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Raw video: Ryan and Biden on abortion and their Catholic faith...

Discussion in 'OBOB General Politics Forum' started by Michie, Oct 12, 2012.

  1. Michie

    Michie Perch Perkins. Catholic reporter. ;) Supporter

  2. Michie

    Michie Perch Perkins. Catholic reporter. ;) Supporter

  3. Kotton

    Kotton Senior Member

    Biden seems to have forgotten/changed/downplayed? so much of the Catholic moral teaching he received growing up. :eek: :confused:
  4. rainbojo

    rainbojo and yet

    He threw everything out in a matter of seconds. Bringing up the supreme court with Roe versus Wade. For how many years have we Catholics tried and tried to overturn Roe versus Wade??? Unbelievable Mr. Biden, you obviously are not serious about catholism. As we all know, Biden is next in line as President at this moment in time, and the way he acted in this debate was appalling.
  5. WarriorAngel

    WarriorAngel I close my eyes and see you smile Supporter

    he would be an embarassing President - i give you that.

    I was astounded at Ryan - then i figured if he gets the laws to change as VP to allocating sonograms prior to an abortion - as part of the law - perhaps that will work 80% better than getting the immediate chance of outlawing it. I say 80% only because you will find hard hearts - true die hards that will refuse the sonogram or just not look at their child.

    I think sonograms will reduce abortions.

    I know he made a bill - for that. I read his bills he proposed - extremely pro life. Unfortunately 'extreme' in this campaign will possibly boomarang. So perhaps he was coached - and perhaps biding his time.

    Otherwise - Biden didnt disappoint me, i knew his character and opinion on the matter. He simply doesnt care. Why should he care - he doesnt even care if his Church is suing for their religious freedoms.
  6. Fantine

    Fantine Dona Quixote Supporter

    Biden's bio says he was born in 1942. He was 31 years old when Roe v. Wade was passed (with 5 out of 6 justices approving it appointed by Republicans, BTW). As he was mourning the recent death of his wife and infant daughter in a car crash at the time, he probably wasn't even thinking about whatever the Supreme Court might be doing or not doing.

    I'm close enough in age to Biden that I can tell you honestly that the most warnings we heard about sex in our generation was that we shouldn't wear patent leather shoes or boys could look up your skirt.

    I never heard of "the pill" until I was about 13 and my friend, one of three sisters, said, "My mother could die if she had any more children and she and my dad don't care what the Pope thinks."

    And I was like, "Too much information--I don't want to think about your parents having sex."

    Did Biden learn about loving his neighbor when he was growing up Catholic? I sure hope so.

    Biden can probably remember the days when Robert Drinan, SJ was a liberal congressman from Massachusetts. He probably looks around at these new activists bishops and thinks, "Oy, vey! What happened in the past thirty years to change the landscape?"
  7. Jeffwhosoever

    Jeffwhosoever Fisherman and Servant Staff Member Red Team - Moderator Supporter

    United States
    Biden said he didn't want to impose his faith on Muslims, Jews and Christians, like all these are categorically pro - choice/ abortion.