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Problems at old church

Discussion in 'Friendship Court' started by Lanae, Nov 22, 2020.

  1. Lanae

    Lanae Member

    United States
    This girl name H didn’t wanna talk to me anymore all because I tickled her and her mom and she told me to stop tickling her and I keep doing it. I can’t believe that she would say that she don’t want to talk to me ever again over that. So preposterous.

    I guess the ticking is stealing my friends and ruining my life. I wish I can tell her mom to stay out of my life but I can’t. Her mom is too nice to me. I can leave a letter to her mom in my Evernote and not send it to her.

    I’m not talking to my dad and his family members ever again they should’ve took me to see a counselor now I’m planning on going to see my social psychologist or social counselor K. H. I think I was ticking H too much idk. Idk what does she want me to do. She better not be talking about me at church. She better be talking about someone at her school. idk what’s wrong with her. I asked her is she talking about someone at school or talking about me at church and then she blocked me.

    That tickling and touching has nothing to do with me being friends with her. Well I guess I need to stop tickling and touching people then if they can’t stand it. Even after I haven’t seen them in person in a long time, they still think about how I acted around them and tell me that they don’t want to talk to me anymore so stupid. She better be talking to me!!!. I’m not talking to my dad and his family members ever again they should’ve took me to see a counselor. I hate being lonely and people are just so rude for not contacting me to see how am I doing.

    That tickling thing has nothing to do with me talking to her. So ridiculous

    H’s sister G doesn’t want to talk to me all because I asked her for her mom’s number. So stupid. People just end friendships with me over everything I do or everything I say. They just cut me out of their life and block every where without explanation

    I met h, G, their brothers, J, J and their mom at a Korean language school back on 2010.

    I just want her number just to be friends with her and her kids. That’s all. It not like I would report her kids to her over something they did wrong. I know they’re very good kids.

    I hate being lonely and I hate being by myself. I’m not gonna sit here and fantasize all day about hanging out with friends and making memories with them when they’re not thinking about me, when they never contact me to see how am I doing. Then after a long time no contact, they would tell me they don’t remember me. They weren’t even thinking about me, that’s why they don’t remember me. So over sensitive.

    I think the tickling is ruining my life.

    In 2014, when I was happy to go to the Fall Festival, a few days before , I tried calling my friend all week until the fall festival and she ignored me. And then I tried calling her and few other friends, and they ignored me. I didn't go to the festival at church . I was at home waiting for them to come pick me up. Then the next day, two people apologized that they didn't have the time to pick me up. My friend never called me all week and I was upset. I guess they excluded me from the festival and started making dumb excuses. She avoided me all week.

    At church, its mostly Asian or Korean, so I guess she wanted to only hang out with Koreans, maybe because I'm not Korean or Korean American, which is annoying. I guess they don't want to hang out with non Asians or something. I would, therefore, rather go to a multicultural church where I can feel welcome and have real friends who want to hang out with me every day when they get off work or on their day off. It doesn't have to be on Sundays. Its mostly Asian and there are cultural differences. People at church were never my real friends. They never invite me to hang out with them during the week and they kept telling me that they're busy as an excuse not hang out with me. I seen Snapchat stories and instagram stories of them doing nothing watching tv, eating and hanging with other people

    They think I’m stalking them when I found their Facebook account or Instagram account without asking them for their social media account right after I just met them in person and then when I send them a friend request on social media, they would block me right away and think about not wanting to talk to me. So stupid. next time I’ll just wait until I get to know them first and ask them to send them friend requests on social media.

    Every time I tried to talk to Y who ignored me for a week before the fall fest, she would keep staring at her phone and texting someone ignoring me. So annoying.

    And every time When I havent talked to them in awhile like for a year or 2, and when I try to message them, they just ignore me and block me. That’s it. Then they gonna tell someone that they didn’t wanna talk to me. For what? For nothing!

    I made a fake account on fb call nightyfive nightyfive and I wrote to some of them this:

    Stop hanging out with a bunch of Koreans or Asians. You just wanna hang out with them cus they’re Korean or Asian. They didn’t say they want to be friends with you. Some of them are not really your friends any way. You just don’t want to associate with non Asians. You don’t appreciate a non Asian being your friend. You don’t appreciate a non Asian’s friendliness and kindness. Every time a non Asian tries to make you laugh, you get angry over it and end a friendship over it. So stupid man. Like you’re sooooo happy around Koreans or Asians. Like they’re your favorite people or something!

    I hate it when people didn’t want to talk to me after I haven’t seen them or talked to them in a long time. They would respond and say rude and harsh things to me

    I’m an ESFJ-A and My Enneagram number is # 7 the Enthusiast. I like to have fun. My main wing is # 6 The Skeptic. I like to volunteer and help people
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