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Put in One's Place Within Churchianity

Discussion in 'House Churches & Cell Groups' started by SwordmanJr, Sep 17, 2019.

  1. SwordmanJr

    SwordmanJr Double-edged Sword only

    There is an institutional church organization in my city that calls itself the "Maranatha Worship Center." I attended a couple of their services, and their "pastor" is no pastor of biblical stature. His sermons were about as milk-toast and wet-noodle as a freshly dug up earth worm. So, I began attending various of their home groups that they call their "Community Groups" rather than to suffer through any more of his sermons.

    After having attended a number of different groups to find one that was more biblical based rather than a social club, one of the institutional leaders eventually caught up with me, pulled me to the side during the meeting at another man's house, and let me me know in a round-about way that their "community groups" are NOT for the "community" at large, but rather for "church members only."

    I was not expecting that kind of sentiment from a charismatic oriented churchianity group, but it came through loud and clear. Their worthless "pastor" sent that guy to find me and root me out from among his followers after he heard that I was expounding more deeply from the scriptures among the groups than what they are normally accustomed. They are geared more along the line of emotionalism and personality appeal rather than stark reality from God's word where life meets the roadway.

    The charlatan assured me that all the "group" members are under the authority of their wet noodle "pastor", and they prefer that all attendees of their groups be under the leadership of their "Sr. pastor".

    Because there is no reason to make a scene about such things, I left quietly, without making any noise about it all. That clown and his worthless boss brought into stark contrast how shallow those people really are in the face of genuine depth of spiritual life. They will not countenance the absolute authority of God's word over all of life and belief for true believers in Christ Jesus.

    This is yet another feather in my cap of experience with such ideologies I've picked up from churchianity groups with hireling leadership. It's pretty much the same all over.

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