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Question about God

Discussion in 'Questions by Non-Christians (Archived)' started by MemeBuster, Dec 25, 2007.

  1. MemeBuster

    MemeBuster Senior Veteran

    Other Religion
    I can not see why we need a creator god.

    Could you please explain to me why there needs to be a creator god?

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  2. HypnoToad

    HypnoToad *croak* Supporter

    United States
    Um, so the universe would exist.
  3. ebia

    ebia Senior Contributor

    I'm not sure what you mean.

    God doesn't exist because we need him. We exist because he chose to create us. God's existance just is.
  4. tapero

    tapero Legend Supporter

    I think this is already answered in thread,

    but God created us and all there is;

    and God is and always was.

    take care,
  5. MemeBuster

    MemeBuster Senior Veteran

    Other Religion
    Thank you for your answers.
  6. hlaltimus

    hlaltimus Senior Member

    One can dispute the necessity for a creator God using various contra-Genesis arguments just as a christian will invoke his or her various arguments in support of their belief, but really neither party will ever be able to produce a single human witness or record from such a witness who could honestly say, "I was there and I saw the creation happen!"

    So much for the christian's final argument then??? Not yet, for he or she can then promptly turn to John ch. 11 where the record of numerous witnesses are found of the resurrection of Lazarus back unto a state of perfectly functional life from being perfectly dead for four days.

    "Why does there need to be a creator God?"

    How else could a corpse with practically every bodily cell either dead or unusable, then arise unto such a normal state of health that said person even thereafter attended a party!!! (called a "supper",) in the next chapter without a wholesale and divinely creative act having occurred?

    I really do respect your question, but I'll respect it even more when you can pay a visit to the local morgue and raise corpses back unto a perfect state of normal life from being stiff for four days without needing the miraculous intervention of a creator God. It just couldn't have been any other way and if it was true for Lazarus roughly two thousand years ago, why shouldn't it also have been true from the shadowy, undated and humanly unwitnessed creation of our universe past ages ago?

    It not only could have been, it had to have been.
  7. MemeBuster

    MemeBuster Senior Veteran

    Other Religion
    But, how do you know the story of Lazarus really happened?

  8. Restube

    Restube Guest

    We know the Bible is the word of god and therefore true, for example because of all the Bible prophecies that have been fulfilled.
  9. hlaltimus

    hlaltimus Senior Member

    This isn't just a question about the verity of the raising of Lazarus incident, but a question about the verity of the entire Holy Bible. What if someone just made up this story of Lazarus? If we don't really believe the yarn about Goldilocks and the Three Bears, then why should we buy into this story for that matter?

    Well, the Holy Bible has something which "Goldilocks and the Three Bears", together with other world religions, never had: Long range, accurate and specifically fulfilled prophesies. I haven't the time or space to catalog the lengthy record of such fulfilled prophesies like those that are documented in works as Josh McDowell's two great books, "Evidence..." & "More Evidence that demands a verdict" has. When studied one by one by one and carefully matched up with existant historical records of both Israel, Judah, and even their hostile enemies (!!!), the conclusion is obvious: Biblical predictions that were specific, long range and had fulfillments verifiable with numerous, independent ancient records cannot be accounted for by sheer coincidence alone. Impossible! Someone other than the ministering prophets knew way, way ahead of time exactly what would happen partially because that Agent, (the Creator,) embodied an absolutely infinite scale of power, knowledge, and presence, (and an unlimited presence which takes in both physical place and time,) and so such an Agent could predict anything at all without the least frustration of His designs because He is already "...Before all things" before any "thing or things" can even be conceived of by any inferior, finite creatures... (Us!).

    If such a book, the Holy Bible, contains such an impressive record of fulfilled prophesies, one need not doubt of it's Divine inspiration, and if it is divinely inspired, then it's decrees, promises, warnings and records can be trusted and so the story of the raising from the dead of poor old Lazarus would be one such story in a book, which book contains those fulfilled predictions that only an infinite and eternal Being could have made.

    Sooner or later, though, one must reach a point when the verity of the Holy Bible must become an inward conviction or faith wrought in the heart of a believer through the work of the Holy Spirit of God, but this is more of an empirical evidence and not the kind of evidence you seek for here and now. Use the historical evidence of this Book's trustworthiness as a sort of "jumping stone" to reach yet another kind of evidence that no Earthly laboratory, debating society or court of inquiry is large enough to contain.
  10. Digit

    Digit Senior Veteran

    Hi Memebuster,

    I think there are two aspects to your question. One assumes that we need for God to exist, rather than that He created us and has control over us and our lives. The other is that of our origins. Simply put, most people accept The Big Bang theory on how our physical universe came to be. Space, time, matter was all created then.

    If, at some stage, the physical universe did not exist... what did?

    And that really is the most simple way of putting it. On one hand we reject anything that we cannot prove in the physical universe, yet on the other hand we readily adopt a theory that says at some point, all that we know was not in existence.

    It's a pretty big leap to say, oh ok, so that means God did it all, I don't think we can do that - what I do think however, is that we often think of the claims of the Bible as prepostorous. I mean, if we are all honest with ourselves, the Bible IS pretty unbelievable. Yet we need to put that in perspective with the Big Bang theory, as I think then suddenly it doesn't seem so far-fetched that there is a world outside our own, or forces so great we can barely imagine them.


    Edit: In regards to your question about Lazarus, I think that depends on whether you think it's a historic event recorded, or a parable meant to convey a message. Either way, your question pertains as to how do we know what is written in the Bible as true, which is a huge, massive and enormous question. I think ultimately much we accept on faith, but so do we too read and research and slowly piece together a reliable view of the world, events and historic occurances that it becomes believable. That I think is the turning point for many people, when you read it, and are suddenly, "Wait, this actually happened..."
  11. EmbracingHim

    EmbracingHim My foundation, my heart, our Rock, our Lord


    I agree with the answers given, but I will give you a secular psychological opinion (despite being Christian).

    For centuries there have been a variety of gods...so it would indeed appear that people 'want' to believe there is a creator. Why? To make sense out of life and death and to create 'meaning' in our worlds.

    So for centuries people have searched for answers.

    Why Christianity? Because in people's search the Bible as stated above has proven to hold truths far beyond the Romans gods, etc. -- many have found the empirical data and evidence they needed to commit to such a belief. Amongst empirical evidence is the fact that other gods disappear, but the God of the Bible does not, despite all the changes in life and human societies.

    God is life. Without Him, we could not exist. We have been created to love and live and make choses that will effect whether our existence ends or continues beyond this world of confusion.

    In truth there is no greater goal in life than to seek the answers you seek and in understanding 'why' we truly do need God in our world personally (each person) to meet our full potential as humans and beyond in serving Him. Without God -- a person feels emptiness as that 'need' for 'love' is 'never' complete.

    Do we need God: Yes, I believe we do since we are creatures who are created in love and who need love and we will wander incomplete without His love. His love is the only love that can fill the void in the hearts of man (His love is perfect and we understand this perfection and desire it, despite not reaching it. We want it from humans, but it doesn't come in the complete form that only God can deliver and knows. We have partial knowledge only for a short while). Emptiness and lonliness continues in those seeking love through means in which it can not be met. We indeed need God to meet our needs for love.

  12. OldChurchGuy

    OldChurchGuy Regular Member

    If one is going to embrace some type of theism, it seems to me one is almost obligated to believe in a creator god.

    As digit and the others have so well explained, it comes down to a matter of faith. One can have faith that God exists; one can have faith that the Bible is the divinely inspired word of God; one can have faith that the prophecies were made long before their actual fulfillment.

    I don't believe, though, that beliefs can be proven as irrefutable fact. That would run counter to whole idea of faith, it seems to me.

    I believe that each of us who has responded to your excellent questions has had an "aha!" moment when we concluded/accepted that God existed. For me, that moment is best described as that peace which passes understanding.

    As always,

  13. DefinitelyMaybe

    DefinitelyMaybe Guest

    One could use scientific and logical principles to imply that the universe has a beginning and that everything which has a beginning has an efficient cause to imply need of a Creator God, but I won't bore you with the details until you ask.
  14. Merlin

    Merlin Paradigm Buster

    There is no need for a creator-god [in theory], any more that a need fo a memebuster.
    Memebuster exists though, so does God.