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Rapture Visions and Dreams

Discussion in 'Sign Gifts' started by Ichigo007, Feb 15, 2013.

  1. Ichigo007

    Ichigo007 Newbie

    Can still picture these dreams today in full colour and they were awe inspiring and scary at the same time cause it can happen any time.

    It actually frightens me when I have these dreams/visions cause of the suddenness of them like going so fast through space or seeing him appear in front of your eyes while you were enjoying a drive somewhere to see a friend/family member.

    Would like to know if anyone else has had similar dreams or visions about Jesus?
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  2. MastersPiece

    MastersPiece Well-Known Member

    hi Ichigo007,
    Dreaming of the rapture can symbolize a number of things: Revival, spiritual awakening; (Personal or concerning the Church), or be a warning of unpreparedness if left behind.
    I believe Father is showing you a revival & awakening is coming to your heart and spirit and it appears He will show up at a time when things seem to be getting darker in your life.
  3. dennis1777

    dennis1777 Guest

    I have seen Him or an image of Him in a dream fleetingly. And the voice. Things are happening, there are simple signs. May we walk the good path, our path with Him, in Him and through Him.
  4. Ichigo007

    Ichigo007 Newbie

    Thanks very interesting

    As I look at the news and other signs it seems like the rapture is getting quite close since every year everything is getting worse and worse.

    One thing I am watching for is who the next pope will be next month since that may be the starting point of the tribulation/rapture and hoping it's not an Italian called Peter The Roman if Malachy's prophecy is correct.