("Oh Lord, if I had anything/Anything at all/I'd give it to You"), appeals to non-Christians, and through that appeal, some people have come to know Christ. What other Christian bands can claim to do that? So few of them can appeal to secular audiences as well, and yet U2's the biggest band in the world today and arguably the biggest band of all time (I can make a case for them being bigger than folk like The Beatles). What other artists will put everything on the line to support a good cause? Bono wears his heart on his sleeve and to accuse him of not being a true Christian or to go around bashing a cause he promotes is ... wrong, very wrong.

    To add to what The Fool said, Bono wrote the introduction to ... Proverbs, I think it was, for one Bible edition, and an (incomplete) list of Biblical references in U2 songs can be found at http://atu2.com/lyrics/biblerefs.html

    I'd just like to take this chance to quote The Edge: "I'm very nervous about the 'Christian' label. I have no trouble with Christ, but I have trouble with a lot of Christians." And so often I can see why.
  16. KZs

    KZs Junior Member


    Thank you. Finally someone talks sense in this thread. I was too a bit schocked reading some of the comments before your post.

    Indeed 46664 was Mandela's number in prison. People should at least try to inform themselves before judging someone or something....

    It has nothing to do with Satanism. If you saw the concert there was even a kid in it praising the LORD and saying a prayer! He was praising JESUS! How can they be Satanists then?

    I think, yes, it has a reason why it is written in the Bible that 666 is Satan's number. But I think we shouldn't have superstitious fear about it and think every time the number is somewhere it represents the Satan. I don't think that's what God wants.
    What if it is in a phone number or something? Do we have to start panic and think the owner of the number is a Satanist and judge him?

    Thank you once again, Phileo!
  17. Suzannah

    Suzannah A sinner

    Eastern Orthodox
    Wow....we've got Christians calling each other names here...classy...*hit unsubscribe*
  18. prince didymus

    prince didymus Prince of Destiny

    Really? Where? I haven't seen any of that on this page....

    Maybe on one of the others?
  19. Palatka44

    Palatka44 Unabashedly Baptist

    I think that the name calling is just Axver quoting "The Fool".

    ICXC_NIKA New Member

    Eastern Orthodox
    I could be wrong and the number 46664 could have no connection with the number of the beast.
    But don't you see that our boat is sinking ? In many advertisements they tell about
    the "New era" , "New age" etc. And the leader of the new age is the antichrist.
    Also if you had a little knowledge about what symbols are being used by companies , advertisements etc. you would see how often the hidden number 666 is being used.

    Just look at your old dollar bill and there you will find a masonic pyramid , the eye of horus which represents lucifer and many other things.

    Remember the world is being governed by crazy people.
    I guess people before Hitler did not want to believe what would happen in a few years where hundreds of millions of people died.
    The same thing is happenning now.
    I wish that all of you who are skeptical would be right but i am afraid
    that the reality is different.

    I have hope though in Christ and that God will save us.
    I just write all this stuff so that we are not being held as fools that will consume all their sinister propaganda.
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