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Recommended Christian Romance Novels Or Relationship Books That Minister To Women?

Discussion in 'Book Club' started by unfinishedclay, Sep 4, 2013.

  1. unfinishedclay

    unfinishedclay Member

    I read an earlier post asking about books that minister to single women. So, I thought about posting a list of Christian books and novels that minister to women in general (some for single women, some for wives, and some for all.) I hope these help any woman seeking...

    Does anyone else have any recommendations?

    Here are the ones I recommend:

    1) Lies Women Believe: And The Truth That Sets Them Free (Non-fiction)

    2) Biblical Portrait of Womanhood: Discovering And Living Out God's Plan For Our Lives (Non-fiction)

    3) I Kissed Dating Good-Bye (Non-fiction)

    4) A Single Woman's Journey Through Marriage Preparation (Non-Fiction)

    5) The Redemption (Christian Romance)

    6) The Reliance (Christian Romance)

    7) Marriage Vows Under Fire: Gold Bands In The Fire (Christian Romance)

    8) The Raven Saint (Christian Romance)

    9) Sacred Sex by Dr. Tony Evans (Non-Fiction)

    10) For Married Women Only: The Principles of Honoring Your Husband (Non-Fiction)
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  2. Vladyslaus Kyivarius

    Vladyslaus Kyivarius Regular Member

    Eastern Orthodox
    See also Christian romances by Kristína Royová (aka Kristina Roy). Those may be read by all Christians I guess. At least I really liked those I found.

    God bless.
  3. Samuel Bohstrom

    Samuel Bohstrom New Member

    This is a nice read that focus on Biblical Women " The Cub´s Mistress (The Lion of Judah Series 1)" - a interesting Christian Read, a gripping tale and historically accurate.

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