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Preterism and Bible Prophesy

Discussion in 'Controversial Christian Theology' started by parousia70, Apr 23, 2002.

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  1. GW

    GW Veteran

    * Nearly two-million enemies of Christ and the Apostles were destroyed in by plagues, wars, famines, and fire.

    * AD 70 was the greatest Day of the Lord in history.

    * The Temple and Mosaic System was destroyed forever. Christ's Covenant, priesthood, and People are now universal and eternal world without end (Eph 3:21).

    * All things related to biblical Judaism and the tribes were burned up.

    * Jewish rabbis call AD 70 "the End of Biblical Judaism."
  2. unworthyone

    unworthyone Yes this is me! Like my glasses?

    Now if someone raised from the dead and starting performing miracles would you change your mind?
  3. GW

    GW Veteran

    I would stick with Christ's promises. Jesus said "THIS generation shall not pass until all these things are fulfilled."

    He really kept his promises, which is why we can worship Jesus as God. If Jesus and the apostles failed to teach and prophesy truly then our faith is in vain.
  4. unworthyone

    unworthyone Yes this is me! Like my glasses?

    Okie dokie, well have a good day, bro!

  5. This is the very same mind set that the Pharisee and scribes had in the days of Jesus. "Don't confuse me with the truth because my mind is made up." :(
  6. unworthyone

    unworthyone Yes this is me! Like my glasses?

    So now I'm a Pharisee? Your beliefs are getting weaker with every statement.
  7. unworthyone

    unworthyone Yes this is me! Like my glasses?

    still not answered:

    Why is there still sin if God finds it to be an abomination and He was to abolish sin?

    And if sin IS abolished then you must believe we all go to Heaven regardless of our actions?
  8. unworthyone

    unworthyone Yes this is me! Like my glasses?

    It's very odd how you can take "generation" and make it mean the apostles "generation" and not see it as an analogy but not 2 statements later you see Jesus unequivocally state:

    So there is no Earth and there is no Heaven. What the heck planet are we on anyways?
  9. Catchup

    Catchup Active Member

    Unworthyone... This is insane. That was what I thought at the beginning when I first met these people. I have wasted countless time that could have been put to far better use...and for what? I still have my original opinion...Full preterist views are insane. They will not like me saying this, but what the hey, if I am not honest I am nothing.

    Look around...there is no one that is even interested in their views. If you, Thunder, and I quit debating them they will crawl back to where ever they came from.

    Sorry Bear...I guess I screwed up.

    :) LOVE
  10. Catchup would you mind showing us from the New Tatement where it says "that Jesus would not return in the same nature as he appeared in the Old Testament."

    Where in the New Teastament does it say Jesus who is the(God) of the Old Testament would not appear in the same spiritual nature the(clouds)Matthew 26:64? You seem to be the one who needs to spend more time reading your Bible and lest time calling names.

    Please show us where is saying Jesus-God would NOT appear in the same spiritual nature as he appeared in the Old Testament. A Bible reader like yourself should be able to find at lest one scripture which says Jesus would not appear in that same spiritual nature. :scratch:
  11. I think you need to learn how to read. I did not say you were a Pharisee. I did say however you had the very same mind set.
  12. GW

    GW Veteran

    God abolished sin. This is only for the Chosen, of course. He did abolish sin by providing full atonement for it and predestinating His transformation in his sons and daughters. He no longer remembers sin in his Chosen ones and he has predestined all who are his to be conformed into the image of his Son:

    Hebrews 10:14-18
    For by one offering he has perfected forever those who are sanctified. The Holy Spirit also testifies to us, for after he has said, "This is the covenant that I will make with them: 'After those days,' says the Lord, 'I will put my laws on their heart, I will also write them on their mind;'" then, "I will remember their sins and their iniquities no more." Now where remission of these is, there is no more offering for sin.

    That's not quite the way salvation works. Certainly you don't mean anyone outside of God's covenant. No one outside of God's Covenant is saved.

    Finally, you suggested that "God has left the world this way." That's not the preterist view. The preterist view understands that God has spread his covenant and people globally in just 20 centuries and they will continue to subdue kingdoms and establish God's laws and righteousness over all regions of the planet and perhaps even beyond the planet someday. Remember, back in Christ's day only one tiny land on the planet had any knowledge or access to Jehovah. That land was approximately about 200x100 miles in size. The rest of the entire planet was in darkness.

    20 centuries later, the knowledge of Jehovah and his Covenant has spread to nearly all known regions of the planet in the first level of God's ongoing reconciliation carried out through Christ's own body. Christ's Nation is predestined for eternal success in its purpose and mission and the People of God. Jesus said that the meek ones of Israel would inherit the earth, and Paul declared that Genesis 12:1-3 was coming to pass via the inclusion of the gentile populations (see Gal 3:8-9).

    Christ, Abraham and their sons and daughters in the Nation of Christ have inherited all things (Romans 4:14-18). Christ and the Church have been given all dominion (1 Peter 4:11; Eph 1:21; Jude 1:25; Rev 1:6; Daniel 7:14,27).

    So not only did Yahweh choose to not leave the entire planet under total darkness, He has given all things to Christ and the Church who are exercising their rights and dominion over the planet and are the only eternal Nation upon earth.
  13. Catchup it appears that God will not let you stay away. Hang in there God just might change your original opinion.
  14. unworthyone

    unworthyone Yes this is me! Like my glasses?

    Find one of your Preterist brothers statements throughout this thread speaking the same, then come back to me.
  15. unworthyone

    unworthyone Yes this is me! Like my glasses?

    So what is the real name of a Preterist, and what church do you go to?

    You do know that this planet will eventually not be able to sustain us right? If this planet is eternal we better figure out something quick, and we better start limiting childrens birth by abortions etc...

    Also its odd how you claim that he states "your generation" and think it means the generation for which is living, but yet, our own definition of "generation" as 3-4 meanings. Here we are still planning for his coming, and no documentation showing Jesus coming back.
  16. GW

    GW Veteran

    The earth and our outerspace are eternal by design:

    Psalms 104:1,5
    Bless the LORD, O my soul...[Who] laid the foundations of the earth, THAT IT SHOULD NOT BE REMOVED FOREVER.

    Ecclesiastes 1:4
    One generation passeth away, and another generation cometh: BUT THE EARTH ABIDES FOREVER.

    Psalms 78:69
    And he built his sanctuary like high palaces, like the earth which he hath established FOREVER.

    So we see plainly from God's Word that the material globe isn't going anywhere. It WILL NOT BE REMOVED. It is sure, for God has said so. Now, is heaven going anywhere? The bible tells us it is NOT:

    Psalms 89:35-37
    Once have I sworn by my holiness that I will not lie unto David. His seed shall endure for ever, and his throne AS THE SUN before me. It shall be established FOREVER AS THE MOON, and as a faithful witness in heaven.

    Psalms 148:3-6
    Praise ye him, sun and moon: praise him, all ye stars of light. Praise him, ye heavens of heavens, and ye waters that be above the heavens. Let them praise the name of the LORD: for he commanded, and they were created. HE HAS ALSO ESTABLISHED THEM FOREVER AND EVER: he hath made a decree which shall not pass.
  17. unworthyone

    unworthyone Yes this is me! Like my glasses?

    Contradictions of Jesus????

    Oh geez, I'm out!
  18. GW

    GW Veteran

    What's my name? It's BJ. How about you?

    I am an evangelical. I came to know Christ through the preaching ministry of Billy Graham. My family has been involved with various Churches:

    Church of Christ
    Assemblies of God
    St. Ignatius Parish

    We've done it all. While there are few fully preterist Churches, there are many Churches that are strongly PARTIAL preterist:

    Reformed Presbyterian
    Methodist (John Wesley believe the Great Tribulation was AT 66-70).

  19. A REAL futurist answer when they cannot back up what they believe with the Bible.
  20. unworthyone

    unworthyone Yes this is me! Like my glasses?

    :clap: Good stuff, good stuff. This debate is pointless, thats why its over.
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