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Reformed and Healing

Discussion in 'Spirit Filled / Charismatic Debate (READ ONLY)' started by Yodas_Prodigy, Aug 26, 2011.

  1. Yodas_Prodigy

    Yodas_Prodigy Regular Member

    Reformed usually don't write books about such simple topics as divine healing. For them, it is usually a section or a paragraph in a chapter. Here are some links...


    "2) Others, such as Calvin and Owen, are mild cessationists. They hold miraculous gifts to have ceased in the sense that they are no longer normative for the church, but they do allow for them at various times and in various contexts. For example, in The Institutes, Calvin allows for prophecy and apostleship as the need of the times demands, especially when the gospel is penetrating new cultures (see quote below). Once again, these cessationists differ on which gifts ceased, when they did, and why they did.

    Calvin’s Institutes, III, 4:

    Those who preside over the government of the Church, according to the institution of Christ, are named by Paul, first, Apostles; secondly, Prophets; thirdly, Evangelists; fourthly, Pastors; and, lastly, Teachers (Eph. 4:11). Of these, only the two last have an ordinary office in the Church. The Lord raised up the other three at the beginning of his kingdom, and still occasionally raises them up when the necessity of the times requires.

    3) Others, such as Luther, John Knox (leader of the reformation in Scotland), and Samuel Rutherford (a framer of the Westminster Confession), are continuationists, in that they affirmed the continuing function of miraculous spiritual gifts for the church in their doctrine and practice. For some juicy quotes, see Oss’s response to the “open but cautious” view in Are Miraculous Gifts for Today? Four Views (ed. by Grudem, Zondervan, 1996). Its pretty amazing how “charismatic” they are in their views.


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  2. Laura Phillips

    Laura Phillips Laura Phillips

    In Relationship
    you keep studying the ways now and youll end up doing them