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relationship with God, what is it supposed to be like --

Discussion in 'Deeper Fellowship' started by mandii_ck, Jan 12, 2010.

  1. mandii_ck

    mandii_ck Newbie

    My question is kind of complicated but I'll try to explain it the best I can.. I'm a born again christian as of January 2, 2010 so I've been one for 10 days.. I know I'm supposed to have a relationship with God and like any other relationship, it will grow and improve with time..

    Well I always hear about Christians who God communicates with personally.. He talks to them, tells/shows them things with visions and all kinds of amazing things cause they have a close relationship with the Lord..

    Well I don't know if I'm right or wrong to feel this way but when I hear about those kind of things I kind of feel left out.. I want God to talk to me and tell me n show me things..

    Am I doing something wrong or is it cause my relationship isn't strong enough cause I've only been saved for 10 days? -- Do I have to wait for so much time to pass or is their something I need to do? -- What is the process of spiritual growth and the process of becoming closer to God supposed to be like?
  2. tansy

    tansy Senior Member

    :) Hi mandii...I'm so glad you've come into a relationship with Jesus.

    In my experience God deals diferently with different people. Some people have visions and things, but not everyone necessarilly. Some people might have one vision, but never have another (so far as i know). You just have to wait and see how God wants to relate wth you and how and what He wants to teach you, help you etc.
    I have to admit I've sometimes felt somewhat envious of some people who seem to have had more amazing experiences than I have...but really, I don't think it matters if one doesn't. God impressed on me once what it says in Scripture 'Blessed are those who believe without seeing'.
    The only thing I can think to advise is to read the Bible, pray and continue in your relationship with God and other believers. God may or may not do these things with you..if He does, well and good, if he doesn't well and good.
    God also shows or tells or intimates things to you in lots of different ways. Often when you're least expecting it, and not in the ways you expect.
    He hasn't said anything in particular to me for yonks..but that's ok cos i know he's still there..He doesn't ALways have to be doing or saying things in a very obvious way.
    I'm sure others will have more comments and advice to give. :)
  3. Mela Monkey

    Mela Monkey Kevin Kevin Kevin


    To me, a relationship with God should basically look like one that you'd have with a best friend. If you're best friends with someone, you wouldn't expect to never communicate with them, so that's the first thing you need. A great way to communicate is through prayer. Tell God everything that's happening in your life. Even though he already knows everything about you, talking to him about stuff shows him that you care and want to have a strong relationship with him. Bring him your sins, your worrys, your doubts, thank him for blessings, ask him to change you, be humble towards him. You need trust also, try learning how to put 100% trust in him. This means trust for everything, no matter how small or pointless it may seem. Another thing you need is, love. Love makes you want to do things for him, to please him, and to do what he tells you to do.

    I hope what I said helps you out :) I probably forgot some stuff though
  4. SolaVeritas

    SolaVeritas Newbie

    When I was a brandnew Christian (and even now), I often prayed for God to reveal Himself to me. How He will answer that prayer and when is up to Him. As you grow in knowledge of who He is, you will grow in willingness to obey him, and that opens the door for Him to communicate with you. Don't look to other people too much, just wait and see what He wants to do in your life. He might want you to grow in faith (believing without seeing or hearing) for some time. Never doubt His wisdom, He will do everything in His time.
    Blessings to you :)
  5. Jpark

    Jpark Well-Known Member

    Here are some tips for getting closer to God:

    Be real with God. God is not a dead God confined to the Bible. He is a living God, a living Spirit. The Holy Spirit is omnipresent (Psalm 139:7-8).

    Don't pray like the other Christians do. If you have something to ask, ask like you're going to ask your best friend.

    Spend some time with God. Turn off your television, computer, etc.

    Know His personal name. His personal name is Abba (Galatians 4:6).

    Don't get too involved in theological arguments. God is not interested.
  6. Macx

    Macx Well-Known Member

    Mandii, relationship builds with time. You don't become best friends with someone the first time you meet them. . . the longer the relationship the stronger, when you weather some of life's storms together, joys and sorrows. It will build. Enjoy this time knowing that if you seek first the Kingdom of God. . . all that other stuff will come in due time.


    Who are you to judge how others pray?

    Galatians 4:
    Those words don't belong to us. Revelations 19
    Abba isn't a personal name, it is a title. Scripture makes it clear, there are many words used for God, but the personal name is too Holy for human ears in this life.

    God is interested in the truth, the truth sets us free, God's desire for us is freedom from that which would bind us.
  7. miggles

    miggles miggles

    I agree with the folks here. I talk to God all the time. When I'm outside working or in the kitchen, I talk to Him. I say "what do you think of this?" or "should I do this?" etc.

    And I get on my knees everyday and pray. In this way, I feel like He's part of me, which He is.

    So, if your car breaks down or something, remember God is with you in that predicament. Just expect Him to fix the situation. He will give you a thought to act on. Or move an outside party to come to help you. It's wonderful.

    Hope that helps. :)
  8. stormdancer0

    stormdancer0 Do not be so open-minded that your brain falls out

    Every relationship with God is different. Just pray, and remember to both speak to God and to listen for Him. Obey Him in little things, and it will be easier to hear Him in bigger ones. I passed a woman in Walmart the other day, and His Spirit spoke to me: "She needs a cup of coffee."

    What could I do? I approached her and told her that God had told me to buy her coffee. She balked at first, but some others standing around encouraged her, and she was very grateful. Now, what good does a cup of coffee make? Well, my kids got the message - obey God. The lady got the message - God loves you. The people around also got the message - Isn't that sweet. Maybe we should do something like that. That's a lot of return for a dollar cup.

    Just obey. Read the Bible, where you learn about your new Friend, but listen to Him in your heart as well. Find a good friend who's been in the faith a while, and that you trust, and ask them about their experiences. But don't expect yours to be exactly the same. God approaches each of us differently.