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PSOJ welcomes new NIDS Bill announcement Part 4

Discussion in 'News & Current Events' started by waves, Feb 19, 2020.

  1. waves

    waves not so new

    Govt allocates $1.6b to NIDS

    A massive issue about NIDS that is being ignored completely is the role of information in crime.

    There are criminals who are in the business of finding people in order to intimidate them, scam them, extort them, or kill them. This includes skip tracers, private investigators, police, military, business people, politicians etc who are involved in criminal activity. With the National Identification System, it will make it easier for these and other criminals to find persons who they want.

    Please note that not all private investigators are good. Jeffrey Einstein was said to use private investigators to intimidate his victims

    Jeffrey Epstein allegedly hired private investigators and engaged in a campaign of intimidation against accusers in Florida

    Every single killing that occurs starts first with information about the victim. Knowing how the person looks, their name, addresses, where they go to frequently such as work, church, bar, party, is extremely important in finding the persons they want.

    One must not also forget also all those persons in witness protection programs, victims of stalking, victims of abuse and the impact that the National Identification System will have on their personal safety because of all the personal information being required of them.

    Consider the following crimes

    'Utterly Horrible' - Ocho Rios Attorneys Shocked By Colleague's Murder

    Ex-cop 'destined' to die

    Man shot dead in churchyard had testified about attempt on his life

    Gas station attendant murdered

    vidence of a sophisticated criminal network

    Are there persons working in different industries all across Jamaica, who are apart of a criminal network, where they supply the personal information of persons etc that criminals need to help them find persons? Consider the following

    US researcher outlines link between scamming and gang wars in Jamaica

    Jamaican Lottery Scammer Gets Almost 3 Years Imprisonment In US

    Sisters killed in Duhaney Park identified (Did the sisters call a particular entity asking for help for a problem they were having and somehow those criminals knew, so they were able to pose at workmen to carry out the murders?)

    Man Gunned Down Moments After Leaving Supreme Court Following Bail Hearing, Police Investigates (How did the gunmen know exactly when the man was leaving court, which car he would be in in order to find him and kill him?).

    Last edited: Feb 19, 2020
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