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Religious people: Did you feel any guilt when you lost your virginity?

Discussion in 'Ethics & Morality' started by Larry Mondello, Apr 12, 2012.

  1. Gadarene

    Gadarene -______-

    In Relationship
    Ah, so it's not that you can't say the Christian view at all on CF, it's that you can't say it on boards that are open to Christians and non-Christians? That seems like a slightly different kettle of fish.

    Bias is annoying, isn't it? ;)

    You'd be surprised how little of the community would view outright squelching of statement of opinion to be a good thing. Of course, if it can't stand up to scrutiny, then that's another matter.
  2. Larry Mondello

    Larry Mondello Frequent poster

    Good post.
    One kinda wonders if those non-Christian men who took the virginities of Christian women ever look back and regret that, especially those that later come to Christ.
    Years later, when they don't know the woman (women) anymore, you wonder if they wish they hadn't taken a sweet Christian girl's innocence.

    Imagine the girl regrets giving-in so easily.
  3. Nilloc

    Nilloc Senior Veteran

    I've never had sex. I also will never, ever get married. But I don't plan on remaining a virgin either and I have no guilt about that. And honestly, I think I actually would feel guilty having sex while married, whether it be my first or hundredth time.
  4. Larry Mondello

    Larry Mondello Frequent poster

    Was your bride an innocent Christian virgin too?
    Would be a beautiful night if lovemaking was new to both of them.

    Even if both weren't virgins, the non-virgin (often the man) would surely see the light of Christ in his innocent virgin bride's life and admire her for waiting, and realize how great it was for him to wait, he would surely be won to the Lord even more by the actions of his spouse.

    I also think this happens in dating relationships, when the guy the Christian woman dates is Christian but hasn't been so chaste or so "enthusiastic" about his faith as he once was.

    He meets this virgin Christian woman who's "different," falls in love with her and is patient enough to wait for sex from her until marriage & stops pressuring her for sex as he did with other women, seeing how she's different and how she might be worth waiting for.

    That kind of guy wasn't some pagan fornicator or "player," but one who got a little worldly but is drawn-back to the faith through his bride's actions.
  5. GNJ

    GNJ Picker 'n' Chooser

    *thread is revived two years after last post*
  6. Blessedj01

    Blessedj01 Guest

    No, I wasn't a Christian back then. It's more a sense of wastefulness.

    Now, I'm aware God can restore that connection to you with the right person.