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Quality of Life - America Ranks only 7th in the World

Discussion in 'News & Current Events (Articles Required)' started by jgarden, Apr 29, 2004.

  1. Ikaria Redux

    Ikaria Redux New Member

    That's because so many of us are extraordinarily ignorant about the rest of the world. :)

    Here's a few reasons:

    It has a negligible crime rate. (Crime is virtually non-existent when compared to America!)

    It's the most highly developed country in the world.

    It's safe, clean and people don't have to work too hard.

    It has strict labor laws and a strong emphasis on free time.

    Lots of wide open spaces, with no traffic problems.

    Excellent provision of essential services.

    Healthcare is affordable (being run mainly by the state.)

    Education is also affordable, with most people opting for state education (which is of a very high quality.) Hardly anyone uses private schools, because nobody really needs to.

    Excellent social security provisions, with few people fall through the "cracks" of society (there is a safety net for everyone.)

    Childcare is (provided by the state) and maternity leave are among the best in Europe.

    Electricity is cheap because Norway uses a lot of clean, renewable energy.

    The gap between the rich and poor is very small.

    Norway has a very democratic society, with a free and well-read press and active citizens' action groups.

    Basically, it's because Norway is superior to the USA in just about every possible way. :cool:
  2. foolsparade

    foolsparade Well-Known Member

    No, it really is absurd. The USA should be number 1. No exceptions! Seventh? how can you find victory in that? Once again I see an example of religiousity courting the mediocre. Well at least we can say that the US has the best weapons and we can kill any country at will.. If I ran a marathon that had 200 runners and I came in seventh, I would consider that a failure. Thats just me I suppose, the evil atheist.
  3. PatrickM

    PatrickM What? You're not a Fightin' Irish fan????

    "Half-empty, half-full" I guess.

    And why, considering your "love" of the US (as noted in your post), do you think the US should be number 1?
  4. foolsparade

    foolsparade Well-Known Member

    Love is subjective. Don't get me wrong, I share a love hate relationship with America. In fact I am often disgusted at the fact of being an American. I am not into nationalism and prefer to be a citizen of the earth. Why should Amerika be first? Because we are hyperboreans of course.
  5. PatrickM

    PatrickM What? You're not a Fightin' Irish fan????

    Does that mean, if you need to call on law enforcement (God forbid!), you call some sort of blue-helmeted UN peace-keeper?
    Ah, thanx for this word! Having spent a few years as a boyo in Hibernia, I beg to differ. Now in SoCal, I'm far from being a hyperborean!

    But, instead of begging the question, what is your factual answer as to why you think the US should be #1? Or was it sarcasm, and untruthful?
  6. foolsparade

    foolsparade Well-Known Member

    I have no experience in dealing with UN peacekeepers. What are they like?

    Really? are you sure you know what a hyperborean is?

    Contrast my potencial answer with the statement I wrote earlier. "I prefer to consider myself a citizen of the earth".
  7. PatrickM

    PatrickM What? You're not a Fightin' Irish fan????

    A poor attempt at a play of words, Hibernia . . . oh forget it! Actually, my understanding is generally, a mythical region "beyond the North Wind", or the Northern regions, hence my mention of So. Calif.

    If not, what is your interpretation, and how is it in context to the current discussion.
  8. You have got me stumped there. All I did waste copy some question and answers from the FAQ.


    I don't really trust that document in the first place. They said they had to "adjust" national data. That to me throws some serious mud in the water. I want to know what they "adjusted". :)
  9. Blessed-one

    Blessed-one a long journey ahead

    plus the ones that probably aren't included in the figures..

    i say we're the few lucky ones. ;)
  10. ACougar

    ACougar U.S. Army Retired

    Well some countries (which shall remain nameless) only consider those activly looking for work as unemployed. People who have given up are no longer included in the numbers, I don't think people who are forced to settle for part time employment instead of full time employment are included in those figures either. To be sure this nation is not the only nation to "cook the books" a little, so it would be irresponsible of them not to do a little "adjusting" here and there".
  11. ACougar

    ACougar U.S. Army Retired

    While 7th place indicates we still have some work too do, it is still a very respectable position. I think there are about 250 nations on earth, which means that were in the top 3%. Greater economic Justice, decent health care for all Americans and I think we'll be able to easily move up a few notches.

  12. jgarden

    jgarden Senior Veteran

    In keeping with being the world's only "superpower," America has been the number 1 military power for a least the last 60+ years. One would also expect that to translate into also having the best quality of life on the planet. I'm not speaking of utopia, but a nation that invests in people, not just things.

    If you look at the upcoming election, Christians seem more concerned about "homosexuals," abortions and voting in a "Christian" president. The first two will be settled by the Supreme Court and the last is anyone's guess. What's missing is a commitment to fundamental change to improve our quality of life for Christians and non Christians alike.

    Do you think Norway and Iceland would send us some foreign aid and advisors? :bow:
  13. JPPT1974

    JPPT1974 May Day 2021

    United States
    Military is our strengths. Christians are more concerned about homosexuals, abortions, and so-called Christian President. Hope we don't go into the November 2nd race with another Florida disaster.